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Attempt to bet to bet at the very least 2 thirds of the pot. Lots of individuals assume that wagering the dimension of the pot is a friendly dimension bet, however that is inaccurate.

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Attempt to bet over exactly what is generally being bet at the table. When Everybody is wagering a particular quantity, most likely due to the fact that they do not desire to toss away all there cash in one hand, attempt to bet a bit greater then that quantity, while making certain everybody will certainly call.

Mountaineering Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:41:38 +0000 Read more >]]> Mountaineering

The term of mountaineering is so related to mountain climbing for sport. But the form of mountaineering is not just hiking. Ski mountaineering can also be classified as mountaineering. At first, mountaineering began to climb the unclimbed big mountain and reach the highest point of the mountain. And now, it has several branches with the different aspects and consists on 3 areas such as snow craft, rock craft and skiing. But whatever the branch, all of them require athletic ability, experience and technical knowledge.


The History of Mountaineering
Actually, information about the first mountaineering is still unknown. But for the recorded one, Francesco De Marchi and Francesco De Domenico seems to be the first mountaineering that people know. They reach the highest peak of Apennine Mountains in 1573. In 1741, Richard Pococke and William Windham also made the historic visit to Charmonix. Since then, there are more records for mountain climbing around the world.
The term of shelter relates to the harbor. As the result of the unpredictable weather, shelter helps the climbers to take a rest and to take cover from the danger. Climbers may use the different form of shelters depend on the condition and the situation. Some of them are including base camp, hut, bivouac and tent. Sometimes, they also use snow cave for this.
The Dangers
Mountain climbing is one of the dangerous activities in the world. To reach the peak of the mountain, climbers risking their life. Loss of life is not something uncommon. The dangers of mountaineering can be classified into 2 categories, objective hazards and subjective hazards. Objective hazards exist without any regard of the climbers. The examples of this category are rock fall and inclement weather. And for the subjective hazard, it relates to the factors that introduced by the climbers. The other hazards that can be experienced by climbers are including falling ice, avalanches, ice slops, snow slops, crevasses, altitude, solar radiation and volcanic activity.
Mountaineering is so risky. Every year, there are hundreds up to thousands climbers die. One of the most dangerous hazards is avalanches. In Alps alone, there are about 120 up to 150 people die every year. The major victims is not just coming from the experienced climbers but also ski instructors. In mountaineering, experience helps people to survive for a longer time. But this is not a guarantee. For this, be careful and be aware with the conditions around is a must.
The Mountaineering Styles
Mountaineering styles can be classified into 2 styles, expedition style and alpine style. Between those styles, there are several differences such as the group size, time scale and the other ones. In the expedition style, climbers use multiple trips to carry up supplies to the higher camps. But in the alpine style, climbers climb a route once only. In here, they do not need to climb between camps with supplies continually. The group scale of expedition style is also bigger. This is why it takes the higher capital expenditure too. Beside it, expedition style also takes a longer time scale than the alpine style.Mountaineering2

Physical Training before Mountaineering Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:38:52 +0000 Read more >]]> Physical Training before Mountaineering

Mountaineering can be so dangerous. But the danger of this sport can also be minimized with the right preparation. Besides preparing the equipment, climbers also need to prepare their physical condition. And for beginner, its urgency is getting higher. To prepare your physical condition, you can apply the specific fitness plan. In the most case, the physical preparation was made depend on the mountain. But for the outline, the type of exercise is still the same.

Physical Training before Mountaineering1

Building the Strength
Mountaineering does not require powerlifting skill. One thing for sure, it requires strength for hauling your body to climb the mountain with a large pack on your back. Sometimes, you also need to move vertically with all of them. This is a hard task that require the strong physical condition.
To improve your strength, bodyweight training will be a good choice. Pushup, dips, pull ups, squats and lunges will be suitable for you even if you are not fit enough. You can do it as the beginning. After your body becomes more comfortable with these exercises, you can try the harder exercises. Adding extra weight on your back or adding weighted vest may boost your strength.
Increase the Stamina
Mountain climbing is not just taking one or two hours. Climbers have to bring the heavy bag and through the difficult path for a longer time. Without the good stamina, you will not be able to do this. This is why increasing stamina will always be necessary. Mountain climbing exercise must include aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance training, with continuous movement and high intensity interval training. Some methods that have been applied by climbers are including distance cycling, running and aerobic classes.
Workout routine must be applied regularly with the regular doses of interval training. For this, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Fartlek can be a good training to take. Mountain climbing is so depending on moving the body upwards with a pack on the back. So, this is important to train the lower body parts. When you are not climbing the mountain, you can train it with stairs climbing with a pack.
Altitude Training
One thing that you have to understand about mountain climbing is, this is really not similar with the other sports. Although the other sports require strength and stamina, mountain climbing need those aspects on the different form. On the higher location, you have to work much harder. Having the good stamina on the lowland is not a guarantee. Your stamina will be drained faster on the high land. This is why you also need altitude training.
The best way to increase your efficiency at the altitude is by training at altitude. Of course, it will not be easy. Your body may need a few days to acclimate with the high altitude too. Fortunately, there is another method for this. Hypoxic tent can be a good training for serious climbers. This training can also be risky. This is why it will not be easy to implement by hobby climbers or amateurs. If you decide to take this training, make sure to do it with the expert.

Physical Training before Mountaineering2

Mountain Climbing Tips Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:36:23 +0000 Read more >]]> Mountain Climbing Tips

For the most people, mountain climbing viewed as an extreme sport. Loss of life is a risk that should be taken by every climber. But of course, it deserves for them. Challenging their strength and endurance are just a few things that can be obtained from mountain climbing. More than it, they learn something more important. Learning the meaning of sacrifice.
The risk of mountain climbing is real, but it does not mean there is nothing to do to reduce it. With the right preparation and understanding about the limitation, mountain climbing can be made with less risks.

Mountain Climbing Tips1

Research the Mountain First
Before climbing a mountain, of course you have to make a research first. Read as much as possible to find out more about the mountain including the location and the challenges that you may face. In here, you are building mentally effort actually. Based on the information, you can see the right equipment and what preparation to take.
Assess the Strength, Physically and Mentally
Physical strength takes the great role in mountain climbing. Climbing a mountain with a lot of stuffs on your back is not easy. It needs the large strength. This is why you have to be sure with your physical condition. Assess your physical condition first. To climb the different mountain, you may need the different physical condition. For example, the hard terrain may force you so hard. If you are not fit enough, it will be so dangerous.
Mentally strength is also as important as physical strength. In fact,mountain climbers will face many unpredictable things. They have to be able to make the fast judgments and decisions. Every single decision may bring to the other serious condition. But with the wrong decision, you may face the unexpected consequences. To assess your mentally strength, you can see these indicators. Do you panic easily? Do you prefer to push yourself or give up? Are you good in problem solving? From the answers, you can see the strength of your mental.
Prepare Your Physical Condition
You cannot climb a mountain without the good physical condition. For this, make sure to prepare your physical condition before climbing the mountain. There are several aspects to train. Those are including strength and stamina. You can train your strength by pushup, pull up, squats and lunges. And to increase the stamina, you can take distance cycling, running and aerobic classes. Make sure to program it well and do it regularly. At least, do it 6 weeks before the day to climb.
Prepare the Equipment and the Other Stuffs
Actually, equipment preparation is so depending on the condition of the mountain. You do not need to take all of the climbing equipment for this. You just need to take what you really need. For the other stuffs that can be obtained on the nature, you do not need to pick it from your home. You can also buy or hire the equipment. But before climbing the mountain, make sure the equipment are good. It must be working well too. Remember it, your safety is so depending on your equipment and your skill. So, do not underestimate it.

Mountain Climbing Tips2

Understanding Mountain Climbing Hazards Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:33:55 +0000 Read more >]]> Understanding Mountain Climbing Hazards

One of the most dangerous activities in the world, this is what the most people think about mountaineering. Many people die for this, but it stills popular and attracting many people. Taking this risk is not always a bad idea, but taking it without understanding the risk is a really bad idea. There are several hazards on mountain climbing. Those are including falling rock, falling ice, avalanches, ice slops, snow slops, crevasses, altitude, solar radiation and volcanic activity. But for understanding more about those risks, let’s take a look to some of them.

Understanding Mountain Climbing Hazards1

Falling Rock
Falling rock is one of the most often hazards that can be found in the mountains. One thing about falling rock is about the furrows form in a mountain face. In here, climbers should be careful. But on the sides of the mountain can be safer when the middle part is stone swept. This hazard may fall more frequently on the specific condition. In the most case, it depends on the weather. You can also see the degree of danger from the direction of the rock strata dip. For this, understanding the character of the rock is so necessary. It helps the climbers to know how to treat it.
Falling Ice
The danger of falling ice is pretty easy to determine. In the most case, falling ice will fall on the broken parts of the glacier. Overhanging cornices on the narrow ridges may trigger it too. Understanding the cause of the falling ice may help people to avoid the bad time. Falling ice will fall more frequently in the good weather. It may fall after the hottest day too. People with enough experience will prefer to avoid it and take the safe route.
Avalanches, maybe this is one of the most dangerous hazards in the world. In Alps alone, there are about 120 up to 150 people die every year. The victims of avalanches are coming from the experienced male skiers and ski instructors. But in the most case, avalanches triggered by the victims itself.
Avalanches can be classified into many types. But when it talks about the most concern types, snow avalanches and ice avalanches are the answers. Snow avalanche can also be classified into 2 types, slab avalanche and loose snow avalanche. Slab avalanche may occur when the plate of snow breaks and sliding to the hill. It also known as the largest and the most dangerous avalanches. And for loose snow avalanche, it triggered by the small amount of snow that moves and accumulated to the big slide.
Unlike snow avalanches, ice avalanches exist in the glaciated mountain range. It caused by unstable ice blocks that collapse and sliding. Actually, ice avalanche is the part of glacier. In this avalanche, there are the huge amount of rock too. One more thing to know about ice avalanche is about the distance. It may travel up to 8 km.
Altitude can also be a serious hazard and lead climbers to altitude sickness. It may happen in the rapid ascent. The risk of altitude can also be bigger in the high mountain.

Understanding Mountain Climbing Hazards2

Mountain Climbing Popular Locations Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:30:47 +0000 Read more >]]> Mountain Climbing Popular Locations

Challenging and dangerous, this is what the most people know about mountain climbing. The risk of mountain climbing is real. Even loss of life is the risk that must be taken by the climbers. But however, its popularity is still the same. If you interested, you may try it from the easiest one. One thing that must be noticed for beginners is do not take the higher risks. Assess your physical strength and mentally strength will help you to through the adventure much safer. But as a climber, course you want to know about the popular locations for mountain climbing.

Mountain Climbing Popular Locations1

Alps is the most popular location for mountaineering, specifically in Europe. The elevation is about 4,810 m with Mont Blanc as the peak. Beside it, there also Monte Rosa, Dom, Weisshorn, Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Grand Combin, Finsteraarhorn, Grandes Jorasses, Rimpfischhorn and Aletschhorn as the lower sub peaks. The height of those sub peaks are about 4,000 m. This is why all of them has been known as “four thousanders”. With the various mountains and sub peaks, Alps offer the various challenge to take. Some of them are more dangerous than the others. But as a mountain climbing locations, Alps offer the complete challenge in the various levels.
Caucasus Mountain
Caucasus is a region that located at the border of Asia and Europe. It also situated between the Caspian and the Black seas. But for climbers, this region has been known for its Caucasus Mountain. As the other notable mountain, it is also frequently visited by climbers.
Pyrenees is a range of mountains that located at the Southeast Europe. It forms the natural border between Spain and France. For climbers, it has known as one of the most challenging mountains in the world. The elevation is about 3,404 meter with Aneto as the peak name. With 491 km of length, Pyrenees extends from the Bay of Biscay to Mediterranean Sea. But one more thing that makes this mountain popular is about its landscape. There also the various mountain torrents that locally called as gaves. At the head of Gave de Pau, there is the highest waterfall which is named as Gavarnie. The height of this waterfall is about 462 meters.
This is a mountain that range in the southwestern Bulgaria. It also known as the highest mountain range in Bulgaria and Balkans. The highest peak is Musala with 2,925 meters of height. Considering about the height, Rila has been known as one of the highest mountains in Europe. In here, climbers can see endemic flora and fauna such as Rheum rhaponticum, Primula deorum and Alchemilla pawlowskii. There also Centaurea mannagettae and Campanula lanata which is also endemic of Balkans.
Sierra Nevada
When it talks about the popular mountain in the North America, Sierra Nevada is one of them. It is also known as one of the highest mountains in the world. The peak of Sierra Nevada is Mount Whitney with 4,421 meters of elevation. This mountain range located at western United States and extend between Basin and Range Province to Central Valley of California.

Mountain Climbing Popular Locations2

Prepare Yourself Well Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:28:23 +0000 Read more >]]> Prepare Yourself Well

Are you bored with common trips to spend your vacation time? Do you want to try a new thing for your vacation? If your answer is yes, then I will give you a suggestion for your extraordinary vacation. Climbing a mountain can be one of your choices to spend your vacation in an extraordinary way. I call it extraordinary because not all people are brave enough to do this thing. Actually, all people can do this because nowadays there are many easy ways to do mountain climbing. As this is an extraordinary vacation, it needs extraordinary preparation too. So, if you want to try doing mountain climbing, I will give you some suggestions to prepare yourself well. I dedicate these tips only for you who are brave enough to try this extraordinary vacation. Happy reading!

Prepare Yourself Well1

Climbing a mountain needs more strength. That is why preparing your body well before doing it is an essential thing. Being fit and healthy before your climbing time will make your trekking time more enjoyable. You will not easily feel fatigue or lose breathe. So, good fitness and healthiness should be prepared well. To increase your body healthiness, you can do some exercises or workouts, especially the ones that will increase your strength and endurance skills. As climbing mountain is a hard physical activity, your strength and endurance will help you on the way to the top. Some exercises you can do to increase your strength and endurance skills such as running, jogging, walking fast, weightlifting, wall-climbing, skiing, etc. You can also take some climb training if you are a newbie. Many courses provide you simple and short climb training program to help you do your first climbing time. The basic trainings offered will ease your first trekking. Usually some mountain clubs also provide you this kind of training. You can directly go to their camps and ask for some tips and trick to prepare your body well before doing mountain climbing. Besides your body, you also have to assess your mental health before doing mountain climbing. This is important because usually mountain is located in a remote area, you should be more respectful and pay attention to your behavior. Climbing mountain needs your good mental strength so that you can make good judgment and decision to solve problems during your trekking time. This will define your life and safety during mountain climbing. Be honest to yourself. Let your climbing partner knows your personality well.
How is it? Are you interested to prepare yourself well and try the extraordinary vacation? It that so, you should do some suggestions I said above. Prepare not only your body strength and endurance but also your mental strength. Spending your vacation time by doing mountain climbing is a good decision. But, you should prepare yourself well so that your vacation will not be ruined and you can get the enjoyment during your vacation climbing a mountain. The most important thing to remember when doing any kinds of activities is making sure that body is in a good condition.

Prepare Yourself Well2

Safe Mountain Climbing Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:25:12 +0000 Read more >]]> Safe Mountain Climbing

For you who love doing mountain climbing, I will share some tips to make your climbing time safer. You maybe have known some of these tips. If that so, this will be a reminder for you so that you can always remember the safe way to do your favorite hobby that is climbing a mountain. Remember, safety is the priority when doing your hobby, especially the dangerous one. Without waiting any longer, take your time a bit to read this article. Happy reading!

Safe Mountain Climbing1

In doing mountain climbing, some tips to make your trekking time safer are provided here. First, you have to plan your climbing time carefully. You should know the profile of mountain you will climb including the length track information, difficulty level, and best time to climb it. If you have either a friend who is more experienced or an acquaintance whose home is near the mountain area, let him leads your way because he knows better where to go. Second, update your weather information and always pay attention to the weather changes during your climbing time. If you climb with the experienced ones, you can get some useful information while you are at the immediate weather situation. So, asking a help from your experienced friend to guide your climbing trip is a good choice. Third, make sure that you bring sufficient supply for your body needs. You can bring fresh water or juices and some rich nutrients food. Even though you are in a remote area of mountain, you always have to pay attention to your health. Fourth, prepare the needed equipments well so that you will not face any problems related to your climbing tools. Besides, you also have to prepare suitable outfits and foot wear. The most important thing, do not forget to bring a first aid kit, especially when you climb with a weak person. You can also bring a sleeping bag if you still have some spaces in your bag. Remember, do not burden yourself by bringing anything you will not need during your climbing time. The last but not least tips to remember for your climbing time are about nature treatment. You should respect the nature of mountain you climb. Do not littering, take care of the vegetation, keep your mouth saying good things, etc.
So, for you who have planned to climb a mountain to fulfill your vacation, consider some of those tips I shared above. If you are an experienced climber, that tips maybe just a reminder for you so that you can always in a safe climbing path. You should remember to not burden yourself when you are planning to climb a mountain. Prepare just the needed things and equipments because climbing a mountain is a special walking experience. So, for you who have planned to bring many items, consider also how to bring them during your uphill walking. As I said before, your safety is the most important thing to pay attention off. You do not need to bring any useless things during your climbing things. Ease yourself and enjoy your climbing time.

Safe Mountain Climbing2

Tips for Mountain Climbing Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:21:41 +0000 Read more >]]> Tips for Mountain Climbing

Doing a mountain climbing is a great thing to fulfill your vacation time. Climbing a mountain can be one of extraordinary ways to spend your vacation. For you who are planning to do mountain climbing, here I will share you some tips related to mountain climbing whether uphill or downhill. Have a good reading time then.

Tips for Mountain Climbing1

Doing uphill climbing, you can do some things to make it easier. First, take small steps to go uphill. Shorter steps will make your upwards walking easier because the effort to push your body and pack are reduced. Second, look some footsteps ahead when walking up. Doing this tips help you determine which way you should take upwards, especially when there is a big rock above so that you do not need to waste your time hanging around to search some other way when you have met the rock. Remember, saving energy is an essential thing while doing mountain climbing. Third, do zigzag steps. Doing zigzag steps to go uphill will reduce the gradient and make your trekking easier. Even though this method will make your trekking longer, this will help you save your energy. So, doing this method sometimes is also required. Forth, use a trekking pole method. Using this method will make you easier to climb the mountain because you can hold the pole to go up easily. Fifth, make use of your hands. Like in wall climbing, your hands also useful in doing mountain climbing because you can grab rocks and boulders with your hands to help you go uphill and keep your balance. The last but not least is getting some energy by eating snacks and drinking water regularly. Keeping your body nutrients fulfilled during your trekking time will help you keep your body health. For downhill climbing, you can do some of these things to make it easier. First, lean your back a little. You can do this by kicking your heels in so that your weight put down there. Pay attention to your tracks, especially when it is wet. Second, use zigzag routes. Like doing uphill climbing, zigzag method is also useful for downhill because this will make your step steadier. Third, use trekking pole. This tool will help you reduce the body pressure and tiredness of your legs and knees. Overall, the most important thing when doing downhill climbing is not to rush. Keep your steps balance and steady. Take your time and do not rush.
So, how is it? I hope those tips are useful for your climbing mountain vacation. One thing that you should remember when doing mountain climbing is to keep your body healthy because it will help you get the full enjoyment during your vacation. Doing exercises and workouts before climbing a mountain will help you increase your body fitness so that you can trek the mountain easily without experiencing any health problems in the middle of the way. So, prepare yourself well by knowing all the useful tips before starting your journey to embrace the big rocks.

Tips for Mountain Climbing2

Important Thing to do before Your First Climbing Wed, 02 Dec 2015 05:19:19 +0000 Read more >]]> Important Thing to do before Your First Climbing

Are you a newbie climber? If that so, you should pay attention to an important thing I want to share in this article. You have to do this one thing before doing your first mountain climbing. As this will be your fist time doing mountain climbing, you should prepare yourself well so that your first climbing can be safe and enjoyable. If you do all this important thing I will share before your first time climbing, I guarantee, that will be your unforgettable and enjoyable moment in your life. So, for you newbie climbers, pay attention to this most important thing to prepare your first climbing experience. Have a good reading time then.

Important Thing to do before Your First Climbing1

When you want to climb a mountain for the first time, you have to do some research about the mountain you will climb. This one important thing cannot be forgotten because it will define whether you will climb the mountain safely or not. Why? Because knowing the mountain profile is an essential thing for your climbing time. That is why the first thing you have to do before starting preparing other things for your first climbing is doing research about mountain climbing. You can do this research by searching for the mountain profile from books or DVDs. There are many books and DVDs that provide you the explanation about a certain mountain. Besides, you can also do research by reading some experiences of other people who have been there. This is important because their experiences can lead you to safer and better climbing time. You also have to research about what skills and equipments you need to climb mountain. By knowing needed skills and equipments, you can prepare yourself well, for example by doing exercises and workout to increase your fitness. For the equipments, you have to make sure that you know how to use them properly so that at the D-day, you can do all things by yourself. By doing some of those researches, you will know the best time to climb a certain mountain because every mountain has its own best time to be climbed. That is all related to weather and climate. You also need to know how to read the climate and weather symptoms like bad weather, wind direction, clouds movement, etc. Besides, you will also learn about climbing ethics of a certain mountain so that you will not violate the ethics believed by the peoples there and keep the local environment safe. This can be done by knowing the climbing code that usually provides by the mountain keeper team for the climbers.
So, doing research before your first climbing is a good and important thing. You can understand all the needed things to support your first climbing experience by doing research. This one important step cannot be forgotten because this is essential for your first time climbing. For you who need some book references, you can try reading Steve M. Cox and Kris Fulaas book titled Mountaineering: the Freedom of the Hills. This will help you know all the things needed as a first time climber. Remember, mountain climbing will be your unforgettable moment, so prepare it well that you will not ruin your first experience climbing a big rock.

Important Thing to do before Your First Climbing2