Live on Everest

Summit Attempt

Update from the team:  Everything is going super well and they may attempt to summit today.  They are currently at Step 1.

Stay tuned for more updates or just follow along with the map.

21 comments to Summit Attempt

  • Ty

    You guys are rocking it!!! Keep up the hard work. You guys can do this!!
    Cannot wait to see the pics from the summit!!!!


  • Nathan Davis

    Unexpected and extremely exciting news! The cats and I can hardly contain ourselves! Thinking of you every step of the way!

  • Alex

    Congrats! Jeep up The pace! You aré onestep from making history!!

  • Jules

    Omg….Buddy, you’re almost there. What an amazing feat! I knew when you were a baby, you would do extraordinary things! I love you so much and can’t wait to hug the crap out of you!!!!!

  • Jon Wagner

    Go Jordan Go! You are so close to making history! And when you stand on the summit with your dad and Karen you will remember the feeling for the rest of your life! You guys are simply amazing —– all of you and your sherpas.
    Hope you are taking some pics to share with us —- I know it is tough —- just focus and the best of luck to all of ya! Ad Alta!

  • Jenny

    What a day to remember! Two great sporting events – Tour de California in Jordan’s home town Big Bear, CA and now Team Jordan’s Summit Attempt. Good luck!

  • Karl Eneroth

    Thrilling. Absolutely thrilling,following “every step”! Take care.

  • Katherine Blanc

    What a pace! Climb ON!!!

  • Miss Mo

    I am so proud of you Jordan, what an amazing goal you set for yourself, and to be finishing it at such a young age. Making history….you are AWESOME!!!! Just like Jules, I can’t wait to give you a big HUG!!!! Thank you for showing the world that dreams can come true!!

  • Jack & Sue

    Just amazing. The time seems to be here. We’re thinking of you every minute. We’ll just keep praying. Go for it.

  • ron king

    You have us dancing around our house ……excited? DUH …. From all the climbers and hikers and those who are deeply touched by the beauting and challenges of what is beyond our windows …. your trek has become our trek, ron in Seattle-by-the Salish-Sea

  • Mark DesRochers

    600 ft to go!!! Get there, take the pictures and come home!

  • absolutely incredible, guys. buddy, ur sister and i are very very proud of u – n P n K, we luv ya ‘migos. GODSPEED!

  • Jordan, Richard and I are thinking of you often right now, wishing you success, safety, and happiness. We are very proud to say we know you and are so impressed! We know how tough this journey has been and are astounded by your accomplishments. Warmest regards, Barbara & Richard Ortiz

  • Paula

    Oh gosh…oh gosh! I’m so excited…home alone and dancing around the room. You are, well, just so awesome! Can’t wait for the official notice that you are “standing on top of the world.” Yahoo!

  • Alan

    You are setting a blistering pace! Keep up the great work but keep plenty in reserve for the trip down. I am a 60 year old guy from Rochester, NY who also did the five summits other than the Big E and Vinson. I am definitely cheering you on!! Fabulous!!!

  • Terry Copley

    Man ive been watching you on ESRI/GPS live. I feel like im there but man oh man…i AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU AND PROUD TO B YOUR FRIEND!

  • Jennifer

    Keep it going – many are cheering for you! Watching from Massachusetts.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Now we can finally exhale… Barbara & Richard

  • [...] Go Jordan Go You are so close to making history And when you stand on the summit with your dad and Karen you will remember the feeling for the rest of your life You guys are simply amazing all of you and your sherpas. … [...]

  • That is a remarkable achievement because it is achieved when Jordan Romero is 13-year-old. Of course the people most instrumental in this achievement is Romero’s parent, who encourage and nurture her. Congratulations.

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