Live on Everest

Day 1 - Work

Day 1 of work, there's lots to be done. Day 1 of work, there's lots to be done. Day 1 of work, there's lots to be done.
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8 comments to Day 1 – Work

  • Adam Salinger

    Hey Jordan!!!
    I’m a 4th grade teacher in Rocklin, CA and I just read the kids’ Everest Trilogy to my class. They loved it. I’m a long distance hiker not a climber but I love bringing my gear in for them to look at and learn about.
    Good luck on your adventure and know that you ahve a class of 32 nine and ten year olds up in N. CA….hanging out with you!!!

  • What type and brand of oxygen cylinders are you going to use? Just curious. I was in that industry for over twenty years and designed and built many cylinders.

  • Mom

    Thanks for the call this morning buddy! I can hear the excitement in your voice and it makes a mom happy! The pictures are great, you are in good hands J. There is so much love coming your way….can you feel it all?

  • The Martindales

    Jordan, we are so proud of you. Good luck on your adventure, we know that you will do it. Look forward to seeing you when you get back. Be safe.

  • Peter

    Wow i’m getting ready to do mt Whitney and mt Kilimanjaro and I’m apprehensive. Cant imagine you. Best of luck.

  • Peter

    Forgot to mention George Lopez was talking about you on lopez tonight

  • Leah

    I was in Nepal trekking recently and Basu told us about you. I have been dreaming about Everest for a long time and really admire you for your courage.

    Best of luck!

  • jake

    i have a question
    how do u pay for all ur adventures bc i realy want to hike and camp and climb all the mountains u did but i cant afford it

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