Live on Everest

North Col Update

Short update: The team is safely hunkered down at North Col and resting. Acclamation is going well. They’re planning to head back to ABC tomorrow.  More pictures and stories coming.  Stay tuned.

Team Jordan

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9 comments to North Col Update

  • Jenny

    I am glad everyone is safe. I am looking forward to more photos.

  • Russ Barsness

    All of you are an inspiration. Stephanie, Natasha, Nicole and I are wishing all of you well.

  • Katherine B

    What a FABULOUS aerial image!!
    I’m unable to download the ESRI Silverlight software onto my Mac, so this is a great way to visually track your progress. Thanks!

  • Altiero Peto! Keep it up – but Remember your Turnaround Time!

  • PS. I helped the local Scouts take out their newby kids for their first backpack trip ever, and encouraged them with your story. They were totally jazzed by you and never complained on the trip.

  • Mom/grandma judy

    Glad to hear you are up at the next stop. We are all watching and waiting here in Wilton. Very interesting to hear all the stuff you have to do each day. Keep us posted Jordan, Karen and Paul – love to you all.

  • Debbie Leong

    Hi All, Sounds like things are moving on as planned. Thank you for the updates. I look forward to them. Be safe and godspeed.
    Debbie Leong

  • Keep up the great work Gang!! Cheering you on all the way to the top!

  • Emily B.


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