Live on Everest

April 5 departure for Kathmandu

Backcountry in Cali

Backcountry in Cali

Here we go. Just under two weeks. Everything’s on track.

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5 comments to April 5 departure for Kathmandu

  • JORDAN–face your upcoming challenge with courage and confidence. My prayers go with you, and I wish you success!

  • Gretchen Rambadt

    Way to go Jordan! You are a great inspiration and I believe that you can do it. What you are doing will have a great impact on the history of the youth of today and the generation of tomorrow! Keep it up and way to go!

  • Tobey MacQuoid

    Hey Jordan, Paul and Karen. You guys must be really pumped today. Happy Easter, and we will be following you with all our hearts on this adventure!

  • sheena

    Hey Jordan way to go want made you want to climb and want to sumit the mountain i hope you make it.

  • ceaira

    hey jordan,you are inspirational to others andi hope that you make it and hve fun.

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