Live on Everest


The team has checked-in after making a huge push to Advanced Base Camp in one day.  This was a huge effort! 

Here’s a few other pictures as well.

Wall Paintings from the Monestary Kumar making something amazing... Everest from CBC K and J at the top of our run to Int. Base Camp Stopping for an FRS break...Everest behind. Rock and more Rock... trail from CBC to ABC Kumar's Kitchen at  CBC... it's not glamourous, but he is amazing... P and J enjoy some rice porridge before heading to ABC happy birthday VICTORY DAY
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36 comments to At ABC

  • Katherine Blanc

    The Energizer Bunnies of Everest!!!

  • John, Lara and Ingrid Gish

    Just read the article in Outside magazine. That’s great Jordan! We are cheering you all on from San Diego. Good luck with the summit!

  • Mom

    Fantastic job Team! Clearly all that ping-pong training at CBC kept you fit and ready to ROCK!

  • kathy portie

    good job. way to go.

  • Kitty

    Wow, the summit is so close now! Good luck, and stay safe!

  • Jon Wagner

    Wow! What huge push in one day’s time —-17.60KMS and the elevation change! Rest, eat, hydrate — The pics are always welcome and appreciated — it’s a wonder you guys have the energy to share the stuff with us! SAY SAFE – STAY WARM – HAVE FUN!

  • Renee

    Ive been following your trek, and want to wish you and your family everything you’ve ever wanted. Which at the moment is to stand on Top of the World!
    What a beautiful sight, all of us will be with you,in spirt.

  • Barbara Razo & RazoRacing Team

    Jordan and Team! You are a rockstar my friend. I am so excited for you and the world – we are all so fortunate to have you as part of our lives. Jordan – you are climbing with angels who are showering you will blessings. I can’t wait to sit in your kitchen and listen to you tell me this amazing story you are living and breathing. You inspire each of us to greatness and doing all we can to live a better life of health and well being. I love you and am in constant awe.

    Stay Strong Stay Safe – Love your house buddy Barbara.

  • Faiz

    Jordan: I remember chasing you up to almost 6,000 meters in Africa (and then falling hopelessly behind as you ran down Mt Kilimanjaro). Were you really just 10 years old? Is that even possible? You’re still leading the charge and are still an inspiration to us all. Climb safe and no running above 8,000 meters!

  • Jennie McCoy


  • Judy

    Good luck and may God be with you all!

  • raymond danaher

    Lucerne Valley is with you. Take care and remember this is a team. Ray

  • Patrick Follett

    Whoa, you guys are awesome. What a push!!!!
    Eric, Tina & Pat

  • Great to hear you have reached ABC! Enjoy your rest before your next leg of your amazing journey.

    We’re following you every step of the way–in awe! Jordan, please know that we are all proud of you simply for being bold enough to reach for your dreams. You are an inspiration to many, many people! Getting to the top of the world will just be icing on the cake. ;-)

    Big hugs of support from all of us here at Amazing Kids!

    Alyse Rome :-)

  • Patty Hafen and Cathy Herrick

    We’re enjoying sunny, hot Palm Springs and checking in on your progress. What an amazing trek you did today (yesterday? last night?)! We want Kumar to make our birthday cakes! How does he do that? Even the culinarily talented Mrs. Herrick would have a difficult time making such a fabulous cake in her modern kitchen! We are so proud of you and glad to have the opportunity to experience your (so far) life’s goal, albeit from afar. Please keep the updates coming – Patty’s obsessed with your trip! XOXO

  • rosie miller

    All the best for your summit from Australia.
    I’m watching your progress.
    God be with you and your team.

  • Pontus

    Found you on the webb after reading about the 16 year old Australina girl who sailed rund the globe.
    What a MAN you are, Jordan. I´m wery impressed. Keep on going, and be safe.
    I will follow your progress with reconnaissance.
    Pontus. Sweden

  • physsie1

    05/16 NEWSFLASH: Everest Climbers Summit from the North (Tibet side), Chinese, Tibetans !
    Much reduced winds yesterday hope the window is good for you

    hope chumalonga lets you touch her and return safely

  • The Salzers

    Wow, sounds like all is going well. Just saw that Aussie Jessica Watson completed her around the world sail…now it’s your turn to show the world what you can do with great heart and focus. God Speed, we are with you in spirit!

  • Rolly

    Hi Jorden & team, we have been following the progress of your fantastic adventure and wish you all a safe summit.
    from Mike and family in New Zealand

  • Vamos Team Jordan !

    Good Luck!!

    Saludos desde BAJA, Mexico

  • Mel in Moab

    Team Jordan is SOOOOOO AMAZING!! Continue to be strong and safe as you live your dream. Your positive attitude and persistence are infectious.
    Keep on crushin’ it!
    XOXO, Melissa & John, Moab, Utah

  • J- i had a friend hide 2 tacos for you at 27,002, just one click to the left of the trail, enjoy…

  • whatever you want to do, step forward, step back, whatever dream is next… sleep on it, act on it,

    you have our support

    We are not here to see through each other, we are here to see each other through…

  • landon

    Be safe and enjoy the climb. I wish you all only the best, and that the mountain allows you the opportunity to experience the culmination of all your hard work and training. Enjoy the view on the way up.

  • great share, great article, very usefull for me…thank you

  • pete rotheroe

    It’s great to see this dedication at your age! A few years ago I made what may have been the first ski descent of Lhakpa Ri, the peak on the other side of the glacier from ABC. Hope you make the big one, but don’t take any chances and remember there’s always another season :-) Vinson is also a spectacular mountain, so I hope that trip works out for you as well. I’m sure you’ll be the youngest ever there as well – bring your skis!

  • Kevin Amburgey

    Jordan, Paul, and Karen,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Stay strong!
    -Mr. A (and the gang at North Shore Elementary)

  • Chewbacca

    Jordan,it’s really great that you’re doing this. I’m 13, but I can definitely not imagine myself climbing Mount Everest! You’re awesome. (:

  • Chris Romero

    Good news you all are advancing safely. We’d love a pic of you three together Paul, Karen & Jordan. We’re following all of you with excitement. Love ya!

  • Alessandro

    Guys the summit it´s so close now, remember the first is your security take your time and be safe.
    Congratulations for you huge push…

  • Rose Pennington

    Go Jordan,
    You are living the dream I had when I was 14 ! I am 50 now and took a different path. Enjoy Team Jordan ,I am cheering you all the way from San Clemente,Ca. God Speed

  • Eleanore

    Greetings from Sunny South Africa! you guys are an inspiration to the world!!! AWESOME achievement! WOW! WOW! WOW! keep it up!

  • Alan & Tobey MacQuoid

    The Kiwanis Club of Big Bear Valley is following your wonderful progress. Good luck summiting. See you when you return.

  • Great job , finally you summit top of the world , be strong and safe back 0ur prey with you guys .

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