Live on Everest

Update from Chinese Base Camp

The team has descended from the higher camps back to Chinese base camp.  We had a great hike back down and this is totally part of the operation and the acclimatization process. 

Everyone is in great spirits and doing well.  We’ll be down here for a few days resting , eating lots and waiting patiently for our window of opportunity.  Some of our Brazilian friends coming up to base camp to meet us and we are excited to see them.  Jordan is working on his homework and finishing up some algebra. 

At this point, it’s all about the weather. 

The next move is the “big one”. 

Stay tuned…

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38 comments to Update from Chinese Base Camp

  • So excited for all of you…stay safe. Love tracking your progress each morning with my cup of coffee!!! Always looking forward to new updates. my Prayers are with you…Sheryl (sher bear).

  • stuart

    dude u r b.a i mean super b.a ur crazy

  • Sue, Jags & Khataya

    You are in our thoughts, sending you positive energy & strength ~ for good weather and a safe climb. Good Luck Paul, Karen and Go Jordan Go !
    love your friends from Haida Gwaii Sue, Jags & Khataya

  • Katherine Blanc

    I’m sending a little Windex for a clear, sparkling weather window!

  • Carl

    On-On..can’t wait to hear the news, and see the photos from the summit. Say hello to Richard….if you can wake him…or get him out of the kitchen tent.
    Best thoughts for successful summit.

  • Jackson School 4th grade

    Good luck, Jordan! We all hope you make it! Our fourth grade students think you are very cool!

  • Julie(Deej)

    Always curious………how’d you know it’s good to go up? We hear a lot about the weather window but how is it determined that it’s the right time?

    Take care team and hugs to Richard :)
    Julie (UK)

  • Elizabeth Lowe

    Wishing you good health and good luck. Praying for great weather and your safety. I have read a lot of books about Everest and it sounds like an enormous challenge. I saw the PBS special a few years ago and Everest is WAY TOO COLD for me. Sending LOVE and good thoughts your way. Liz Lowe

  • Mrs. McDaniel

    Good luck! Our 6th grade Social Studies class at Tolt Middle School is tracking your progress. If you have any pics above ABC, please post or send by email if possible. Thanks!

  • Ericka Harrison

    Love hearing all of the updates! We’re thinking of you all everyday! ;-)

  • Julie(Deej)

    Carl, just admit you’re missing him :o P x

  • Diane and " Clan "

    Team Jordan… Inspiration for generations !!
    May the “force” be behind you; inching you to success. Strength, positive thoughts and prayers to you on this Great Journey. The Windhorse Prayer flags will be sent to you once you achieve this great dream. God Bless you and keep you safe xo (aunt) Diane and the fam.

  • Nancy Arnold

    YEA!!!! I just love your Spot tracking and check-ins and that Map with the embedding pictures too – I can not wait to check in and see the next “BIG” move. I know your weather window will be great it fits with your trip so far. It is so fun to follow your trip reading the comments and well wishes from your supporters at home and all your new friends, Your team the absolute BEST, Your Sherpa’s I love them, your new contacts and connections with other climbing teams WOW. You’ve dreamed and desired this climb, you’ve worked hard to prepare physically and mentally, your geared up … now just eat them out of tent and mountain and before you know it the window will be perfect and I’ll be happily cheering your summit to Mt. Everest.

  • Mary

    Pictures were great!!! Got more?

  • Jackie

    Hey! I’m almost 14, and ,my school is following you and the peak-freaks, on your climbs, as we read the book peak! i think what your doing is really amazing, i know i would never be able to do that. i’m sure you will b the youngest person up there. hope all is well, and i hope the weather works in you favor! please email me back if u get this!
    Ps: how did you get your parents to let you climb the highest mt. on earth?

    One of your followers,

  • Jackie

    p.s.s. west running brook middle school in NH, 7th grade think you amazing! :)

  • Lisa

    Montclair, New Jersey thinks you are so brave!

  • Jordan –

    I’m telling EVERYONE about your adventure – and the FUN thing is – most everyone I’m telling about your quest has already heard about you on the news, the radio or the newspaper!!! The whole world is watching!

    Good job, Kiddo!!! proud of you! can’t wait to see ya when you get back!

    All my love, to you, Paul and Karen! xoxox Sherry

  • Jon Wagner

    Jordan, Paul, & Karen —- So I take it that everything is in place in the higher camps and it’s rest time and chow time now at base camp. I bet Jordan, you can see the summit in your sleep! And yes, your standing on it! I wish I had the chance to climb with you folks cause you are truly the great people of the world! Stay warm, stay safe, and HAVE FUN!

  • Hey you guys — just giving a SHOUT OUT! WHOO WHOO WHOO. The Elemental Herbs’ crew is ready to move to Nepal to hang out with you guys — they don’t get work done anymore, they just want to track down where Karen, Paul and Jordan are!


    every step counts,


  • Fred

    Good to know all is going well! All my friends are crossing their fingers for you! All The best,see you soon

  • slyx

    You’re gonna be the youngest climber to climb Everest, Jordan! ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!That summit is waiting for you!

  • Janna


    We are so excited for you and so very proud of you. Everyone is holding on to the seat of their chairs waiting to see you succeed and celebrate! Be safe, be smart and show your stuff!

  • fritzi

    So wonderful to be tracking your progress ,,please continue to keep us posted…
    What an amazing feat to be the youngest to make this climb in history…
    stay safe

  • Tony Akins

    Love you guys, get up and get down safely, you’re all a huge insperation.

  • Sending you all the best blessings for a safe and successful climb!
    You are amazing!

  • Randy Conrad

    Hey Jordan!!! It’s really good to hear you guys are doing alright and that you are taking this one day at a time!!!! I’m also thrilled to see that you are studying and doing homework while you are up there and that you haven’t forgotten school. Anyway, we are all excited for you and praying for the right window of opportunity when you and the team will make that major leap to the summit!!!! Alot has happened to you over the course of the past several weeks. New friends…wonderful sherpas…and most of all…a Loving God!!! God has enrichly blessed you throughout this whole journey. Never forget that and never forget him…Praise him daily and wonderful rewards will be in your favor…Tomorrow is Mother’s Day…Question is what you gonna do to wish mom a Happy Mother’s Day? Make it interesting…She deseves it..See ya..and God Bless…..

  • lea

    that’s a really crazy boy but a brave boy

  • Angela Garner

    Hello Team Jordan! We are so glad to hear you are all happy, healthy and well! Today is mother’s day and my five year old little boy is sitting here with me, totally enthrawled with the adveturous update on team Jordan. We are sitting here with the lap top, eating breakfast together and discussing mountaineering and Everest. (I couldn’t ask for a better mother’s day morning!) My son, “Reed” had one question for Jordan. He would like to know if he could please describe the view from the top of Everest once he gets there. We also would like to know how many people can stand on the summit at once. Thank you for your continued adventure and inspiration. Remember….once your at the top, your only half way there….please be safe and cautious on your decent! We are praying for you all! What an amazing exeperience for all of you. You are all truly blessed to have this opportunity. Treasure each moment, as I am sure you will. :) !!- From your biggest and youngest of fans…-Angela and Reed Garner -Kutztown, Pa

  • Eloy G. Boulton

    Hello again from Caracas, Venezuela. Following your serious adventure and willing to see you all safe and happy on the summit -the half of the trip- and back at base camp.
    All the positive energy possible for the team.

  • Lha Gyalo

    All the best to your journey to reach the summit! May your expedition bring awareness to the land you are visiting.

    Lha Gyalo!


  • Tay

    Hey you are so brave. I wish you the best of luck.I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip to the summit and back down. You inspire a lot of people. Wish you the best of luck and as always I will be praying for you.

  • Amanda Renae C.

    We have been studying like so much about you in Social Studies class, no joke. Dude, i cant belive your about to climb your fourth and final summit! i am so happy for you. If i were you, i would have so much adrenaline in my body that you dont even know. haha, i hope you have a safe trip up and down the mountain.Have funn(: Buhhbye Jordan!!

  • t@rh33l f@n

    hey whats up team jordan hope you are having fun i bet it will be great when u get home in the warm weather hope u have a nice and safe trip good luck
    p.s we are studying mount everest in social studies

  • Jaelyn Glenn

    Hey Jordan just stay strong and keep holding on. =)
    P.S. Belzer Middle School Mrs. Springers Language Arts Classes are cheering for you!!!!!!!!

  • Jaelyn Glenn

    Keep Going =)

  • celia, simone, & emma

    never give up and be strong. We want you to make it to the summit.
    We’re cheering for you.

  • Never give up, be strong and we’re cheering for you!

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