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Agility Guard

You’re gona hear me talking a lot about Agility Guard. Power, Strength, Recovery and BIGGER AIR’s are right around the corner. I’m off to Mammoth this weekend, and I’ll be testing out some goodness.  …AND  Just got a package from @FRS. Didn’t think they could top the last one they sent me, but this new stuff is awesome! I’m always looking for the next edge, and these do just that.

2 comments to New FRS…has arrived!

  • Jake Luiten

    hey jordon sorry to bother you again but i was just wondering. What type of things did u do to train for your climbs.

  • Tray M.

    Just saw the FRS ad on BBC America! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Very cool ad…
    With you all the way, Jordan.

    Peace <3

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