The POLES are upon us- In December, Jordan and his father will begin to film and document the quest to conclude the Adventure Grand Slam with first the expedition to the south pole, then in April 14 to the North Pole.

Join the team, contribute, ride along as Jordan pushes mind and body to the edge of the earth, changing the landscape of the youth along the way.

The father-son team of Paul and Jordan Romero continue their path to adventure.

The Seven Summits…

In 2006, 10-year-old Jordan Romero, accompanied by his father Paul, began a quest to reach the top of the seven tallest mountains in the world. Along the way Jordan became a household name as the youngest person to summit the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. Upon reaching the seventh summit, a larger quest began to crystallize…to take on the Adventure Grand Slam…the seven summits of the world, plus both poles human-powered. Few people have achieved this, and Jordan set his sights to complete the grand slam before he was old enough to vote.


The Poles…

In December, Jordan and Paul plan to begin the quest to conclude the Adventure Grand Slam. The journey starts in Antarctica at the 89th parallel and will continue for 100km (over 62 miles) through snow and ice covered terrain and the absolute coldest temperatures on Earth (summer average of -15 C). Making matters worse dogs are no longer allowed on the route so Paul and Jordan are left to face the elements while towing all their supplies on skis and sleds.

A mere four months later the pair will embark on the final leg of the Adventure Grand Slam as they attempt to reach the North Pole. Saving the most arduous and treacherous task for last, Paul and Jordan will have to traverse 120 km over a frozen ocean to reach their destination atop the planet. Located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean (the nearest land is over 500 miles away) the trek poses challenges that range from thin ice, to extreme cold, to polar bears to name a few.

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It’s not about the records… 

Jordan has become a mentor to youth world-wide and has used his newfound platform to bring to light an issue close to his heart. The message had been clear all along: the childhood obesity epidemic had to be stopped.  Through his Find Your Everest Tour, where Jordan is attempting to summit the highest peak in each of the 50 states, to speaking engagements and public appearances Jordan strives to make a difference.

A shining example of what happens when father and son join forces….

Every step of the way, from preparation and training, to the summit of each mountain, Jordan has relied on his father. Paul Romero brings over 23 years’ experience in climbing and adventure racing, and his expertise, advice and love helped lay the foundation for this grand quest.  They conquered each of the seven summits side by side and now it’s time for the duo to finish what they started seven years ago.

Expenses and perks…

Simply put, the travel expenses just to get to both starting points are enormous. From chartering a cargo plane to additional internal air transports to ground transport the costs stack up very quickly.

Your pledge will help fund the cost of travel, permit fees, emergency support, and specialized equipment needed to survive this perilous journey. We couldn’t do it without people like you and we thank you so much for your support!

The perks are all items that are near and dear to our team and our expeditions, you’ll feel like you are right there alongside Jordan as he makes his attempt at history.

Hop on board with the team and let’s go for a little trek!