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My Quest to Climb the 7 Summits

This is starting to feel like it’s going to happen.

I have completed 6 on the 7 summits list. As of now, the record has just been broken by Johnny Collinson from Utah. Samantha Larson from Long Beach California was the previous record holder…and I’m from Big Bear California. So it seems like it’s a California thing.

There are two remaining mountains on my list of the 7 Summits. Mt. Vinson Massif on Antarctica, and the biggie….Mt. Everest. I hope to complete these two in the next year. Remember, I am doing 8 peaks to prevent any doubt about my quest of climbing the Seven Summits.

I am training hard, and will be very prepared.

I am going to try to ask everyone I know to help me find sponsors to assist me with my dream to become the youngest person in the world to climb the tallest mountain on each continent, “The 7 Summits.” I just turned 13 in July 2009.

For now I am having a great winter. Snowshoeing, Freestyle skiing and i’m doing a lot of public speaking. If you know a school or organization that might want to hear my story, write to me and let’s GO!

Stay tuned, and see what happens.

Write me a line and tell me what you are doing!

The Seven Summits Mountains I’ve climbed:

Africa- Kilimanjaro – July 22, 2006

Australia- Kosciuszko – April, 2007

Europe/Russia- Elbrus – July 11, 2007

South America- Aconcagua – December 30, 2007

North America- Denali – June 18, 2008

Oceana- Carstensz Pyramid – September 1, 2009

(remember, it’s actually 8, ask me if you don’t know the full story!!)

Onto Everest and Vinson in 2010

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