Live on Everest

Team Jordan Summits Mt. Everest

The team just called in and confirmed that they are standing on top of Mt. Everest - the highest peak in the world.  Their dreams have now come true.  Everyone sounded unbelievably happy.  They also thanked everyone who supported them and encouraged them throughout their journey. 

I’m sure we’ll hear more from them soon!

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161 comments to Team Jordan Summits Mt. Everest

  • Jordan – brilliant brilliant stuff. Celebrate when you get back. Be safe on the way down and take care of your old dad on the descent. We are all really inspired by you and couldn’t be more proud to help you.


  • Isolde Deig

    Fantastic!!! Congratulations to the whole team, including Jordan’s parents. Following from the Canary Islands :)

  • Jordan – amazing and inspiring stuff! v proud of you guys for a brilliant feat. Be safe on the way down and take care of your old man! Celebrate when you are back!!


  • paul ablett

    Congratulations from Madagascar…very proud of you guys…

  • Gaby

    Félicitations, Jordan,

    C’est un grand exploit, et je suis heureux que tu y soit parvenus. Je suis sur que tu n’en ai que à tes débuts d’exploit. Un seul conseil, ne dépasse jamais (hors cas de survie) les 80% de tes capacités. Les engagements hors de ces règles de sécurités finissent parfois mal.
    Je n’oublie pas de féliciter tes parents qui ont su te faire confiance et t’accompagner.

    Bien amicalement


  • Morris Wheeler

    Congratulations Jordan. They said you were to young to handle it. You proved them wrong. We are all proud of you. My 13 year old is doing a 50 mile bike ride to raise money for Livestrong. Not quite the same league, but if all kids your age were more focused on health and athletic accomplishments, the world would be a better place.

    Going to make a Livestrong contribution in your name.

  • Cindy Holder

    Congratulations from North Carolina (USA)! What an incredible & inspiring feat! Praying safety for Team Jordan on their descent…

  • Nikki B

    Fantastic news – well done all of you! My daughters aged 5 & 8 have been following your progress from England and think Jordan is even cooler than the Jonas brothers :0)

  • Meg

    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s fabulous! Come down safely!

  • Jenny R

    Wow! Congratulations Jordan and your wonderfully supportive family and friends. What a great feat you have accomplished! You should be so very proud of yourselves. Have a safe trip back down -thoughts and best wishes from Western Australia!

  • Cassy and Rich Benson

    Jordan: Congratulations!!! During the Amgen bike race that finished in Big Bear Friday, we heard the call from your mom saying you had a window of opportunity to summit and were going for it. Lots of nerves, prayers, and excitement for you all last night. Well done!!! We’ll be glad to welcome you back home. Lots of love!

  • Chiku

    congrats..wish u safe journey to base camp

  • Sunshine

    Yay! You made it! I am so glad!!! :) Congradulations :0

  • Congratulations Jordan! Very proud of you….way to go! Hope you come back home safely.

  • (Aunt) Diane

    Jordan, Paul and Karen,
    Congrats for accomplishing this righteous and spectacular feat.
    We are lovingly proud of you Jordan!! We were awakened by family in Arizona today to hear the great news and saw you on HLN.
    Can’t wait to see more pictures and to hear more about the TOP of Mount Everest.
    Have a safe journey back home xo (Gramma) Rose and (aunt) Diane

  • Teri Smith

    Well, well, very well done! Congratulations to all three of you and Leigh Anne, too… great team both on the mountain and at home! Loves and hugs to you all!!! xoxo

  • Bakhos Family

    I was just thinking what a neat coincidence it is that you’re at the top of Mt. Everest during the same weekend that the Jewish people celebrate the giving of the torah to Moses on Mount Sinai. Your accomplishment is deeply inspiring for all of us in Big Bear. We look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return. Godspeed, from the Bakhos family.

  • Yves L

    Congratulation depuis la Suisse. Nous t’avons vu sur la BBC TV.
    Et voici, nous avons recu les nouvelles de Gloria et Steve Romero Howey.

    PSAUME 121 1 Cantique des degrés. Je lève mes yeux vers les montagnes… D’où me viendra le secours?

    2 Le secours me vient de l’Éternel, Qui a fait les cieux et la terre.

    3 Il ne permettra point que ton pied chancelle; Celui qui te garde ne sommeillera point.

    4 Voici, il ne sommeille ni ne dort, Celui qui garde Israël.

    5 L’Éternel est celui qui te garde, L’Éternel est ton ombre à ta main droite.

    6 Pendant le jour le soleil ne te frappera point, Ni la lune pendant la nuit.

    7 L’Éternel te gardera de tout mal, Il gardera ton âme;

    8 L’Éternel gardera ton départ et ton arrivée, Dès maintenant et à jamais.

    Salutations, Yves Ana Yosef Lilia Yisrael et Rachel

  • Vic

    Congrats, Team JR!! What’s next……outerspace? :)

  • Kareen Faber

    WOW!!…WOW!!! I cant wait, all of Big Bear cant wait to see you guys! Safe travels home…WOW!!!!!! : )

  • RachelM

    Absolutely bloody fantastic! Well done everyone and Jordan, you rock dude! So happy for you all and now just get yourselves down safe and sound.

  • Anju


    Congratulations. You made it.
    Congratulations to the whole team.

  • Becky

    Congrats! Safe Travels down can’t wait to hear about it!

  • Earring Doug

    Congratulations from Team Tecnu Extreme/StaphAseptic adventure racing! You rock Jordan. What an increcible feat. Super proud of your accomplishment. Now get your Dad off the mountain safely. Travel safe guys! Whooo Hoooo!

  • Poppi

    Living the DREAM, Jordan!! Congratulations! I bet you’ll sleep for a few days after this trek. I look forward to seeing the posts later. Your’re never too young for an adventure!

  • Dalila

    Fabulous! Congratulations from Algeria. Good luck for the future

  • Sandy Hill

    Congratulations to Jordan and his team on a successful ascent. I admire your vision, conviction, and strength. May you be an inspiration to others: you are never to old or too young to follow your dreams. Sincerely, Sandy Hill

  • What an inspiration! Congratulations from B.C. Canada!!

  • Congratulations from Brazil!!!! My best wishes to you all, really amazing! big hug to Paul and Karen…

  • Congratulations, Jordan!! Have a SAFE return trip to your home and family.

  • Soleil & Family Olsen

    Great Accomplishment! We are all thrilled for you and your team. We will pray for your safe journey home all the way to Big Bear Lake.

  • Jenny RRR

    The d-bag factor on this is off the charts. Unqualified parents again exploiting their children for 15 minutes of fame. This is not an accomplishment; it is a choreographed slap in the face to legitimate climbers and an embarrassment to Everest.

  • Congratulations, Jordan and parents. Our family (11yo, 9yo and parents) has been following your progress for many weeks. We are so very excited for your achievement! Take care trekking down. Best wishes from Wisconsin.

  • ljt

    amazing … get home safe~~~!!!

  • Jordan, I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!! All of us at Amazing Kids! are so proud of you and your amazing accomplishment today! Way to go! Thank you for being such an amazing role model for kids around the world! You are a true Ambassador of Amazing Kids everywhere! :)

    Warmest wishes and big hugs,

    Alyse Rome and the Amazing Kids! Team

  • Lisamariemlt

    from a mom in Ontario Canada of a daughter who was just recently diagnosed at nine with Type 1 Diabetes—your goals and your successes are motivators to many
    My daughter is alot like you–wanting to do and be successful
    May you climb many more moutains and never look down with sadness or upset
    only up to the sky with more dreams and desires

  • Way to go Jordan! I’ve been following your journey since the beginning. Having been in Nepal my self on a humanitarian mission last fall in Nepal, I know what the Country is like and how they feel about Mt. Everest. Congratulations on a job well done. You are an inspiration to my children and many children around the world. Nothing is impossible if you believe! Greetings from Lee’s Summit, MO

  • karen

    It is soooooo amazing,
    have a safe trip back down

  • Jordi

    So inspiring! Don’t stop here! :D

  • What an achievement my man. This is so amazing you made it all the way up and safe down as well. You made many people proud today around the world. Enjoy togehter with your mom and dad this wonderfull trip. I am so happy and specially relieved that you made it safe down.
    Come safe home and take a well deserved rest. Still can’t believe what you just did :) .

    All the best from Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Devlin Rambo

    WOW, congrats to everyone, an amazing accomplishment!

  • poirier

    bravo et felicitations!!! stephane de france.

  • RachelR

    What an amazing feat!
    What an amazing family!
    It will be an inspiration to a whole generation.
    I am sure of it.
    Trekking with you from Morro Bay, California.
    All the best…

  • Alan Clark

    Fantastic job! Hope to see U back @ BB Rotary soon! U R a hero to all of us!!!

  • Stephen Fitzgerald

    Woo Hoo! Congrats to Jordan, Paul, and Karen and the rest of the team. I’ve been following this for the last month and I’m stoked for you all in a huge way.

    I remember years ago when this was being chatted about at Paul and Karen’s house when I visited and I thought “wow, thats crazy”. Then I lost contact, then all of a sudden I saw the article in Outside and recognized Jordan’s name and thought “no way”. Way!
    You guys really pulled it of. Congrats on your successes. Enjoy the afterglow.

    Steve Fitz.

  • Jeff

    Mr. Romero, you exercised your right to pursue your dream. You escaped the bounds of conventional wisdom and achieved greatness. Congratulations!

  • CONGRATULATION for the Everest success. Wish and pray all the best for future plan. Great achievement Jordan, Paul & Karen!
    We are more then happy to be your success part, Best Greetings from Indonesia.
    Adventure Indonesia and Carstensz Expedition Team

  • Joyce

    congrats jordan!!! you are amazing.

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