Live on Everest

Check out the new EVEREST SUMMIT CLUB deal

It’s this cool new way to sponsor our expedition to Everest.

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8 comments to Check out the new EVEREST SUMMIT CLUB deal

  • Let me know if Jordan needs comp. send off massage!

  • Hi ….I don’t know how we can sponsor your expedition to the Everest…I just would like to give you information about a undershirt clothing that is embedded with negative ions. What it does is that it helps to keep your body warm in cold weather. It was used by the Japanese explorers in the Himalayan mountains and in the Polar Arctic Circle. For more details talk to Hilda Magallanes at 909 917-9953 who is right there in California at the City of Industry. Possibly we can help you with these clothings if you see any use in your Everest trip. I thought I share it with you. Tony Breta 708 638-3580

  • Lisa

    Hey Jordan, We are so excited for you. We hope conditions remain good. You are so brave! We love all the photos you are taking. Most of us will never be able to see these sights for with our own eyes. I love to rock climb. You never know. Maybe I’ll be next!! Good Luck! Lucia (11 yrs old)

  • hi i hope u get there and back safley. u r really brave i dont no if i would have the guts 2 do that good luck

  • Hannah

    Hi Jordan I just want to let you know that you and your family is in our prayers and that you are having a great time climbing and that you and your family will get back safely and I also hope you are seeing many things in your adventure and just remember you and your family are in our prayers. GOOD LUCK

  • Abby

    Hi Jordan I wish you luck i wanted to let you know that the Jersey Shore Middle School is wishing you luck to. Have fun climbing. I climb to but not really big mountains i climb the mountain near me its probably nothing like the ones you climbed. Have fun and just wanted you to know that jsms is counting on you. GOOD LUCK

  • Tiffani Burkhart

    Hey Jordan you are doing a great job Jersey Shore Middle School is wishing you luck and we are watching you in Social Studies and we are behind you. Keep up the good work and to let you know jsms is counting on you. Best of luck.

  • eliza bletz

    hey we all wish ya luck i say the same thing tiffani said

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