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Network Innovations Jumps on Board

Network Innovations of Calgary, Canada has joined Team Jordan Romero to provide the best possible communications from Mt. Everest.  Network Innovations will ensure that we can provide current blog posts, video feeds and satellite communications from every camp at Mt. Everest.  That’s good news for everyone reading this post as Network Innovations is providing our team with the most technologically advanced and reliable satellite communications tools in the World.  We won’t have the biggest expedition team and we won’t have the most stylish base camp on the mountain.  You won’t find any flat screen tv’s, cushy sofa’s or dvd players at our camp, but we are certain to have some of the BEST communication devices on the entire mountain to make sure that all of you can follow the climb and know that our team is safe.  All thanks to Network Innovations.

Network Innovations is also helping to make sure that the video and blog feeds get into our local schools.  They want to make sure that the kids can follow Jordan’s progress and be a part of this historic expedition.  Watch for more details on Network Innovations.  We are grateful for their support.

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