Live on Everest

Everest 2010

It’s set.
Jordan to climb the north side 2010.
Tibet here we come.
Fund raising is in full gear. Please get involved.
More on this to be posted soon.

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50 comments to Everest 2010

  • Dad Romero

    I will be with you in spirit every step of the way.
    GranPa Romero

  • Joe

    count me in!!

  • Mary Eller

    Yeah, we are all very excited. Can’t wait for the party.

  • Good luck, Godspeed, and be safe, Jordan. To the summit!

  • Jessica Martinez

    Hey Jordan its me Jessica ur friend from Lucerne Valley we saw eachother at the ride and the rocks. Every since u told me about everest ive been on ur website looking at whats going on. Have fun and be safe

  • Matt Merina

    We are all sending you positive vibrations! Good Luck please keep us all up to date on how your feeling, and whats going on up their.
    Be Safe and Bag That Summit.

  • Jordan,
    Just read your story in Outside. I’m all for ya. Best of luck. I want to see you succeed, and I also want to see you come home. I want to see a slideshow, where you’re safe and sound. Two things, 1.Have Fun and 2. Be Careful. And don’t beat up on your Dad too much.

  • landon

    I ran across your story on Fox News last night. And recognized your dad in the photos and story. I met him back in the 90’s on a ski patrol trip to Val d’sere france. I was at the internet cafe with him in Geneva when he found out he got the wildcard slot for the eco-challenge. I would like to wish you the best of luck and say I know you are in good hands. Be Well, Be Safe and Enjoy the Trip.

  • Sammi

    omgg hi i am sammi and i just did a report on u for skool and i cant wait till you make it to the summit; good luck and dont look down lol

  • Sammi

    also i am from harllee middle school down in bradenton;

  • The Fish Locker Bunch

    Jordan, you and your folks are in our hearts and prayers during this next big challenge for you. We are so honored to know such a kind, wonderful young man with such drive and determination. You give me hope for the future of America to know such a fine young man. Be safe, have fun!

  • Austvi

    Got the strongest feeling your not only gonna do this, but your going to do this well. Via con Dios.

  • Shakkalocca

    Each step you take, remember that you have countless of strangers who you have inspired (like myself). Your maturity is what sticks out the most in your comment that you will turnaround if things get dicey and this is potentially the first of many attempts. Please remember that even if you are on your last pitch to the summit and things look squirrely because a talent of yours is one that I will follow for your lifetime. I’m not even a recreational mountaineer, not even close. Looking forward to following this historic attempt. Break a leg.

  • Victoria Henard

    Jordan you are a brave young man and I will be following your climb. I am also fasinated with Mt. Everest and the history of the men and women who had made it to the top and those who try again to reach the summit. God’s speed young man and I am praying for you to be the youngest person to summit and make it home safely.

  • Eileen Lee

    Wow! Go for it, Jordan!

  • Rachel

    Good Luck!!

  • Nekisa

    I am always telling my students to go outside and enjoy the world around you; thank you for being an inspiration to me and my students. Good Luck!

  • Kieran


  • Zeynep

    in the school.. you´re our them now.. i don´t speak english perfekt.. i come from germany.. i´m very excited about your record.. it´s very interested .. ;)
    good luck with your everest adventure.. ;)

    by Zeynep

  • Rene Romero

    Left So Cal and living in Brazil now but heard the good news from the states that you are on your way. I can only tell you from my experience listen to your Sherpa/leader, respect the mountain, and don’t kid yourself it’s not the climb but the altitude that you need to keep under control. But you know that already so come home with your digits… OK.

    The best of Luck
    Rene Romero

  • karen

    hi Jordan,
    best of luck for all of you… I love reading the news here posted and look at the pictures daily…
    it’s so interesting and exciting …
    I hope you do fine up there and take no risk…
    I have a 13 year old son and read the book PEAK, so it gave me an idea of how difficult it is to get to the summit.

    Greetings from Germany.
    Be careful.

  • HI Jordan,
    do best thing OK?

  • matt b


  • delaney

    what will be the next camp that you get to?

  • delaney

    you are my heroe jordan!

  • delaney

    i hope you are very safe up there! Be careful!

  • Patrick Follett

    I have been frantically following the info regarding the avalanace on the North Col and I do not know where to go to actually contact you guys. Here is what I am reading in a nutshell:
    -you guys are Ok and hit the 23,000′ mark!!!!
    -either a Danish or Hungarian has lost their life, and two more are missing….
    -are you spending most of your time climbing on snow or snow/rock or rock? Reading it is a bad snow year up there.
    -Your “” project is incredible – but going up and then back down seems to be a little bit overwhelming for this site to handle -
    -some bad humor – my dog has bad gas right now and I have to put him outside but nothing like the lifestyle you guys are dealing with!!!!
    -we are following you like we follow the Tour de France!!!
    -by the way, Tina is having her 50th B-day on May 23 – will you guys be home in time to join the party???
    -Come home safely…….
    Pat, Tina, & Eric (Boogie too, he is the stinky dog)

  • Randy Conrad

    Hey Jordan…I see where things are going as planned!! Just to let you know that the whole world is pulling for you and cheering you on. I have to say since you started your descent to the top…it sure has gotten colder here in Kansas for some reason…But then how far is Everest from the Land of Oz. Anyway, it started to snow this past weekend….so I guess I can feel with you and the team. Hope your dad is doing alright and keeping up with you. Anyway, wanted to stop and tell you that your an awesome dude for doing something like this. Takes alot of guts. Anyway, good luck in the days ahead…How bout that satellite imagery. That is totally awesome…I can see your socks from Kansas!! hehe. Good Luck!!!! Randy

  • Jordan ,our prayers are with you ,I only hope to witness Everest from base camp some day .you are awe inspiring ….Go Team Jordan!!

  • Kelly McManus

    Hey Jordan, hope everything is going GREAT up there right now. You are the most inspiring 13 year old kid I have ever seen in my life. Im 20 now and I cant even imagine climbing something like everest back when I was 13 let alone now that im 20! But i’ve been pretty lazy lately but after reading all of this and watching your video from camp, im gonna get out a lot more starting today and start climbing and hiking. But anyways cant wait to hear when you get back and your a hell of a kid! Good luck from Montana!!!

  • Cara

    hey jordan !! i heard about everything u have been done, and its so cool that u will r climbing mt.everst :) well i wish u the best of luck . byee !

  • cara

    have been doing * ^

  • Trey Martin

    Looks like you’ve been to N.Col #1. Go slow and steady bro. The Southern Alpine Club is pulling for you.
    Stay on the sharp end!

  • goodluck dude i did an xtra credit on your expidition any way good luck

  • Katherine

    Good Luck climbing Mount Everest. I have always wanted to climb Mount Everest but I don’t got the heart to presure it.Also I don’t climb. Follow your dreams!

  • Hello Jordan! I’m praying for your teams successful summit of Everest. I climbed Kilimanjaro in November 2008 and our lead guide was Samuel Kusamba. Samuel told us about a remarkable young man named Jordan Romero who summuted Kili (in 3 days), at 10 years old! I’m now 55, and am happy that you have your whole life ahead of you to realize all your dreams and aspirations! Your dad must be a pretty incredible man himself! I’m in Denver corresponding with Samuel in Tanzania about your progress. Good luck and God speed…..

  • Guy

    Yooooooooooooooooooo sup jordan u r soo brave bro you gotta be careful up there u can run out of air(gasp). Be safe dude from


  • Laurie

    Jordan…hope all is going well. You are such an inspiration to all. Keep livin’ the dream.

  • Tobey MacQuoid

    Good job you guys! We love you, stay safe on the descent!!! OMG!!!!

  • Ania

    Well, you DID IT!!!!! Whoohoo!!! Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration!

  • Laly Vecchini

    Jordan. Good luck in your Everest mission. Congratulations! Jordan.

  • riselita

    HURRAY to JORDAN… from the Philippines our CONGRATULATIONS!

  • keysha aliya

    a billion congratulation for wasn’t easy until u make it..
    u are the champion..champion for the teenagers and da world!!

  • Robin

    The world is blessed with a young inspiring leader that is alL ready inspiring youth and adults all over the world! Thank you Jordan!

  • Grant

    You absolutely inspire me. Im about your age and ive been trying to get into mountain climbing for the past year or so. I havent done anything big yet, but seeing you conquer all these ridiculous feats: everest at age 13, mckinley at age 11 and kilimonjaro at age 9 and everything else has really given me the belief that maybe someday i can do it too. I wish you the best of luck in climbing vinson. have fun, achieve your goal, stay safe, and make it home so you can celebrate your accomplishment

  • Maggie Wieczorek

    my name is maggie i live in canada, ottawa.
    im 15, and i think what your doing is great !
    oh, and congrats !
    i hope you do many more things that inspire many more people.
    good luck jordan.

  • Batleb

    hey, my school is doing a project on you and how you climbed the 7 peaks. I am currently stuck on a question which asks what mountains were the ones you most enjoyed and which ones you found the most difficult. Please help me tyty :D

  • cat

    You are my hero!!! I’ve been obsessed with this kind of stuff since last year cause i read PEAK! You are soo cool! I would like to know more about the climb and im kinda sucky at computers.

    Nothern California

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