iPadio Message from the Team at Camp 2


  1. tink bell says:

    p, so good to hear your voice! congrats you guys!!!

  2. Nielsen Family of Big Bear says:

    Jordan and Team, we are so proud of you!! Congratulations of your great success. Can’t want to hear more of the climbing adventure from you!! Safe Decend…

  3. Nanette Knight says:

    Way to go Jordan. You come from kind and loving people with lots of brains to help out.I knew your grandmother. She used to come to Millener Park in Fawnskin with your mom and uncles when I was the park director. She was an awesome person and I am sure her spirit followed you on this incredible journey.
    Congrats young man,
    Sis Knight

  4. Ruth Sinko says:

    Thank you so much for the update…sitting here just waiting for some news….prayers and warm thoughts go out to you all for a safe descent from here in ct…..can’t wait for the next update!!!

  5. May/22/2003 Yuichiro Miura becomes the oldest person to summit Mt. Everest

    May/22/2010 Jordan Romero becimes the youngest person to summit Mt. Everest

  6. Nielsen Family of Big Bear says:

    opps “Descent”

  7. O my my my……….. I’m still so excited! I want to see and hear every last detail. So happy for your all you guys

  8. Keith greener says:

    Well done to team jordan. Glad to hear they are back down to camp 2 safely. A monumental task for the team. You must all be so proud

  9. So proud of you! What an inspiration!

  10. Jon Wagner says:

    Jordan is the most lucky guy on the planet to have the opportunity to do what he does, climb the big mountains! And to do it with style and flair, ‘course what else would ya expect! Exiting, unbelievable feat Jordan, Paul, & Karen!

  11. Words cannot describe; excited to hear and read more about this amazing feat! Great job Jordan and team!

    God Bless

  12. Rita Stevenson says:

    Did you get to leave the things that your friend asked you to leave up on the mountain???

  13. Julie (Deej) says:

    This is the best message yet. The pride there in your voice is almost palpable :) Awesome, best news ever and can’t wait to hear the full story. Take care and rest well team.
    Blessed be!!

  14. Can’t wait to hug you guys!

  15. Michael Rooney says:

    Congradulations Jordan. You are an inspiration to all young men your age. I stand behind you in your future journeys. Nice job!!

  16. Scott Gordon says:

    Hey Paul, You sound a little worn out. Not a very relaxing vacation:) Congratulation!!! What an amazing feat. I can’t wait to here all about it. Take care. Scott G MA California

  17. Patty Hafen says:

    Just can’t wait to hear the stories. Sounds like you guys had luck and skill on your side. Thanking God for that – have a well-deserved rest! XOXO

  18. the last steps are the toughest and the most remembered because it will make you a hero. You can do it. We are all with you.

    I am, Ahmad AL-Tamimi, and on behlaf of my web development company (3mushrooms Corp) and Canada, we all support you Jordan.

    Best wishes and luck to you

  19. Congratulations on this monumental achievement, Jordan.

    So glad to hear everyone is safe!

  20. Yup, I’m crying…. so happy for you all.

  21. Sarah Norman says:

    hey guys i think you did a fantastic job and i can’t believe it till i saw it and great job Jordan, that is an inspiration for younger kids to go for there goals and i hope you do another fantastic job in Antarctica.Fantastic Job and i hope to hear from you all soon you can find me on facebook with ChaoticKat21@yahoo.com or email me i would love to hear all about the mounts that you have climbed

  22. Kevin in Texas says:

    Congratulations! I was glued to the GPS signal. It was amazing! Can’t wait to hear the story!!

  23. Cassie Symon says:

    Jordan, How beautiful to achieve your dream and many thank yous for sharing your journey with us on your blog! I thank Jesus for your safe return.
    Cassie Symon

  24. I have no words to express my excitement for you all! Congratulations and have a safe and fun trip down and home!!!

  25. Jordan,
    Great Job and congratulations. Thanks you for being a dreamer. Thanks to your parents and stepmom for supporting your dreams. We are proud of you.
    Have fun.
    The Bone Family (VA)

  26. Nathan Davis says:

    Thanks for the update; glad you are all safe! Look forward to hearing from Jordan back at ABC!!

  27. Becky Early says:

    Super awesome! AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to hear/read the stories and see the pictures. Stay safe P, K, J and sherpas!!! :)

  28. Elizabeth Lowe says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoo-Hoo !!!!!
    Get back down safely. Love and Best wishes !!
    Liz Lowe

  29. Clayton Conservani/TV Globo says:

    Cogratulations Jordan, Paul and all the team.
    I’m very proud of you all. I deserve all the best for the strong Jordan and everybody.
    Go back safe to the base camp.
    Let him sleep as an angel. He looks like an angel.
    The American Angel in the highest point in the world.
    Big huge,

    Clayton Conservani
    jornalist/TV Globo/Brasil

  30. Jacqui Bonnifield says:

    GO TEAM JORDAN !! You and your family are soooooo inspiring. …….what an example for all. Take good care on the way down and don’t get too cocky !!

  31. Wow! Congratulations from Puerto Rico!

  32. Mr. Amburgey says:

    I am so proud of you! You are a truly amazing young man that I admire for your goal setting and hard work. Way to go, Jordan!


  34. jose galvao from Brasil. says:

    Good locke.Que os deuses do Himalaia te protejam.

  35. Craig and Wendy Lechleiter says:

    We are so happy for you all and that you are safe and working your way down the mountain. We are long time friends of Chuck and Sue Robinson in Big Bear. We met Jordan years ago in at Leigh Anne’s house. Jordan couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. Leigh Anne gave our son Travis snow board lessons while we were there. Travis met Neil that night and needless to say Travis was blown away. It is so incredible to think that playing with little Jordan that night that he was going to become a world record holder at such a young age. We are so proud of him and you all for giving him this incredible opportunity. We can’t wait to hear and see more about his quest. Craig and Wendy Lechleiter

  36. Jordan man, you are a RockStar!!! So very proud of the whole team! Be safe. Can’t wait to hear all about the summit!

  37. Congratulations Mr.Jordan Romero!

    You’re only 13 years , unbelievable !

    You gave me a happy Japanese Sunday !

    Thanks a lot !!!

  38. congrats from Germany
    it is amazing what you did

  39. Ricky Irizarry says:

    Greetings from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just saw news of your monumental accomplishment. Congratulations and best wishes! We have nothing like the Himalaya’s range here, but visits to the Bavarian Alps and the Argentinean Andes a few years ago enabled me to have a better appreciation of something that I have secretly wished for a long time. Just remember that when you stood at the summit you were also there for those of us that will never do such things. And if you enjoy music, check out a work for symphony orchestra titled “An Alpine Symphony” by german composer Richard Strauss. Perhaps you might want to do it as look upon the summit on your way down. You won’t forget the impression!!!!!

  40. Gary Budoff says:

    Well Done. Been following your adventure and its very inspiring. Many congrats to Jordan but also to the whole team. It was obviously very much a group effort and everyone deserves much kudos. Now just get home safely and go finish out the 7 summits.

  41. You definitely deserve a cold one (in eight years).

  42. crazy crazy. Love it. I can’t wait to take my most adventurous 4 yr old daughter up peaks when she get’s older. I’ve already had her hiking for a couple hours at age 3 in Colorado, so its a step in the right direction. You’re an inspiration bro, can’t wait to see what you do next.

    cheers //

  43. Ricky grageda says:


  44. Congratulations Jordan & Co! I’ve been following the story in the news-what a fantastic accomplishment. I’ll be watching for your summit of Vinson Massif in a few more months, but I guess we can let you recover from this one first. ;)

  45. Jordan, Paul, Karen…Well done. I hope it was all you expected and more. Paul, Karen and the rest of the family, thanks from a world in awe for making Jordans dreams possible. I know it hasn’t been easy but there are millions of people worldwide giving you a hearty thumbs up in support.
    Many kids have dreams but not the wherewithal or support to make them happen. You guys figured out how to make it happen and I know that’s almost as much of an uphill battle as your climb.
    You have a wise and mature young man there. He’s learning valuable lessons he will take with him through life and have already made him a better man. (I don’t think you can call him a boy anymore)
    Jordan…way to go.

    What is the one unexpected thing this has taught you????

    Paddy from Calgary Canada

  46. I’m in awe. Jordan, you, your family and team are truly an inspiration, and deserve nothing but high congratulations for this remarkable achievement. Simply, amazing, and thank you.

  47. CONGRATS on a great accomplishment! My grade at my school has been following your progress since you decided to climb! Thank You for giving us the inspiration to try new things everyday and living your dream!
    Good Luck Jordan!
    Smile,Laugh,and Enjoy!

  48. That’s so cool! I am 13 years old myself, and it just shows me how much young people like us can do. :)

  49. Mr. Gnirrep and 9X says:

    Congratulations to everyone on TeamJordan! We are all proud of your inspirational journey and wish you safe steps the rest of the way down… Can’t wait to hear the details of this historic climb!

  50. Way to go! Truly inspirational!


  51. Lance and Julia says:

    Great Job Jordan, Paul and Karen. You have provided weeks of excitement and inspiration to our family. Congrats on this great feat and we wish you a safe return and hope to celebrate with all of you soon! It’s amazing that a little “Red Dot” on a computer screen can bring tears to your eyes.. Well done!
    Lance, julia & Ethan.

  52. That was really great, Jordan and team. keep us posted until the last step down everest. congratulations!!

  53. very happy u go on summit everest
    very good

  54. congratulation jordan, paul & karen, ,we are so happy to hear you be strong and safe back to base camp.himalayan big bear

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