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Before we get into details of the last trek, one of the highlights we wanted to mention was when we met the Chinese team at ABC.  One night Jordan was invited to be a guest of the very prestigious Chinese team for tea. You’ll have to wait for the memoirs for all of the details, but let’s just say you would not have expected the formality and the respect given to Jordan, while here at a dinner tent 21,000ft.  It was a spectacular event and the beginning of a long relationship without a doubt. These men are absolute gentleman and showed the highest respect to our team, as we now do to theirs.

 Another highlight….well, let me back up by saying our Sherpa’s are all stars. 9 Everest summits between the 3, countless other 8000m summits, and some mind blowing rescue stories made for the big screen.  I say this to give all the respect due.  I came into the dining tent to find Jordan about 2 hours into having tea with Lapka Gelu Sherpa.  Not a household name you might say, but here’s what others say.  He holds the world record for base camp to Summit of Everest and back.  That’s right, world record and he’s here going for his 14th summit. A man with the softest smile and a voice you can’t imagine. After giving 3 truckloads of advice to our team and Jordan, he offers his personal help should our Summit days coincide. This is like Michael Jordan walking into your gym, when you’re a freshman in high school, and offers to personally coach you before the big game. Ok, not the perfect metaphor, but dang close.  What an experience…

Jordan honored by the Chinese Team

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  • Cat

    Sounds like some new life-long friends have been made!!! And yes…please do thank all of J’s Sherpas for us! Let them know we are all so VERY grateful for the care they are giving him and the team! They will forever be considered part of the Lundgren/Romero family for sure! xoxo~C

  • Mom/grandma judy

    How exciting for Jordan and what a wonderful life experience this is for all of you. love mom

  • Mom

    Awesome Jordan! You are so blessed to be in contact with such inspirational people….not just amazing for their incredible feats, which are beyond remarkaable, but more so for their hearts, their spirit and their integrity! You fit right in among them J….you are all that too! They see those same qualities in you as well, my dear young man, and that is why they are so generous in their time and focus on you…..YES! YOU ARE ALL THAT! ~Love you as big as the universe!~

  • Katherine Blanc

    What a great honor!
    But these serendipitous encounters don’t surprise me, because you three attract goodness with your positive attitudes and spirit of respect for people and places. You shine brightly!!

  • Mom

    Do me a favor Jordan? Please send my BIGGEST thanks and appreciation to your wonderful sherpas and to Lapka Gelu Sherpa and the rest of the Chinese Team…..from your Mom, for all of their guidance, knowledge and investment in you and the team!

  • Barbara Livengood

    My 7th grade class is reading My Everest Story by Mark Pfetzer who was 15 when he attempted Everest. We are following YOUR story every day and keeping track of you on the Everest map. Thank you for sharing the details of your story. We wish you great success in climbing Everest!

    Mrs. Barbara Livengood
    South Middle School
    Salina, Kansas

  • Karen, Jordan & Paul: I am in awe of each word I read ofour progress…I simply ask, and I know I need not…(Please, will you all be careful and remain safe?) I tell everyone I come in contact with about your journey…be they family, friends or strangers, they know about you. Just yesterday I informed a San Diego teacher about your adventure and he is now following your trek and plans to utilize your experience to motivate his students…Prayers are with you each step of the way…TEAM JORDAN !!!

  • Jack & Sue

    Team Jordan
    As we wake up another morning here in BB we are once again having our morning coffee with your team.The new info presented never fails to excite us. You are never left out of our morning prayers. Stay safe and warm as you get ever so close to your goal. And remember, however proud and fortunate to know Jordan Sue and I are just as proud of Paul’s and Karen’s accomplishments as well. It can’t be a picnic for you two either. Just please stay safe and focused, as we know you will.
    J & S

  • Alex Romero

    This is how you bring tears to GrandPa Romero. What else can you say ?????

  • Julie (Deej)

    Wow, there just aren’t words to do that justice are there?

    Thanks for sharing that

  • Mike

    … sounds pretty cool! Take care and enjoy the trip and, not to forget: keep us informed! Good luck!

  • Bernice Pierson

    So cool to meet the Chinese team and get the advice from the “MJ of Sherpas.”

  • Noah reagan

    waz up my brother

  • Paula

    “A man with the softest smile and a voice you can’t imagine.” You notice and describe experiences that make them very real to others…me. Thank you. Glad to see all is well. Following every step of the way!

  • Tray M.

    A testament to maturity and respect. So many people forget that Everest is not a single-person event, it takes a team, and the team includes the Sherpas who make it possible for the attempts to be successes!

    Memoirs? There will be a book? Can’t wait!

    Tray M.

  • Diane and " Clan "

    Congrats on the progress thus far and updating us with such great technology. Following the daily photos, the GPS map and the “latest” keeps us all connected around the world. J, you are an inspiration. Follow the wisdom of the “ones who have succeeded before you” . Much love, warmth and strength to you, young nephew! xo (aunt) Diane

  • Jody

    Proud of you guys. Shelly and girls are watching daily and will keep me posted. Paul keep your helmet on straight- chin strap tight, no englishmen tilt. Jordan, you are inspiring young man, just keep being you. Headed back to Afghanistan before you return, look forward to the stories in winter of 2011. I’ll fly a flag for you guys. Semper Fi BillyJoeD

  • Chris Raines

    Great post. Thank you for sharing that. Go get em

  • Ray Yoshida

    It sounds like Jordan is really getting some respect up there. It also sounds like all the legends I hear about the Sherpas are true, they are a honorable and humble group. I give them my respect and thanks for watching out for everyone. Good luck.

  • Julia

    You are so awesome Jordan by climbing mount everest at age 13.

  • nicolas

    I am great jealous, but Good luck

  • Emily B.


  • Tobey MacQuoid

    Just awesome Jordan Karen and Paul. We love the photos and the ipadio reports. We are with you in spirit! A big hug to you all! Tobey and Alan

  • Jeanne Mower

    How COOL is that????? What a wonderful adventure and experience for you. I’ve been following you every day, and learning things about this trek of yours that I didn’t know before. You are an amazing and inspiring young man. God be with you and your team!!

  • Tom Randal


  • Carol Lee

    I teach pre-k in Houston and am blessed to have a Nepali student in my class whose love of Mt. Everest has inspired the entire class. He made a model of Everest and shared it with the class for “show and tell” – then introduced the class to your amazing efforts. We are following your expedition here and are cheering you on as only 4 and 5 year olds can! Yee-haw and Giddyup from Texas!

  • What a touching honor for Jordan. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. It reminds us of the incredible humanity we all share as human beings. Just beautiful!

    A multitude of blessings on your amazing journey to the Top.

    Alyse Rome and the rest of the Amazing Kids! Team

  • Hope u make it to the top!!!!

    God Bless u!

  • Ms Davis-Principal LVES

    Everyone here at Lucerne Valley Elementary School is watching and rooting you on! There are are pictures and signs up all around the original seven summits mural, as well as around the school and the front marquee.
    We are so very proud of you and can’t for your return to LVES to tell us about everything in person.
    Your mom is proudest mom in the universe! We’re having lunch next week if I can get her feet to touch the ground :)
    You’re almost there! ROCK ON!!!!
    Love you, Ms. Davis

  • Jonah L

    Hi Jordan,

    Congratulations. I am a rock climber too. Saw your article in the NYT and wish you the best of luck with your climbing goals.

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