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Jordan Successfully Reaches the Summit of Carstensz Pyramid

This is to all the person who’s waiting for the story from Indonesia, all the families, friends, lovers. This is the update about this smart kid Jordan Romero and his team Karen and Paul Romero. My name is Patrick, I am a person from Adventure Indonesia who arrange their accommodation in Nabire, last post before base camp.

‘Team America’ is the words we say in Indonesia for this three person. Amazing people Paul with his medical skill and specialty in High Altitude sickness, Karen a girl friend of Paul, very trained lady in outdoor world,an educator an a very nice lady. And off course the last one Jordan, a special 13 years old kid who loves nature, culture an climbing. Very kind and smart kid who just love adventure.

We need to wait so that the Helicopter is ready, but also to wait for the weather is good, but only about two days until the “summit attack” finally started. We had the visit to the beach during our waiting time. This is one thing interesting thing I experienced with them. They had like the whole people at the beaches on Sunday asking to take photograph of them that day, they are really exotic here in Nabire.

This was few of Jordan words before climbing the Carstensz,”Carstensz Pyramid would be by far the most technical mountain I would have ever climbed. It is also a very mentally challenging mountain to. It is not a mountain to make dumb choices on. Always make the right choices and you to can climb any mountain anywhere.” You see, he is a true climber.

And so it is. Today in the 2nd of September 2009, at 15.00 of East Indonesian Time this American Team, Paul Lewis Romero, Karen Dee Lundgren, Jordan Alexander Romero made it to the summit of Carstensz Pyramid.

They successfully Climbed 4,884 M ASL Mt. CARSTENSZ PYRAMID Expedition Highest Peak of Australia – Oceania in Papua Island, Indonesia at 15.00 (GMT +9). Welldone my American buddy! Congratulation to you Paul, Karen and Jordan. I’m waiting for you, in Nabire, ready to bring you to the nearest medical facilities, making sure you’re all OK!

Keep on searching for another summit, and tell the world that there is always a mountain to climb, a great destination to go in life, never waste life for doing nothing”.

Patrick (Andreas Patria Krisna)

36 comments to Jordan Successfully Reaches the Summit of Carstensz Pyramid

  • Joe

    Great Job Team Jordan!!!!

  • Jim and Jayne

    Congratulations Paul, Karen & Jordan!! Have a safe trip home!

    See you soon!!

    Jim, Jayne & Josh

  • bryce low

    dude you made it congratz way cool cool im glad you will have to tell me all about it when you get home dude it will be great you will be done in no time i know it well good job you guy see you all soon

    Bryce low

  • Carroll

    Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations, Team Jordan!

    Thanks so much for letting us know, Patrick.

  • Heather and Ted

    Way to go Team J-man!! We are all very proud of you at home!

  • kathy portie

    way to go!!! bet you have a great story to tell

  • Mr. Amburgey

    Awesome job by an awesome team! Can’t wait to hear the story of this adventure! Safe travels coming home! Mr. A

  • Beto

    =) =) =)

    Congratulations to all the team! Can’t wait to have you back home! Have a safe trip back!


  • Mary Eller

    Kids saw some of your tracking today, we could see you were on the mountain. Hoped for the best, and see you made it. Congratulations!!!! Whoo Hoo, just one more!! Be safe, and I hope you get to do some other traveling and sight seeing on the way home. Can’t wait to see the pics.
    Love, ME

  • The Murphy's

    Way to GO Jordan! We are not surprised and are VERY proud of you man!

    Steph, Mark, Dillon, and Sean

  • PaPaZona Romero

    Team Jordan,
    I am so happy to know that you made it to the summit. Another record under your belt or another notch on your gun or whatever.

    You make this GrandPa so very proud. I can’t wait until you guys come home. I got big huge hugs for the whole team.

    With all my love,
    GrandPa Romero

  • The Hafen Family

    Way to go you guys! Awesome job! We’re really excited for all of you, especially for Jordan for having some absolutely amazing goals and for reaching those goals! Keep that great attitude and focus and, as you know, you can do anything! (Did you feel the earthquake?) Have a safe trip home! The Hafen Family (Loren, Patty, Lindsay and Connor)

  • Tracy Tokunaga

    Woo Hoo!

  • Romeros in Elsinore

    Hey Jordan,
    Wow, Congratulations. You did it. I am just filled with joy over your accomplishment. All I can say is Wow. Great job everyone.
    Love you, and we’ll see you soon.
    Aunt Irene

  • Fred

    Never doubted that you could make it!!! Well done guys! ;)

  • Great job little Romero! Glad everyone made it successfully.

    AL & K

  • Randy

    I am so happy for you guys. What an accomplishment! Can’t wait to hear about it. Safe travels home…

  • Chris Romero

    Wow!! Jordan, you are a wonder kid for sure! All three of you, great job and we’re a very proud family!

    Love you and see you soon!
    Aunt Chris xxoo

  • Andy Leonard

    Great Job Team Jordan!!! Jordan Romero, you are a true inspiration to young and old! Keep up the amazing work.

  • Ian MacInnes

    Great Job !!! Have been following tru the messages sent out by PaPa Romero, I am a nabor down the street in Goodyear.. Great Job !!!

  • Bob

    Congratulations Team Jordan!! I’ve been holding my breath for a couple of days now. Good to hear of your successful summit. Hope to see you soon.

  • mark fulton

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the slide show. There is a buzz around the Challenge with the word out that Jordan is giving his slide show and Karen is doing the event!!!!!

    Safe travels,

    Mark and everyone at JS.

  • Tracy Toku

    Check out my facebook profile for a shout out from your cross country teammates! All 4 teams won the three way race today…boys varsity squeaked by on a tiebreaker…without you and David…so hurry back!

  • diane bradley

    What an inspiration…your mind and physical abilities!

  • Whoooo Hooooooo! Way to go Jordan, Karen and Paul!!!! Look forward to some pics and thoughts when you get settle.

    Safe travels…Kris

  • Jesus and Dalia

    congratulation team Jordan, you are great, besos y abrazos we love you
    bros from Rosarito

    Keep try the best, thanks for your trust – Paul, Karen & Jordan – You are more then great climbers. Warmest greetings from ADVENTURE INDONESIA CARSTENSZ EXPEDITION TEAM – PAPUA OPERATION, Andy Holzer, Andreas Unterkreuter, Sabine Holzer (they really miss and care, contact them when you are home) . Thanks for all, success for your Seven Summits!

    Best Regards,
    Ferdinand Tabaluyan

  • Julie Chamberlin

    Awesome Jordan! We announced your success on morning announcements and used your picture as the screen saver. Way to go, you are an amazing person!

    Mrs. Chamberlin

  • Donnie

    Congrats my friends and glad to hear of the success on bagging Carstensz Pyramid!

    Happy trails and never forget “attitude is everything” :) db

  • way to go Jordon! Carstenz is hard on the patience, we had to wait out weather on our trip as well. Hoping you’ll let me know when you come climb El Capitan. speed be with you. Hans

  • Thanks Hans, it’s great to hear from you.
    Jordan is indeed moving to the rock this year, he’s got good focus and discipline.
    He’s got a lot of energy into downhill biking now, that will hold him over until he can put his skis on. He and his buddies are going silly big these days. I’m trying to keep him from going inverted as long as I can.
    You knee well?

  • Congratulation Jordan. Success for your seven summits
    God Bless

  • johan

    Hi Jordan,
    it’s amazing what you do.
    Follow your dreams… i’m with you from Canada.
    Good Luck with the Everest!!!!!!!

  • Carl, Stockholm

    Congratulations Jordan and Good Luck for future climbings!

  • stephanie

    I would just like to thank Jordan i was in shook when i seen this not because Jordan climed Mt everst, because i belive you can do any thing you put your mind to . But because my 3 year old grandson passed away on 4-19-10 witch was just a few weeks ago and i have been haveing a hard time with it doctors told us that my grand son would never walk he was born at 25 weeks . the doctors where wrong he did walk and his name is JORDON ROMERO so thank you Jordan Romero for Climeing that mt and keeping me fome not beliveing you have helped me sooo much you will never no i thing god gave me a sign with yalls names bing the same keep going im sure ill see your name agin

  • I just read the news you climb that mountain tomorrow morning. Wow, congratulation bro! Can’t believe you’re with me less than a year ago walking down the beach in Nabire and all those girls are so happy taking pictures with you. They are so right! You are remarkable! Keep sharing the insight and inspiration through your life. Like you said,”There’s always a mountain to climb!” It’s an honor being with you, Paul and Karen, even for such a short time in Heli Expedition Mt Carstensz Pyramid. Come back some school holiday someday, remember, trekking route is waiting.

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