Live on Everest

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 7th phonecast

Enroute to Base Camp-Day 2

We knock on wood as we state this, but things are going very good. The whole team and gear is together, and that is saying alot in this situation.

The drive from Nepal to Tibet….most interesting.

In between the amazing sights, the laughing and heckling is in abundance We have arrived in Nylam, Tibet. 3800m, or just [...]

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 6th phonecast

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 4th phonecast

We have Chinese Visas. Sonam Sherpa is the man choreographing this whole expedition, and he has just pulled off the most crucial move¬† of the trip, the Chinese visas for the team. It’s all green light.

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...and we're OFF.

Cathay Pacific took good care of the team to get to Hong Kong.¬† Train and Taxi gets us to the amazing apartment of Adventure guru Ryan Blair. Then the 5 star whirlwind tour of Hong Kong begins. Jordan’s fellow 13 y/o friend and football/soccer star “Z” take Jordan paling around Hong Kong (a new first [...]

On the plane!


Well we made it! Checked in 13 bags between the 4 of us! $650 later we are on our way to security and we are in. Richard even was able to sneak in the full bottle of cologne that Paul “accidently” left in his carry on. Now we found a nice place on the floor [...]

Almost to the airport.

Left Big Bear this am with George Crezee at the wheel. A few errands on the way. Most importantly picking up a down suit borrowed from our friend Johnny Strange a 17 year old who climbed to the summit of Everest last year (in this suit he is lending Jordan). We had lunch with Johnny’s [...]

ipadio: Karen’s phlog – 2nd phonecast

Jordan and team climb San G- Tent test a raging success

One word:Hilleberg.