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Team Jordan Summits Mt. Everest

The team just called in and confirmed that they are standing on top of Mt. Everest - the highest peak in the world.  Their dreams have now come true.  Everyone sounded unbelievably happy.  They also thanked everyone who supported them and encouraged them throughout their journey. 

I’m sure we’ll hear more from them soon!

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154 comments to Team Jordan Summits Mt. Everest

  • Stan

    CONGRATS JORDAN AND FAMILY FOR ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!! This will be the greatest day of your life! Congratulations!

  • Charles Bell


    Oh, wait…. there isn’t anything excelsior than where you already are :-)

  • Katherine Blanc

    YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (sorry, that’s all I can write at the moment) :)

  • jeff


  • Congratulations Jordan, Mr. Romero, Ms. Lundgren, and to your invaluable Sherpa team.

  • Lisa Browning

    Congrats Jordan and the whole team! Namaste :)

  • WOW!


    Get down safely and enjoy the party when you get to camp!


  • ig

    Congrats! wishing you guys a safe DESCENT! Very happy for the whole family! cheers from Brazil, ig

  • Paula Martel

    Congratulations to Jordan, Karen and Paul from all the volunteers with the Medical Reserve Corps of Southern Nevada and the staff of the Office of Public Health Preparedness at the Southern Nevada Health District in Las Vegas!

  • Aj

    Nice! Jordan sure made it look easy.

  • Nielsen Family of Big Bear

    Way to go Jordan and team!!!!! How wonderful to hear the news!! Congratulations on such an awesome accomplishment. YOU ARE THE MAN JORDAN!!!!!!!

  • Catherine Sorbo

    Wahooooo! Congratulations to ALL of you!

  • eaweisser

    A journey beyond inspirational. Congratulations. Wishing everyone an safe trip down and wonderful celebrations back at camp.

  • cls

    Bravo, to all that is possible.

  • Joe

    Congratulations Jordan, Paul, and Karen!!

  • Jackie

    Amazing! Congratulations to Jordan and his outstanding team! Emjoy the moment and come down safely!

  • J. Weaver

    Conrats, Jordan! What an accomplishment! You’re an inspiration to my kids, ages 5 and 6! Safe descent!

  • LouAnn

    WOW!!!! Congratulations on your accomplishment!!! Enjoy the view!!!!

  • Jon Wagner

    Jordan, congratulations on realizing your dream! I hope one day I can meet you in person! Paul and Karen you can be so proud, you’ve done it as well! Enjoy! Have a safe journey down —- God Bless!

  • congratulations team. your hearts deserve the joy of the bliss fulfillment. peace, treva

  • Michael

    Well done! Inspiring, epic journey!

  • wow jordan congrats. thats soooo sick

  • Sharon Gytri

    Back here in BBL, we are bursting with pride!!!

  • Lilia

    Congratulations! Jordan, wow – what a fantastic accomplishment.

    Safe descent!

  • Alan

    Be safe on the way down!

  • Ruth Sinko

    OMG I can’t believe it…I am SOOOO EXCITED for you all…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!praying for a safe descent…thank you soooo much for sharing your journey….can’t wait to read your book when published…

  • Peter Mulholland

    Nice one kiddo!!

  • Bad Bear Sports Wear

    We’ll have to work on some new shirts for you now.Congatulations, travel safe back down.


  • [...] now when I am 13 and I don’t think age matters so much.Best of luck Jordan.Edit:According to the team following Jordan he just made it to the summit!:The team just called in and confirmed that they [...]

  • David Buchanan

    Well done Jordan,

    Congratulations on summitting the mountain woooooooooooh!!
    Be safe coming down and enjoy.

    Thanks Again for the inspiration


  • Congratulations. Thank you for this extraordinary experience. We have traveled to the top of the world through your footsteps. We hope to meet you in Big Bear one day. May your decent be as successful as your ascent.

  • Heather Devito

    Big group of us watching from the Caldwell’s house in BB….were glued to the computer!! Congrats, we are so proud of you, love to you all!! Now have a safe trip down…cannot wait to hear the stories and see the pictures :)

  • Mark


  • Kitty

    Oh, Jordan, congratulations!!! Will you be returning to Everest again anytime soon?

  • Gayle Hiles

    What an amazing accomplishment! Your strength and drive is an inspiration. My prayers are with you and your family for a safe return.

  • Congratulations. Thank you for the extraordinary experience going to the top of the world. We followed every step. May your decent be safe. Hope to meet you in Big Bear one day.

  • Dan and Sarah Emerson

    Way to go guys. Good job Jordan. Careful on the way down. Cant wait to see the pics.


  • Congratulations Team Jordan.
    My class had carefully followed your triumphant ascent. You are an inspiration to kids and adults everywhere. We are all very proud of you.

  • Dario Cabrera

    Truly incredible!!! You’ve earned your place in mountaineering history. You’re a great inspiration in troubled times. Great job Jordan, get down safe!!!

  • Bien Family

    Congratulation Team Jordan.
    We have been tracking all your progress. Your team is amazing. See you next year at Big Bear High School. Be safe.

  • Lisa Gytri

    Jordan, Karen, Paul – Congratulations! Jordan – you are one incredible kid and we’ll expect to see many more great things from you. Way to work your butt off to chase your dream! You are a great example for kids everywhere to get going and work hard to make the things they want in life possible.

    I jumped around and teared up with joy when I heard you guys had summited. Have a safe trip home!

  • Congratulations!!! God be with you on the journey down and back to “home sweet home”!!!

  • Amy Van Cleve

    WAY TO GO, JORDAN!!!!!!!

  • Donnie B

    HUGE CONGRATS my friends!

    Was sending each of you ton’s of prana out kiteboarding with gusts over 40 today on the lake and coming home to hear this sure puts a big smile on my face!

    Be safe coming down and love you guys lots. ~*~

    *Jordan you ROCK! Now get those kangaroo balls back to their adoptive owner! lol

  • Randy Conrad

    WooHoo!!!! How bout that Romero kid!!! Jordan, we are so very proud of you on this major accomplishment in your life. Reaching the 7 summits takes alot of skill and preparation. Plus having alot of faith in your life and wonderful parents. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on this major achievement. Celebrate well on the summit and come back home safely. Congratulations!!!!!

  • mark fulton

    Wow, truly amazing! Great job. Get home safely.

  • andreab93

    You are an inspiration to young men and women everywhere, you proved that when someone sets their mind to something, they can do anything and beat the odds, congradualations on your accomplishments of such an achievement :) .

  • Barbara Razo & RazoRacing Team

    Rejoice and Embrace Jordan! We are over the moon with your accomplishments and you own it! We love you and can’t wait for you to come home. God Speed – the world is yours to conquer one summit at a time.

    Love you Barbara and Razo Family

  • Nathan Davis

    Tremendous news! And I am so happy for you all, especially Jordan. Take extra care on the way back down. Hugs to everybody!!!

  • Scott Towsley

    Never any doubt here in Big Bear,,,get home safe!!

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