Live on Everest

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 15th phonecast

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16 comments to ipadio: Team Jordan’s Phlog – 15th phonecast

  • Nathan Davis

    Good to hear your voice! Hope the window for the final ascent opens for you soon! Go Jordan and Team!!!!

  • sharon gytri

    Jordan, nice to hear you breathing more normally. A rest out of the snow sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

  • Katherine Blanc

    Enjoy the warmth (and solid sleep)!

  • Lisa

    Checking up on you everyday. You are doing great. What an experience.

  • Oliver Pohl

    Good job guys and gal. Nice to hear that things are going well. Looking forward to more….

  • Jon Wagner

    Jordan, you sound like my kids on my school bus on a Monday morning! A little tired but gathering things up moving forward. Keep plugging away —- we sure enjoying hearing that things are going well! Rest, aclimatise, and enjoy the experience —– STAY SAFE!

  • Randy Conrad

    Hey Jordan…Good to hear your doing alright. Was somewhat concerned this afternoon when I couldnt get the map to work…Thought at first they lost you or one of the sherpas. That was totally awesome what the Chinese people did for you. Says alot about your character!!! Anyway, be sure to rest up my friend and soak everything in. Also, a passage of scripture to take with you when you guys do decide to ascend to the summit. Its truly you all over when I read this…Isaiah 40:31…But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint…..”COOL!!!!: Anyway, just want you to know we are all proud of you…Also, when and if you guys do make it to the top…what will you leave behind???Just curious!!! Anyway, chat with you later my friend…BE Safe and Have Fun!!!!!! Randy

  • Just wanted to let you guys know I’m still following you online every day – When I hear people talking about your adventure in progress I’m proud to tell them I know you! Keep up the awesome state of being!


  • Noreen Moore

    Hi Jordan,
    Our 5th and 6th grade students are reading Peak by Roland Smith, the story of a young man trying to become the youngest person to reach the summit of Everest. We’re following your journey with great interest and anticipation, and look forward to viewing pictures of you standing on the summit of Mount Everest.
    Noreen Moore
    Teacher Librarian
    Hillcrest Elementary School
    Council Rock School District
    Holland, Pennsylvania

  • Wicked man! Sounding tough! keep it high!

  • D Burks Family

    Go Team Jordan!!!!

  • Jordan~
    Initially, I was going to expose my 9th grade honors class to Shakespeare; however, when I learned you were attempting to climb Everest, I changed my plans. Thanks to your courage and strong will, we are currently reading Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer’s personal account of the tragic 1996 Everest expedition. My students have a far greater appreciation for your aspiration after gaining insight from Krakauer’s novel. Jordan, you are an inspiration to indivuals across the world…in every continent you have summitted. My students and I wish you strength of mind, body, and spirit as make your ascent to the roof of the world. AD ALTA!

    Lauren Wiley
    Maple Shade High School
    Maple Shade, NJ

  • Hudson Middle School 7th grade-Celine Ellison Social Studies classes

    Hi Jordan,
    My classes have been studying Everest and we are following your progress here in NC. We hope the weather will clear so you can reach the summit. Good luck and we hope you reach all 7 summits. I have many students that would love to do the same thing you are doing. Your courage and bravery are an inspiration.

  • jessika

    hey i hope u make it to the safe cuz we dont need people getting hurt really bad. bye bye


    you do good

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