Live on Everest

Base camp, waiting...

new south African friend Vivian.... If it looks chilly.... Jordan and Austrians Karen and Monk Tashi Once again... new Friends to the team K and J at the top of our run to Int. Base Camp Kumar making something amazing...
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17 comments to Base camp, friends, waiting…

  • Alex Romero

    Great Pictures. So good to see your smiling faces.

  • Mom/grandma judy

    I love all the pictures – it keeps you close when I can see you. Love all of you so much, so proud, love mom

  • Katherine Blanc

    GREAT photos!!
    Karen- How do you manage to look so great on camera in that harsh environment? Girlz rock!

  • Debbie Leong

    Hi Jordan, Paul, and Karen,
    Happy Mothers Day to Karen. :) The photos all look awesome. Glad to see things are still moving as planned. Keep on trekking.

  • Alessandro

    Hi guys, i follow your trip on your web site and in the everest map ( i can not conecct since 5 days ), and is great, the history is amazing and the pictures are so great.
    Congratulations, take care and go ahead.

  • Mom and Makaela

    Hi buddy!
    Thanks for the phone call today! You sure know how to make your mom smile on Mother’s Day and make your sister happy! We were so excited to talk to you, share stories with you and profess our un-dying love! We are thinking of you every minute of everyday! Our hearts are with you……with every step!:)

  • Lilly

    Hi Jordan,
    I really enjoy your Page!
    Last year I climbed on the Kilimanjaro.
    I love climbing!
    Im sorry for the bad language….
    Im German.
    Keep holding on Jordan!!

  • Chris Kavlick

    Big fan from the east coast. I’ve been following your progress, and can’t wait to see all you continue to accomplish. What an amazing young man you are Jordan, and how lucky to have the family you do, that support and encourage you the way they do. Keep up the good work, all of you. God bless you in your efforts.

  • You climb is incredibly exciting. We check your progress regularly. I think we’ll have to suite up and try and climb Mount San Gorgonio in your honor!

  • Evan

    Dude, I heard an interview with your mom the other day on the BBC while I’m here in Switzerland !!! You have officially been moved up to rockstar status. Keep up the hard work.

  • Chris Romero

    We are all watching and so proud of you J, K & P.

    Prayers still going out for you constantly. Good going!

  • Michelle

    Keep trekking Jordan, Paul and Karen…
    We know you can do it!!!

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date… great photos!

  • Jon Wagner

    Hi! The pics you uploaded are just fantastic! It is just amazing the people you are touching lives with Jordan, Paul & Karen! Rest up and enjoy the time at base camp and I’ll be watching when the window opens and you make the “big move”! STAY SAFE & HAVE FUN!

  • Patience will pay off. You guys must be getting some pretty high winds right now according to the weather forecasts. Weather forecast shows possible good weather coming in by Sunday,May 16th. Follow at .

    To The Top & Back


  • Joe

    Amazing!!! following you guys daily, keep it up!!!

  • Jack & Sue

    Hi All. Still sitting here in the warm cabin keeping track of your fantastic voyage. Yesterday took a walk up the hill to your place and only got as far as your front yard. Got too tired so had to turn around and come back down the hill. It reminded me of the incredible feat you three are involved with. As much as we can, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Prayers are with you; stay safe and warm.

  • This is getting EXCITING!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys can make it down to the lake when this is all over for some R&R.

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