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The B.I.G. Tour of North America

It was an idea, that came to me while driving home from a training trip, a winter ascent up the mountaineers route of Mt. Whitney, the biggest mountain in the lower 48 states of U.S.. We battled our way through some terrible weather and managed a summit. I learned a lot that night. While climbing, we met a great guy named Gary Harrington.  He was traveling the country ‘highpointing the 50 states’. I’d never heard of that until then.

On the long drive back to Big Bear, I wondered how it would be to do that, climb the highest point in every state. Travel around the US and see the country. Well, like I’ve done before, I just spoke up from the back seat and asked my dad and step mom, Super K….if we could do it…travel the country and highpoint the U.S.  The answer from them…well you guessed it, it was yes. Three years later, here we go.

I’ve been traveling the World climbing, now I want to see more of my own country. So, as I  train for the last of my Seven Summits (Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica, departing December ’11), I will tour around climbing the biggies of the U.S.

It’s called the B.I.G. Tour of North America, I want to high point all the states of the  U.S. and the provinces of Canada over the next couple of years. But, the B.I.G. Tour is MORE than climbing,  I want to share my message with kids around North America, my message of B.I.G….get your Butt In Gear…and Find YOUR Everest.

Kids, I’m coming to talk to you, and challenge you…to get your Butt In Gear….climb, ride, paddle, run…what ever. Just get active!

Interested in climbing with me and my team on one of these peaks?  Drop us a line and let’s connect! The more the merrier…. I’ll be posting a detailed schedule in the coming few days…

We’re starting with New England in late June ’11, and will move our way westward in chunks.

Stop #1: Ebright of Delaware!!!! June 26

The B.I.G. Tour of North America will be fueled by:

FRS, Natural Vitality, Agility Guard, High Gear, SOLE and many others.

Tremendous thank you to all my followers and supports, at all levels….that have  helped me and my team get this far. It’s been a great last few years, and going to be even better next couple of years-  Jordan




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  • Katherine Blanc

    J, P, and K-
    I am so immensely PROUD of you! Have fun, laugh, and grow along the way. And keep on inspiring America’s kids to get their Butts In Gear.

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