Live on Everest


Camp LAX !

Well we made it! Checked in 13 bags between the 4 of us! $650 later we are on our way to security and we are in. Richard even was able to sneak in the full bottle of cologne that Paul “accidently” left in his carry on. Now we found a nice place on the floor to debrief before we board the flight to Hong Kong. Thanks George for the ride, Cat, Ryan, Bass, Tara, Ronny and Ray for sending us off. Anybody see us on ABC news? Next post in Hong Kong. Thanks everybody who has joined our team to get is this far. Now the real work begins and heck who couldn’t do a great job with so much positive energy surrounding us!thanks!!!
Karen Paul Jordan and Richard (our base camp man!)
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Camp LAX ! Mt Everest of Gear-LAX Cold spell in Malibu - Jordan gets Johnny Strange's suit! The Boyz.. Being boys! J resting up for travel. Thanks for the prayers Murphys! Jordan autographing Team Duke Shirt
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2 comments to LAX

  • Sharon Gytri

    The Crezee’s are always there when Big Bear Lake athletes need them!

  • Katherine Blanc

    These shots are PERFECT for your book!!

    Loved your segment on ABC News — LA Monday night. Jordan, you’re such a natural on camera (you too, P & K)

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