Live on Everest

...and we're OFF.

Hong Kong by storm
Cathay Pacific took good care of the team to get to Hong Kong.  Train and Taxi gets us to the amazing apartment of Adventure guru Ryan Blair. Then the 5 star whirlwind tour of Hong Kong begins. Jordan’s fellow 13 y/o friend and football/soccer star “Z” take Jordan paling around Hong Kong (a new first for Jordan), then the rest of the team get a VIP tour of the IFC, then onto a floating restaurant for lunch, then it was Dragon Airlines that made sure we got to Bangladesh, then Kathmandu. ALL 13 bags made it safe and sound. Sonam Sherpa scoops us up, then straight to the Hotel Tibet.
Life is good. Stay tuned, the fun is about to begin.
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2 comments to Quick stop in Hong Kong…and we’re OFF.

  • Dawn

    Jordan –
    I have always had an infinity for people that climb Everest and been in awe of them!
    Good for you!!! This shows that not only kids, but all people can strive towards their dreams no matter how old they are or challenging it may be!!
    I am going to share your story with my classes on Monday and show them your website!!
    Good Luck!!
    Be safe and we are routing for you!
    Dawn Brandmark
    5th grade teacher

  • Jordan- What an amazing kid you are. Don’t be a hero. You still have 3 years bud!!
    I will pray for you. god only puts us where we should be. I loved China when I visited. Communist shmomunist. AMAZING country. Glad your going Via China:)

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