Live on Everest

Team Prepares

We are on a 48 hour countdown.  This means leaving Base Camp for the big trek to the foothill, then it’s on.  All in all, it’s a 5-7 day climb.  Team is very ready, weather is about to be in our favor.
We are kicking around a summit attempt of May 21/22.
Please continue to be patient with us.
Jordan- has displayed all the patience and maturity in the world. Body and mind is ready.
Ad Alta
Team Jordan on Everest
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21 comments to Team Prepares

  • WOW!!! Very, Very Happy for you all…SAFETY First always…
    My prayers are with you always!!!

  • Alex Romero

    Thanks for the alert …………….. I am with you all the way to the top.

  • Katherine Blanc

    I’m sending prayers for good weather! Send back pics/info whenever possible.

  • Mom

    You GO Jordan! Love you sweetie!

  • en gros voila je m’en fou mes si tu créve fait moi signe ;)

  • Carol, Pacific Northwest

    Hello Team Jordan! May you abide in the deepest sense of flow through each moment as it presents itself. This is my wish for you, and it seems that you folks live there—especially through the beautiful words I have heard through Jordan. That there is a lifetime to reach the summit, not only this opportunity, and that the climb will reveal what is needed as you go. I am there with you in spirit and focus, though we don’t know each other in the commonly understood way. I have been on my own trek these past months, my own journey through challenging terrain—going through chemotherapy and healing from lymphoma. Following your progress has been an inspiration and a delight. May we all measure “success” by the joy, awe, and love we know in the living of each day. Blessings and appreciation!

  • Julie(Deej)

    Excellent news! We’ll be patient as long as you are :o D

    Take care

  • Beth Fay & Tatiana Jimenez

    good luck in your climb jordan&friends!
    our whole freshman class here in new york is studying everst and its climbers.
    your our team! weve been watching the whole way, and we’re confident in you.
    best of luck!<3
    -Beth and Tat

  • Melissa and Jesse

    Way to go Jordan! We are pulling for you – at least mentally! Your friends, Melissa and Jesse

  • We love you guys and just want to let you know that it’s been a beautiful spring in California. We’re sending “metta” your way, which is good love and good vibes, with peace and blessings. We have some new products for you to test when you get home! Oh, and we just did a round of Open Air Big Bear lip balms with Janet, with a photo of your beautiful home town lake on them.
    Hugs, Kisses and Shoulder Squeezes,
    Caroline and the Elemental Herbs Crew

  • Chris Romero

    Amazing! We are patient with your team because safety is first. We love you all and are watching every move with excitement!

  • I’ve read on other blogs there are some weather windows approaching. Best of luck to Jordan on his ascent.

  • Chris, Blair, Abbie and Britton

    Ad Alta you guys!!!! We love you guys and pray for safety and health. You guys are awesome!!!
    Love you and be safe!!!!

  • Dede

    Hesperia Community Day School (7-12)has been following you all the way so far! Wishing you much success!
    Ad Alta

  • Ericka Harrison

    AWESOME! ;-) Congratulations guys!!! Your patience will pay off! Thinking of you all…and praying for a safe return after the summit! Good luck!!!

  • Woooo Hoooo! Good luck everyone. Go steady and take no chances. ;)

  • Patrick Follett

    Tina, Eric, and myself are are watching and pulling for you guys all the way. We are wearing Our “Jordan Romero” beanies everyday……

  • peter dearman

    all the best wishes from australia.

  • Jon Wagner

    Patience and planning, a combination that can’t be beat! Kinda like my cat stalking the mouse in the wall, waiting for it to come out, and then wham! Success! Jordan, Karen, and Paul and your Sherpas, I wish you the best of luck when you get it on, and everything goes as planned, I know it will. The experience you all have, coupled with determination is going to be the winning combination! STAY SAFE and HAVE FUN! —– And Jordan, you are one lucky dude!

  • Patrick Follett

    What a “rush” to watch you guys complete the climb to the top of the world! We will always hold these moments of Jordan’s, Karen’s, and Paul’s incredible accomplishipment close to our hearts!!! We are now watching for a safe retrieval back to the base camps!
    Eric, Tina & Pat

  • Dr.B. A.Acevedo

    WOW!! Congratulations. You are an inspiration to those of us who have dreams but are physically unable to make them happen. Best wishes in all of your endeavors.

    Dr. A

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