Live on Everest

My Healer

Dr Calvin Pramann has treated me my entire life.

He puts me back together when I’m racked up.

A chiropractor and applied kinesiologist, Dr Pramann is the best.

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3 comments to My Healer

  • Reed Leong

    Hey, It’s Reed and I wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person, great friend, and a good idol. I will try and go on your website every day and tell you what an awesome person you are. Good luck on your climb, I hope you conquer your goal of climbing the 7 summits.

    Your friend
    Reed Leong

  • Katherine Blanc

    SO TRUE! Doc Pramann is a Master Healer — he even cares for animals, especially older pets, who might otherwise be “put to sleep”. He’s at VCA in Big Bear Lake. Amazing guy!

  • Sandra Mullins

    Hi Jordan, saw you at Toastmasters and decided to follow your page. I also have been fortunate to have Dr.Pramann as my chiropractor and I think he’s the Best! I guess today you have already left for Mt.Everest. Best of Luck.

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