Live on Everest

iPadio Message from the Team at Camp 2

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55 comments to iPadio Message from the Team at Camp 2

  • Lance and Julia

    Great Job Jordan, Paul and Karen. You have provided weeks of excitement and inspiration to our family. Congrats on this great feat and we wish you a safe return and hope to celebrate with all of you soon! It’s amazing that a little “Red Dot” on a computer screen can bring tears to your eyes.. Well done!
    Lance, julia & Ethan.

  • tess

    That was really great, Jordan and team. keep us posted until the last step down everest. congratulations!!

  • bahar

    very happy u go on summit everest
    very good

  • congratulation jordan, paul & karen, ,we are so happy to hear you be strong and safe back to base camp.himalayan big bear

  • The whole world is happy for you and shares in your excitement! I hope to see you all this summer during one of your “normal” amazing events.

    Cheers to an incredible kid! (and some incredible adults)


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