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I did it! Snow Shoe the Bear...the EPIC YEAR!

Snowshoe The Bear overall was great. I knew I was going to do better than last year when the race for me did not go so well because of blisters, lack of energy, and training. This year changed a lot! I was prepared with lighter clothes and shoes and I felt strong. I wasn’t expecting rain and slush though. I was a little worried but the rain didn’t hold me back. I was ready.
I woke up at 7:30 am and got ready. Then I walked to the start line in slush which made my feet soaking already. I arrived warmed my feet up the started the race at 10 am sharp. The start line was slushy with a snow island so that’s where everyone went so we were all crammed. About 50m after the start line was a giant slush puddle were my got soaked. They stayed like that the whole race. Oh Boy!
I sprinted till the trail then I ran and walked the whole course. I used many people as targets and to pace with. I kept a positive attitude and stayed confident. Then the last mile of the race, I ran till the finish line in slushy snow. I enjoyed my favorite meal PASTA !!!! I celebrated coming in 15th overall and 3rd in the junior division. Great race and had a great time.
It was a 12km race, and i finished in 2:02 min, it has 1200′ elevation gain!!!

2010 Snow Shoe the Bear

2010 Snow Shoe the Bear

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