Live on Everest

Regrouping at ABC

Update from the team and a few new pictures.
Team has decended off the shoulder of Everest. Regrouping at ABC, will go all the way to base camp in a few days to wait for that BIG window of weather we hear comes in mid may. Photo and much blogging coming soon to J’s site. Jordan report is: a tad tired and in need of sleep before we make the biggest climb in the world, but strong as expected.
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27 comments to Regrouping at ABC

  • Tom

    Hey Guys,

    Great to hear things are going well. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to some more details.



  • Chris, Blair, Abbie and Britton

    You guys are awesome. Love ya and stay strong and safe. You never cease to amaze me Karen.

  • Katherine Blanc

    These shots are just…

  • Niclas(Sweden)

    Good stuff, more pictures with descriptions, really fun to read that stuff, good luck up there we’re rooting for you!

  • Nice work team! Rest up J and take it one step at a time (literally!).

  • JP

    congrats on C2! heard about the 5″ of freshy fresh up there so be careful man, May seems to bring some funny weather on it’s shoulders. behind you man, keep strong.

  • You guys are nailing it. The photos are spectacular! Good Luck!

  • So glad you’ve safely completed this first milestone in your “Journey to the Top,” Jordan, Karen and Paul!

    Jordan, you are an amazing and inspiring role model for other kids. Remember our Amazing Kids! of the Month story about your climb to the top of Kilimanjaro when you were just 10 years old?

    You’ve come a long way (literally and figuratively!) ;)

    Keep up the great work and rest up well. We’re so proud of you! All of us here at Amazing Kids! are rooting for you!


    Alyse Rome and the Amazing Kids! team

  • The C-6 students at Big Bear High School

    Hello Jordan. We are the students from room C-6 at Big Bear High School. Maryon Lee is our teacher here and we wanted to let you know that we think it’s fantastic you are going on such a large adventure. This will definately be an accomplishment that we all wish we could achieve!!! Congratulations on your accomplishments so far and we hope you will be as safe and as cautious as possible. Please be very careful and come back soon!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your time,

    Mrs. Maryon Lee’s Class C-6 at Big Bear High School

  • Mom

    Looking good buddy! Looking pro for sure! But it doesn’t look like Karen likes preparing the food as much as you like eating it! Thanks Karen for keeping my boy fed!

  • Katherine Blanc

    Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s down to camp you go! :)

  • David Buchanan

    You’re not only providing inspiration to your age group. We old guys need a kick in the pants too. Thanks for making us younger. Enjoy the journey.


  • Cat

    J-Man…you are making that mountain look like a “hill”!
    Hope you’re taking care of Richard! (and The King better be behaving himself) :-)

    Super K!!! I miss your cooking down here!(and P’s waffles)
    Base Camp is great (and getting my Martha Stewart makeover)
    :-) Huggies…Cat Woman

  • Jon Wagner

    The new pics are way past AWESOME! So now it’s time to regroup and rest. You guys sure deserve some R&R! What saturation levels were you able to hold at C2? Hope the weather gods open a big window for ya! Stay safe — think of you guys often!

  • Jenny

    Awesome photos! I really like the one with Jordan at his personal record of 24,900 feet : )

  • Tobey MacQuoid

    We are following your every was really cool at the “Kiwanis “Hope of America” awards tonight to hear you on Skyp, talking with your teachers and classmates. What a great experience you are providing for your classmates. I am afraid we were not able to send some of the cheesecake at the event to you, but you can be sure we will have some when you get home!

  • Sleep, Eat, Climb… Stay warm and healthy… Thinking of you each step of your journey. The photos are!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [...] är 13 år och ska upp på 8000 meter! Denna vecka befinner sig en den 13-åriga amerikanen Jordan Romero på Everests nordsida, och om det går som han vill: på toppen. De senaste dagarna har han och [...]

  • Kelly

    Glad to hear everyone is doing good… Good Luck when that Big Window opens up… *hugs*

  • Celeste in Houston

    super exciting; luv the gis tracking!
    can you hear the Yee-Haws!?

  • Eddie

    Good luck with the mountain! Wave hi to me when you get to the top, I’m in Rhode Island!

  • Eddie

    Good luck with the climb, wave hi to me from the summit!

  • angel

    Jordan they asked for prayer for your journey at church Sunday . I had the honor to pray for you. You go with God!!!!!!

  • Belzer Middle School, Indianapolis, IN

    We’re fascinated with your expedition! Our classes will be keeping up with your experience! Best of luck to you!

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  • annabeann

    your really hottttttttt haha

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