Live on Everest

On the plane!

We are going! Next stop HK!

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  • Robert

    Hi there… Tryed to call you guys before you left the building but i had to go on several calls in a row. Best of luck to all of you and i will send a prayer that everything will go fine. Be safe and smart up there. To Jordan – Push the limits and enjoy the moment while youre standing on the top of the world !!!

    See ya

    // Robert the sweeeeede .

  • Rob

    I read about your journey last year in Backpacker magazine; what a story. I look forward to keeping up with your trek via the site.

    “The Journey is the destination”

    God Bless!

  • Good luck everyone! Saw a link to your story on DrudgeReport…so did 20 million other people!
    Be safe and know you’re in our thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to see photos and hear stories.

  • Hey Jordan! Best of luck to you, and more than that, ENJOY. Can’t wait to hear how it goes-will be following your blog posts the whole way.

  • Wendy Peterson

    Hey, Jordan,

    Just wanted to wish you, Paul and Karen good luck, and we’ll be waiting to see the pictures of you on top of the world! You are all in our prayers………!

    (Izzy’s mom)!

  • Doug B.

    God speed, Jordan. I’ve been keeping up on your progress and you are doing an awesome job. Best of luck on Everest and be safe, climb smart and remember not to push a bad position.

    I’ll share one of my favorite quotes with you; one that has helped me define why I climb. It is from the Italian climber, Walter Bonatti. He said, “Mountains are the means, the man is the end. The goal is not to reach the tops of mountains, but to improve the man.” It sounds as though you are already on the path to learning that valuable lesson. Stay open to what the struggles, challenges and rewards of climbing will teach you about yourself in the years to come and you will continue to grow as an extraordinary young man.

    Best regards,

  • marina

    Hi from Switzerland!
    Wishing you all the best and good luck! Do 5 steps for me when you feel empty…
    Just done 6 days off-piste in Chamonix – nothing to compare but I see the adventure and achievement ahead.
    It is an amazing undertaking and you should feel immensely proud of yourself for doing this.
    I will follow you.
    Lots of love
    Marina (45 years old!! and this is beyond my dream…)

  • Steffen Hem Lian

    Hi, just toht I had to say, it’s amacing what you are doing and what you have achieved to bee so young…
    And you are working so hard to keep it up.
    I thot my jurny was hard, in 2006- 2007 i walk’t alone across the US.. but i was 25 years old.. Think what you are doing is great and amacing. You are given peopel hope, to show other’s that thinks are posibel if they just work fore it and belive in it.
    You are proberly thucing more peopel then you think Jordan.
    I read about you in a Norwegian new’s paper btw.. Great thing that you get headlines for what you do.. we Need some good new’s in this world.
    Anyway’s good luck and stay safe.
    All the best, Steffen

  • Cam

    This is really cool. hope you make it

  • Christine

    I’ve read about your journey for a while now and I just wanted to say good luck and have an amazing adventure. I look forward to hearing your stories once you’ve conquered the mountain. Stay well! – Christine.

  • Nancy Arnold

    I was up early catching 5:00 am ABC Local LA News – they had a piece about you and your fundraiser in Big Bear for your Everest Trip. I think your doing more than inspiring other kids your age to get off the couch and go do something (that was the snip they shared from you). I thought I’d check your webpage to see how close you were to leaving – and you are already Gone! Have a Great Adventure and Summit Climb!


    SOAK UP SOME SLEEP ! Big adventure awaits you all & can’t think of a tougher bunch. Jordan I hope someday one of my grandsons can have an EPIC adventure like you! When the nights are cold & your feet are scream’n… keep focused on the summit of your dreams.

  • Mr. Fuchs's Class

    Good luck from our 5th grade class in NY!
    We read the article about you in Outside magazine and are psyched to see you reach the summit.

    PS – be sure to hit up Fire & Ice in Kathmandu for pizza. Seriously. It’s worth it.

  • Louis

    What you gonna climb after this one?

    Best wishes buddy.

  • Dave

    Good luck with the climb. Hope to hear you made it in the guenius book of world records!!!

  • Gretchen Rambadt

    Good luck Jordan! I know you can make it. I’ve been hooked on your journey since I read about you in the OUTSIDE magazine. You can reach it!

    Age Quod Agis(Do what you do) or (put your heart into what you do)~Gretchen

  • AgS

    Hi, good luck. I´v read about your journey in one of our Norwegian newspapers. I´l follow you at net… Climb safe and keep us updated.

  • Bph

    Good luck to you all. Here is the link to the article in the Norwegian newspaper.

    All the best.

  • Hello,

    I just want to wish you luck.
    I love to see your spirit to do this.

    greetings from the Netherlands.
    Rolde (near Assen, where the dutch TT-races are)

  • Daphne

    Good luck Jordan from Spain!!!I know you can make it!!! :-) ))

  • H4r!b0

    I was in HK for 5 months for an academic exchange and before coming back home (France) i spent one month in Nepal. I climbed to the everst base camp but it was in january (winter) so we cannot (me and my guide) go further on the glacier. If u want to see some pictures of the trel just tell me and i ll send u some of the best.
    It’s not too hard to climb to the everst base camp but becareful u should NEVER eat meat in the lodges u ll be sick (i was) : Shepra can do it because they do not have the same stomach as us^^.

    Good luck buddy, you ll need it…

  • brandy

    best of luck to you, your going to love nepal… surviving the flight is half the battle ;)

  • Matt and Rachael

    Have a badass time!

  • Milan

    Hi Jordan,

    kick ass, but do it save. Hope your journey is at least as interesting as the goal. I was there in 2006 (north side) and live this journey everyday till now.
    Make it your trip, enjoy every step even when it is cold and windy keep on moving, pole pole as they say on Kili :) .

    Cheers, Milan
    ‘Every big journey start with one step’, so keep on walking.

  • Alexis


  • Mrs. Eller's Class

    Hey TEAM JORDAN , We are all writing reports on Mt. Everest and watching your progress, a map as you travel, Big Bear, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong so far. Good Luck and be safe.
    Mrs. Eller’s 5th Grade Class from Lucerne Valley, CA

  • sherry

    Good Luck Jordan… climb that moutain for all of us around the world that dream of doing the same thing at at 13 yrs old…YOU ROCK!!

  • Hello Jordan!
    Wishing you tons of luck and a surprise when you get home. You probably know that I make our yearbook at Big Bear Middle School-and I have a surprise inside of it for you!

    We are all pulling for you, YOU CAN DO IT!

    All MY BEST,
    Mrs. Seaman and all from BBMS

  • Jason & Bridgette Kennedy

    You can do it Jordan! We will be following your adventure.

    Jason & Bridgette Kennedy

  • Bridgette Kennedy

    Best of luck to all of you. We know you will be patient, persistant, and safe in your adventure. Yucaipa Elementary School is with you every step of the way. Make it to the top!

    Coach Kennedy and YES KIDS!

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