Live on Everest

It’s time to mobilize

5 Day drive to everest base camp begins today.

Stay tuned.

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18 comments to It’s time to mobilize

  • Oren and Helen

    Jordan and Team- so stoked for you guys, we’ll be following your adventure. Hawaiian proverbs for the journey- “Kulia i ka nu’u” – strive for the highest. “He ‘io ‘au. ‘A’ohe lala kau’ole” -I am a hawk. There is no branch on which I cannot perch.

  • Magdalena

    Good luck. Stay safe.

  • We are inspired by your story, Jordan and thought of your bravery this morning in our church, as we looked at Psalm 121, a climbing song for people who also think climbing mountains is a good metaphor for journeying in dependence on God.

  • Faiz

    Five days of driving! That’s tough on you super athletes. Glad you got yor visas. Good luck.

  • Martin Mayr


    i am from South Tyrol (Italy) and heared from Jordans story.
    Whish him all the best and hope he have success.

    Lha ghyay lo.


  • Gillian Brown (UK)

    As someone who failed miserably to even trek to base camp in 2007 |(I fell & sprained ankle & knees)I would like to offer you all, but especially Jordan, my best wishes for an exciting but SAFE trip/climb. Wonderful that a 13 year old should have such determination. GOOD LUCK.

  • Sandra

    Hey Jordan,
    I’m impressed by your story! Take care of yourself. Greetings from Germany.

  • Matt

    Good luck Frodo! The fate of Middle earth depends on you,


  • Olli

    Alles Gute or Good luck all the way from Germany!

  • weezie

    WOW !!! what an amazing young fella … how do i get one of your t-shirts ??? take care, and have a GREAT climb !!!

  • German Guy

    Good luck, mate!

  • Ben

    I’m rooting for you, Jordan! You’ve got a lot of guts! When things get rough, say Hi to your guardian angel and you’ll get through it!

  • Chris, Blair, Abbie and Britton

    Karen, Paul and Jordan, love you guys and be safe out there!!! Following you and praying for you along the way.

  • Jon

    Jordan, you are an insperation to every young person on earth. You have done more in 13 years than most people do in a lifetime because you have the courage and a special “drive” deep down inside. The best of luck on the climb, you will surely make it I know. When you get back you should share your thrill with other kids at schools across the country as you are a very special person! You will continue to set records on your journey through life and to push the limit. You never know where the edge is if you don’t get close to it, right!

  • Shelley

    Jordan, you rock!! Can’t wait to follow your adventure along with you! Good luck and have a blast!!

  • Carola

    Hi Jordan.
    I’m also impressed of your story and i wish you luck ,good weather,and take care of yourself and your parents.
    I wish success….
    With love and light
    Carola from Germany

  • Josey

    Jordan I am praying for you every day that your trip is sucessful and that you reach the summit.

  • Josey

    successful sorry forgot a c… I just finished reading about George Mallory and then heard a news report about you and now I am excited to share in your adventure…

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