Live on Everest

Taco Night- the Sequel at BLT's was....

A RAGING success.

in the midst of a wicked snow storm, the town showed up to support the team and the expedition to Everest.

Thank you TODD, and the whole staff at BLT’s. That was ONE rockin party.

And to ALL of Big Bear. You are tremendous people, and every generous. I will make you proud.


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4 comments to Taco Night- the Sequel at BLT’s was….

  • Right on Jordan…thanks Paul (if you’re looking for a job as a host/waiter when you get back you’re hired) great job clearing tables and getting people seated. Thanks Karen for all your help busing and keeping things rolling. Best of luck in Tibet…can’t wait for the welcome home party…have fun.


  • todd, my pleasure bro

  • Alex Romero

    I am Jordan’s Grand Pa and it was my pleasure to be there and to meet you. It was your support and that of those that came out to bend a taco for Jordan that will be remembered as part of Team Jordan reaching the summit.

    Bless you and your staff that worked so hard that night. I’ll be back to welcome Team Jordan home and to have lunch at BLT’s

  • Jules

    J…What can I say….You are extraordinary!!!! In so many ways, Buddy! Your “Auntie” Jules loves you. Be safe, Luv!! :)

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