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The night before the big climb and what lies ahead

It’s the night before a big climb. We will go up for some 3 days, to again build onto our Camp 1, then Camp 2 (7900meters).   There are 3 ‘high camps’ in all.  It may seem a little confusing on our map as we go back and forth between camps, but hang in there and we will explain it all to you.  These ‘up and down’ trips are completely standard, as we have to train our bodies to be up at these very, very thin air camps.  And, of course….we must carry everything up, sleeping bags, tents, food, gas, you name it.  The route to the summit of Everest takes time and effort. Furthermore, every move between camps requires a rest day.  We try to replenish as many calories as we can and catch up on sleep.  Sleeping up here is a major challenge.

We’ll again return to the warm comfort of 21,000′ ABC, before making another work trip to the upper camps.

Once that is done, we’ll of course return all the way to the beach like weather of 17,000′ base camp where we wait for the right weather window.

Thus far, the team is probably, ahead of what was expected in terms of acclimatization.  Whilst at 21,000, our appetite has not even dipped, sleep has been a tiny challenge, but now we all sleep 9-10 hours minimum.  Resting heart rates are low, saturation high, headaches gone. . . . everything is  just clicking! 

It’s a yo yo game, just hang in there and be patient, and we’ll try to communicate our strategy the best we can, all things considered.

Jordan, Karen, Paul

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28 comments to The night before the big climb and what lies ahead

  • Hi Jordan, Karen & Paul: Thank you for the very thorough and precise update, loved it. Glad the acclimatization is going well and that your oxygen saturation is high… Waiting to hear more. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Godspeed.

  • The Ruvolos

    Jordan, Karen and Paul
    We just got a place down the street last October and were greeted by Jordan running up the street pulling a tire! Little did we know what a huge adventure you were preparing for. We have been following your progress and are absolutely blown away by your ambitions and determination. We wish you all the best and hope that you enjoy your moment on top of the world!
    Tom, Jeanne, Veronica and Nick.

  • Julie (Deej)

    Thats brilliant news. Can’t be easy giving us so many updates but we appreciate the effort you’re going to……….and we’re hanging on every word :o )

    Keep your spirits high.
    Blessed be
    Julie x

  • Philipp (Germany)

    Hi Team Jordan,

    i have got the “mountain fever” since i was 10 years old and i can

    imagine how great this challenge must be and how awesome all the impressions

    are. I wish you best luck for the summit and i am sure you’ll make it.

    Send a peace sign from the top to the world.



  • Faiz

    Other people at 8,000 meters have reported having trouble deciding whether their gloves go on their hands or feet. Meanwhile, you’re explaining climb-high/sleep-low to your fans. You guys are incredible! Go fast, but don’t take chances. We love you all.

  • Gina

    Although I had to google exact location of Everest. And know not a single thing about climbing. Every morning I turn on Fox News, grab my coffee and pull up the Everest Silverlight page to see where you are and check into your blog to read about your progress. I am amazed at your young age Jordon how driven you are. When I can barely get my almost 13yr old up for school in the morning..LOL ( you think im joking ) Keep up kiddo you are doing a great job!…Keep on climbing :)

  • Paulo

    what are your sherpa’s names? How are they going?

  • Dianette

    Great news!

  • Iggy

    Not wrestling match up there? I think J can beat you at that altitude Paul.

  • Katherine Blanc

    Your years of careful preparation are certainly paying off now! And may you remain in this smooth rhythmic “groove” throughout your many ascents and descents. :D

  • Lori Mielke

    Hi Jordan! I am a 7th grade teacher in Michigan, and my Geography classes are tracking your progress everyday. We are studying Asia and watching you climb Everest has really helped my students to learn the map and understand the difficulties of climbing Everest. We wish you the best and we will be watching your progress. Good luck!!

    Lori Mielke (Bemis Jr High, Sterling Heights, Michigan)

  • Mark DesRochers

    That’s excellent news. I’m real glad to hear that you are not having the sleeping and eating issues that the high altitude brings. You’re going to do it!

  • Jack & Sue

    Team Jordan
    Why are things going so well. Years of planning must be paying off. We’re still praying for you and hopefully everything will still fall in place as expected. Stay safe and warm
    Jack & Sue.

  • Acosta Family

    watching every day every move……very exiting and nail bitting! we are thrilled with this experience you have given us!!! Learning so much about Everest and climbing. WOW we Feel like we are there with you ( well almost LOL!) Give our love to the Sherpas taking great care of you!! Trek On! XOXO Andy,Gina,Parker & Hayden

  • Hannah

    Hey Jordan!

    You guys are doing great!

  • good job keep it up. u can do it dude;]

  • Ms. Dusbiber's Class

    Hi Jordan,
    Here in Sacramento watching your progress. We are studying Everest in freshman English class and we are very into your climb. We know the challenges of Acclimitization and we are glad that you are all feeling so well!

    We are sending our best wishes to you and hope you will come to visit our classroom upon your successful return home!

    Ms. D’s class

  • Heyy there Jordan and his family! keep up the good work… and i hope you make the best of it climding that mountian. i think you inspired alot of people out there in the world. i’m glad to hear that you are having fun and, and wonderful time!! keep it up,


  • Kkiehl

    Thanks for all the updates. I am really enjoying following your climb. This is great! I can’t wait to hear how your next big push goes:)

  • Thor Dockweiler

    Dear Jordan,

    We all wish you the best of success during your great trek!

    Kindest regards astronomically,

    Thor Dockweiler
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

  • JimBob

    My wife and I and our best friends had the pleasusue of meeting and sharing breakfeast with you, your dad and Karen at Talkeetna the morning you got got back from summitting Denali.
    You do not know how lucky you are to have this opportunity.
    God’s speed to you all.


  • Mark DesRochers

    I hiked to some pow lines along the continental divide at Loveland. Hiking at 4000m without a pack is hard. Keeps me appreciating what it takes to climb at more than double that. I wanted to let Karen know that I was offered a job yesterday to teach middle school in the Vail Valley. We are really going to miss you but now you have a place to stay when you come out to bag some of the 14 ers. Safe climbing!
    Mark DesRochers

  • steph and mark

    Thanks for the detailed info… Mark and I keep stopping by the site. We shared your adventure with some folks here in Maui while snorkling… Now you have some peeps from Maui watching you!
    Get some good mimi’s tonight!

  • Eloy Boulton

    Hello Jordan, family, sherpas and rest of the team. Following you from Venezuela and sending all the possible energy to you all for the success of your enterprise. Keep well. Hope to see you step on the summit.

  • Sophie (age13) ( Germany.)

    I loye you.
    I have seen you in a Bravo.
    Hmm my english is not very well but you are great,sweet and cool.
    I wish u good luck an many fun.
    I love the mountains.
    Love u…
    CU (Ore not)
    Love Sophie

  • Emily B. (11)

    HEY!!!!!! my class has been looking at your phlog everyday and looking to see where you go!! We all wish you all the luck. We even made a bilboard here and the best one actually gets to be put up on the interstate!!!! We all hope you make it!! we all love you!! ~Emily.

  • angel

    My prayers and those at our church go with you Jordan. I hope you know and give praise to God for all your accomplishments. He has given you an awesome opportunity use it wisely to HIS benefit!!!! Godspeed!

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