Live on Everest

Weather Forecast

The team is at Camp1/North Col.  Although the weather changes quickly, here’s a snapshot of the weather as the team prepares for the summit.

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  • Katherine Blanc

    Wow! The strategy involved… Looks like you’ll be “threading the needle”. VERY BEST of luck to you on that wild ascent. Big Hugs!

  • Mom and Makaela

    ~You’ve got this sweetie! Our hearts are with you every step of the way! Ad Alta~

  • [...] It appears that Jordan Romero and his team have ascended from Advanced Base Camp to Everest’s Camp 1. Their latest post shows weather forecasts, which could give the team an opportunity to make a push to Mount Everest’s summit. Here’s a link: [...]

  • Mark Desrochers

    Forecast looks good PKJ. You got this.

  • Ericka Harrison

    Thinking of you guys all the time! Best of luck! ;-)

  • SMalz's Mom

    God Bless and good luck!

  • Eric Sherwin

    Keepin’ an eye on you guys from midtown Manhattan. Stay focused, stay smart, and best of luck!!!

  • Randy Conrad

    Hey Jordan!!! I hear “PARTY” after this voyage!! Just want you to know that we are still pulling for you and sayin lots and lots of prayers from down here!!! It’s really neat to see someone who has mastered the odds and been able to listen to his heart and to see what God has been able to do for him!!! I like seeing that!!! Anyway, love the suspense and the drama…Kinda of like the old time radio drama shows late at night!!! Anyway, you’re in our prayers day and night!!! By the way..take some marshmallows, graham crackers, and some chocolate to the summit…You deserve it!!! Be strong and Keep the faith!!!! You’re almost there….GO FOR IT!!!!!!

  • Joe

    You’re gonna do it, be safe, have fun!!

  • bob

    you are the best all hops to you have fun and my class is all hoping you make to the tope and bake be safe if you do get to the top good job and if you do not get to the top good job to. when your botey say no go down. all hops

  • Hey Team Jordan! We’re all watching your progress with lots of excitement and admiration for the amazing effort you have put into this quest. Wishing you all the best for the big push to the top!

  • Prayers are with you all the way. All my positve thoughts!!!

  • Bob from Chino Hills

    Only look up. You’re within reach of the summit. Your body will manifest what your mind harbors. Keep positive thoughts !
    Prayers are are with you “guys”.

    Bob from Chino Hills

  • Earring Doug Judson

    Looks like you are about 6-7 hours from the summit , which would put you there 12-1 pm. Great time to be on top of thre world. take lots of pics. Outstanding job done by all. What an adventure Jordon. rock it home! Be safe on the way down guys! Keeping you all in my prayers.

  • jordan, meus parabens pela sua coragem, tao jovem, e ter essa disposisao, vc levou quanto tempo pra subi ao everest?.eu sou carlos, moro aqui no brasil..qual foi seu momento de tensao? vlw.

  • Grace

    Wow! You are so brave! I dident think anyone at your age would have the guts to do that but I gess you proved me wrong!

  • I always like Sunny weather and disliked gloomy rainy weather..,”

  • Grade 3 Dublin

    Well done Jordan, good luck on the way back down! We have been following for the last month!
    Grade 3
    Dublin Ireland

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