Live on Everest

Team Jordan Summits Mt. Everest

The team just called in and confirmed that they are standing on top of Mt. Everest - the highest peak in the world.  Their dreams have now come true.  Everyone sounded unbelievably happy.  They also thanked everyone who supported them and encouraged them throughout their journey. 

I’m sure we’ll hear more from them soon!

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161 comments to Team Jordan Summits Mt. Everest

  • Lisa Gytri

    Big thanks to the Sherpas, too.

  • Terry Copley

    OMG !!! You did it…. Amazing….Big Bear is proud of all of you and Jordan is a role mofel for all young adults around the world. So is it faster going down???

  • Aweome job guys, now get down safely and get to BC and celebrate. and take lots of pics for us to see. Congrats to all involved, including Mom back at home!

  • Jana

    Congratulations! Have a safe descent.

  • Melissa Griffiths

    You’re all amazing, incredible and awe inspiring!! Many congratulations for achieving your dream … now make it home safely for the world’s biggest party!!

  • Congrats. Looks like you’re making good time down the mountain. You’re an inspiration.

  • Josey

    Wow your story is an inspiration to all kids that they can do anything even climb to the top of the world if they set their mind to it. Hey your an inspiration to us all. I know you have motivated me to get up and go climb a mountain. Can;t wait for all the details.

  • akibare


    I only started following the GPS recently at work after reading oodles of earlier commentary, saw you passed the first step during my afternoon, thought “oh, they try summiting today?” (after reading the recent report of you reaching Camp 2!) then came back later, already you are on the way down!

    Good luck for the rest of the trip, and looking forward to following your progress to Antarctica now!

  • Rock on J, P n K!Safe returns!

  • Zamoyta Family

    Congratulations, Jordan and team! What an extraordinary accomplishment, not just for a 13-year old, but for anyone! We can feel the whole mountain buzzing with excitement. Prayers for a safe descent. You are an inspiration to so many people!

  • Congratulations to Jordan and to the whole team. I wish if I were there to there on BC to hug you guys…..:)
    Have a safe back down!!!

    Regards from
    Karakoram Pakistan

  • Faramarz

    Amazing! Bravo Jordan, Bravo! Looking forward to the first interview.

    Salutations from Toronto, Canada

  • Phenomenal job! Have a safe return.

  • Diane

    What an amazing feat, not only summiting, but all the climbing and preparation that preceded Everest. Much admiration and best wishes, from a 71 year old woman who still climbs, but NOT like this. Bravo!!

  • whatsso4me

    You are an inspiration, Jordan! I wish you a long and adventurous life!

  • thank you for bringing us all a little closer…
    thank you for inspiring GREATNESS… tt.

    [now get your butt home]

  • Julie (Deej)

    I couldn’t sleep, it’s 6am here and i had to log on to find out. Superb news team, well done to all! Now get back safely.
    Blessed be (off back to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzz)

  • th

    You guys are awesome. Safe walk down.

  • ps. I left 5 dollars at the Summit,
    did you find it ?


  • Tom Caruso

    I’m very proud of you Jordan. Congratulations to everyone involved.

    Tom Caruso

  • Ty Philipson

    Jordan, Paul and Karen,

    Danielle and I cannot even begin to express how proud and excited we are for you guys. Jordan, you had a goal, you researched it, you trained for it and you accomplished it. Anything great in life demands dedication and a bit of risk. Your dedication, determination and effort paid off!!!! Congrats again, we couldn’t be happier for you guys. I expect to see some epic photos when you are back home.

    Dinner and drinks will for sure be on us!!! Just bring some good stories!!!

    Lots of love,

    Ty and Danielle Philipson

  • Miss Mo

    Just got home and read the great news!! I knew you could do it!! So proud of you!!

  • Anne MV

    Totally and completely fantastic!!! Jordan you have rewritten the record books. All of So. California is so proud of you and your whole team right now. Have a very safe trip down.

  • Alex Malone


  • gaurav minhas

    U have done it Jordan….. its an achievement of a life time …. Everest stands testimony to you courage and determination ……Have a safe decent …..Congrats team !!!

  • Tom Romero

    You make a Romero proud. You are awesome!!!

  • Daniel Gradel

    A great congratulation from France, it’s really couragous, congratulations to your parents also, who trusted you !

  • Katrina Hume

    I just read about your achievement on-line. Congratulations! What an amazing young man you are! I am in Australia, and we just had an equally amazing young lady arrive back in Australia after sailing solo and unassisted around the world. She is 16!

    It is fantastic to see teenagers who can be positive role-models to their peers and others.

    Job well done! Dream and believe….

  • barat johny

    Felicitation et encore bravo jordan!
    Quel exploit!

  • incredible, congratulations !! eh I see you are even on Facebook ! =D

  • Alan (Australia)

    I don’t post comments on blogs but this is truly a great achievement. An inspiration to us all, no matter what age, to get on out there! Safe Journey back my friend and what will you do next!?

  • Auré

    You’re awesome, he amazes me
    Big congratulation from france

  • Gustavo Martin

    Come on jordan!
    I’m following you from Spain (Europe). Here in Europe there is an interesting debate about allowing youth people to do this kind of things. I think tat people like you shows how great the human being can be. Congrats to your father also and the sherpas. And there are a lot of people that we love the mountain. But you could be a reference in the western world.

  • Nora and Ian

    J, K and P. Super freakin damm hyper excellent job team!!! We are so proud of you. You guys got your Everest. Stay safe and enjoy the ride. Love and hugs from NZ.

  • Hey. Congratulations, very good work, hope you manage the way down in a nice way, greetings from Jonny Opstad from Norway, Europe

  • Très bel exploit, bravo! A chacun son Everest, dans la vie!…

  • Congratulations, take care coming down. You should be extremely proud of you achievement.

  • Fabulous news to wake up to here in Austin! Jumping for joy for you! Way to go Team Jordan!!!! WOW!

  • Robert

    YEEEAAAAHHHH.Sooo coooool news!! Congratulations to all of you. Make a safe descent and get home safe. congratulations to P and Super K too !
    Over and out for this time :)

    Robert – the Sweeeede

  • Celeste in Houston

    PKJ, Wow, What a journey!
    So quick and no hesitation from Team Jordan… As expected. :)
    Congrats on this huge accomplishment.

  • Niclas(Sweden)

    That’s amazing! congratulations! :D

  • Bernice Pierson

    So happy for you guys! What a great experience for you all. Get home safely.

  • Faiz

    Couldn’t be more happy for you three. Am just overwhelmed and elated. Your blogging kept us all in it with you. Thanks for that. Congratulations and be safe and come take a break…for a few months… then Antarctica… then high school.
    Just amazing….

  • Lori

    Wow!! That’s amazing. I read about Jordan a week or two ago and I’m so happy to hear that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do!! Congrats!

  • Sunshine Pluff - Teacher

    We are all proud of you and your team. My class couldn’t be more excited to see that you made it to the summit. You are an amazing inspiration to all children your age. Have a great decent and a wonderful trip back to your family in California.

    Mrs. Pluff

  • fritzi

    You are amazing? I am so excited hearing the news you made the summit..what does one attempt after this ????

  • It’s just an amazing performance!! So young and so strong. Congratulations

  • Philip

    You did something I’m dreaming about for years!!
    Amazing goal you did!

  • Tim

    한국에서 축하 해요!

  • Stefan

    amazing, amazing very greateful, congratulations to all of you. I admire you, Jordan for your great step and your parants for their courage. Best luck from Germany and walk down safely.

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