Live on Everest

Back at Camp 2

After approximately 1350m of climbing,¬†some 26hrs later, the Team’s SPOT GPS indicates they have arrived safely back at Camp 2 (24,750 ft) after summitting.¬† A monumental effort.

Stay tuned for more details.

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14 comments to Back at Camp 2

  • rob D in the OC

    A well deserved rest place, 7500 M. keep your feet under you on the way back to ABC. See you on the Cali 14ers next year ?

  • Tom & Sheila Pearson

    Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment for you all!

  • Katherine Blanc

    Slow-n-steady. Be safe on that descent.

  • Teri Smith

    Well, well, very well done! Congratulations to all three of you and Leigh Anne, too… great team both on the mountain and at home! Loves and hugs to you all!!! xoxo

  • The whole world was watching and now the whole planet is talkin. Can’t wait to hear your amazing stories. Congrats TEAM JORDAN!

  • sandra

    You rock, kid!!! Congratulations

  • Dennis Wagner

    Dear Jordan
    I knew you could do it. I have been praying for you since you made the announcement. You have had the tenacity and courage that one needs to accomplish whatever your goals are. I knew you had good training guidance for this task.
    I always wanted to do this myself and seemed to let other things get in my way. Now being 69 years old I am not a good candidate for this anymore. I am very proud of your accomplishment,as I am sure your family is. Thank you for doing this as I feel you did it for me also. I feel complete in that aspect of my life. Congratulations and the best of luck and goodwill on your next endeavor whatever it will be.

    Dennis Wagner

    209 E. Main St.
    Floyd Va. 24091

  • ursula

    Congratulations from Chile, wow what an achievement, well done all of you

  • Earring Doug

    you guys rock! Glad its done, accomplished, bagged, and your safely on the way down to stardom Jordan. Whoo hooo….

  • Jordan:
    Congrats on successfully ascending The Rooftop!

    You’ve shown what can be done when people apply the old adage; “where there’s a will, there’s a way!” And I hope this effort inspires your generation to climb their personal heights, knowing the seemingly improbable can indeed be conquered!

    Happy Trails

  • Barry and Michael (11) Shapiro

    Congratulations!!! Very impressive!

  • Linda Ford

    Congrat’s Jordan. You have touched so many peoples lives probably without even realising it. Very fantastic that you set a goal at such a young age and have already accomplished it. I was in London last month and there you were in the Telegraph newspaper, so I saved it for you. I have it with me in Big Bear and would love for you to have it. Best wishes young man.

  • Jim Anderson & Cheryl Burnett

    Jordan, Jim and I are so proud of you! And Paul and Karen also. I cried when I heard you all made the summit. I remember so clearly that tiny boy in the Crocodile Hunter shirt coming into the Fish Locker to buy crickets for his frogs and educating me about reptiles, dinosaurs and amphibians. We love you and hope you all have a safe trip home!

  • kinzie verkerk

    your so awesome keep cimbing its a very cool talent!!!!!!!

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