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ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 17th phonecast

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20 comments to ipadio: Team Jordan’s Phlog – 17th phonecast

  • Hi Team Jordan!!!
    Stay strong.
    Eat, Eat, Eat…
    Drink, Drink, Drink water…
    Be patient, we are!!!
    Sending Lots of LOVE your way.

  • Jack & Sue

    Can’t wait for the final attempt. Stay strongand safe. Prayers are with you.

  • Alex Romero

    It was great to hear you Paul. Glad to hear that you guys are keeping fit besides eating a lot to store up energy.

    We love the pictures and love to hear about the other climbers honoring Jordan. What a documentary this is going to make or better yet IMAX !!!!!!!!!
    GrandPa and Grandee Romero send our love and prayers.

    Karen: Can you have J hold out the cross I gave him and take a picture of him and the cross????

  • Julie(Deej)

    For some reason the map isn’t loading for me at all, tried it at home and at work. It gets to 100% loading but then you just get an ‘error on page’ message and the little row of blue dots circling the 100%. Am i the only one having this problem? sulk, i wanna see you hit the top!
    Hugs to all

  • Jennie McCoy

    My first period class said to say Hi and tell you we are excited for you. We are amazed at what you are doing. On a personal note…Russ and I check your progress daily at home. The pictures are amazing. Praying for your success and safety.

  • Lisa

    I love the IMAX idea. I know some great producers if you need one. Love and prayers are with you Jordan and your team. Be patient. You have so much good energy headed your way.

  • Patty Hafen

    Hi Team Jordan – Can you please tell us the distance (in miles) to the summit from where you are at 18,000 feet? Karen told me at the BLT’s fundraiser, but I can’t remember. I think she said it was a mile or two? It would be interesting to know the distance you have to climb 11,000 feet. Thank you, and have fun.

  • Dean Smithlin

    All the best on your summit attempt. Be safe. The view from the top of the Worlds going to be awesome. Go Team Jordan!!

  • Patrick Follett

    We know you have tons on your plate right now, but if you are back in Big Bear Lake by May 23, we are throwing a huge birthday party for Tina for her 50th. I am sure by this time you will have invites from Oprah and the likes, but there will be tons of home cooked food, and tons of your local fans!
    Tina, Eric , & I want to wish you all the luck in the world as you approcah your final approach to the Summit – no matter what elevation you reach, our hearts are with you, and we will be watching like the rest of the world!
    Pat Follett

  • Jon Wagner

    Yes, it’s a waiting game isn’t it! But the weather looks like it might want to cooperate soon —- wow a wind chill of only -17F on Monday morning —- a heat wave! A great recipe — patience, determination, mix well and enjoy the summit! Ad Alta! STAY SAFE – HAVE FUN!

  • We are supporting you every step of the way, Jordan, Karen and Paul and the rest of Team Jordan! Warmest wishes from all of us here at Amazing Kids! Alyse Rome

  • Kevin Amburgey

    North Shore Elementary School’s thoughts and prayers are with you Team Jordan! We are announcing daily your location. Stay strong and know you have our support! We are so proud of you!

    -Mr. Amburgey

  • Sunshine Pluff - Teacher

    My class is anxiously awaiting to see you climb the mountain. We love your site and can’t wait to see you make it to the summit. Good Luck!

  • Alicia

    WE are follow you and team Jordon. Thanks so much for your website and keeping us updated.

  • Hey JPK… stay strong and focused. Go go go.

  • Hi Romero family

    I am back in Kathmandu and thinking about you guys.
    Good luck again – my prayers are with you all the way. You are a wonderful kind awesome family and I am so priviledged to have met you – Go Jordan Go!!

    Love and kisses


  • Kitty

    ahhh. GOOD LUCK JORDAN AND TEAM! Im tracking your position every day. my mom thinks its useless. but i really hope you make it to the summit!

  • Manu

    You guys are the best! Brazil is very proud of you. Stay strong, safe and always having fun. Next pc is the summit. Go team Jordan!!!

  • KIng Rich

    Hey guys, miss me yet. Sonam’s taking good care of me back here in KTM. Tell J I need someone to get in trouble with here.

  • Maron's Class

    It’s coming close to time and we hope you’re ready!!! Our 5th grade class at the Green Vale School in Long Island is reading the book Peak. It is about a boy climbing Mount Everest just like you. We are a big fan of yours and we hope you make it to summit. Good luck. You rock!!!!!!

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