Live on Everest

Live map of Team Jordan on Everest

We just wanted to let everyone know that our friends at ESRI have posted this map so you can follow us live on Everest. The map uses our GPS waypoints to show where we are and the pictures tell what we are doing. It also has our daily tracks, distance, elevation and the current weather and few a other things to explore. 

Be sure to check it out!

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42 comments to Live map of Team Jordan on Everest

  • gercart

    thank’s for sharing can’t imagine being there and I know it ain’t easy but is has to be awesome to be able to say I stood on top of the world and mean it lucky kid now be safe and I’m praying for you and your party’s safety and good weather

  • Alex Romero

    Fantastic map posting. We all can almost be there with you.

  • Mary Eller

    What a great piece of technology, thanks for cluing up in on it.

  • Jim and Jayne

    This is awesome! We will keep watching you all the way!! Take care! Jim,Jayne & Josh

  • Cat

    EPIC!!! Thanks ESRI **YOU ROCK** We can now in some small way “share” the experience w/ our fave family!:-)

  • Jules

    Rat a tat tat tat tat pop pop pop pop pop pop……I love you, man!!!!

  • Keeping my eye on you all!!!!! Love you…

  • Julie (Deej)

    Superb, just what we needed! x

  • Paula

    The health district crew will love this next week! Thank you…truly awesome. Watching and supporting you with our thoughts and prayers all the way to the top!

  • Tony

    Jordan, Paul, Karen!

    So proud of you all back here in the Bear! May the spirt of Qomolangma find favor with you speed your way safely to your goal. See ya when ya come back to the land of Starbucks and In-n-Out!

    T. Akins

  • Donnie B

    Awesome work ESRI and safe happy travels my friends! Just back from a hot springs run and canyoneering in Zion sending ya good vibes. ~*~


  • Cheryl

    WOW! Awesome! Rock On Team Jordan!

  • Jon

    What a wonderful site, to be able to follow your progress on the mountain. And it has to be a tough go, but if it were easy, everyone could do it! That makes you special in many ways. There are only 4 real sports in the world, mountaineering, racing, sky diving, and scuba diving —- everything else is just a game! You have choosen the BIG one! The best of luck to the summit and God Bless!

  • Heather & Teddy D

    Cool map… we love it! You guys are making us proud, but you are all missed at the gym!

  • (Aunt) Diane


    Really proud and very excited about your achievements! Saw u on Good morning America. We all send our luv and prayers ( dedicated prayer flags : “WINDHORSE” in honor of u!). I pray for your safe journey and can visualize you on the top already!! WARM thoughts coming ur way. Tibet Man!! the Himalayas! Iam very proud to know you and to have loved you for these past years. God Bless you, Jordan xo U R always in my heart.

  • Makaela & Allison

    hi j i miss you I’m at alley’s house i were your necklace that you gave me every day.One night i couldn’t go to bed because i kepped crying i really miss you.

  • afshin shams

    Jordan, keep it up man! Tracking you the whole way and cheering you the whole way from Ottawa, Canada!! Way to go and yes bring back all of the nuts with you :-)

  • Keep it up kid. I have spent many years teaching young people to do exceptional things in the mountains and rivers, but your team has taken this to new heights (sorry about the pun). Think safety and remember your turnaround time…remember, the mountain will still be there!

  • Katherine Blanc

    Really appreciate the map! It’s a comfort knowing where you are and where you’re going next.

  • Jordan,

    I just finished reading “Facing Up” by Bear Grylls and then I found out about your endeavour. Everest is an intriguing, place. Keeping tabs on you and your teams’ progress and holding thumbs that you stay safe in your summit bid. Godspeed.

  • Ray Yoshida

    Cool map! looks like you all are moving pretty good. May the force be with (just translated into tibetan).

  • Breathe and take it all in! We are all pulling for you…

    Jordan, Talked with your mom and Dee yesterday skiing. Last day of the season….Jim Waide

  • Hi Team,
    We are Heather and Ted’s parents currently on our boat in Key West but following your daily progress…all of our best for a great climb!
    Ade & Jo

  • JTMS Middle School

    Thank you so much for posting this! My 7th Grade classes have been doing a survival unit and they just finished watching some IMAX and Discovery Channel documentaries on Everest climbs. We were so excited to heard that someone their age was actually attempting it (there are some jealous students here…) As a class, we decided to track your trip and this link is really helping us out. Good Luck- you have 80+ people here cheering you on!!!

    J. Hoertel (Jefferson Middle School, New Jersey)

  • davio dod peevers

    Hey kiddo!
    I’m 61 and can only dream about what you are no doubt going to be able to do. I just wish that I had been born in a different age when dreams were still possible. I will take every step along with you. And I’m very happy that your mom and dad have a nice fat bank account to help you make your way. See you on the summit! If only in my dreams…

  • Robin Allen

    Good job Jordon you are doing a great job be real careful as you approach the top it can be shakey. Good luck to you and your team Gob Bless you all. Thanks for sharing your journey.


    Pastor Philip. Delhi, India

  • Susan Glass

    Jordan, have known your Mom and her family for a long time…have a grandson by the same name… prayer flags are hung over my desk at work to send you good luck on your journey…be strong and safe…Susan Glass, Redlands CA

  • Patrick Follett

    I also want to thank ESRI – they do rock.
    Has for Mr. Peevers comment on your “fat bank account” – he doesn’t know you guys very well on how hard you guys have struggled to put this and your other endevors together…..

  • Wendy Cracchiolo

    Amazing accomplishment young man–touch the stars!!

  • Janetta Yanez

    We just hiked the Grand Canyon and I was exhausted! I am thoroughly in awe of your tenacity. My boys hope they can do the same some day.

  • Jack

    Jordan–You are my hero. I’m 61 and dreamed all my life of doing what you are doing. You stay with it, young man. It doesn’t look like I am the only old fart out here wishing you every success in the world. Stay well, stay strong, and stay you.


  • Jordan,
    Sending positive vibes your way from Nor Cal. You have the confidence, knowledge and athleticism to accomplish your goals. I’m rooting for you; you are an inspiration to many. GO GET EM!!! :-)

  • Tim C. Tilney

    Hi TeamRamero,
    I just read your article in “Outside” called, “Into Teen Air.” I’m a skier and explorer. I’ve followed all the expeditions to Everest since the Hillary days.
    I’m amazed at what you’re already accomplished! I’ll be watching your progress every step of the way. I’m not familiar with the North face route. Please keep us posted everyday.
    I am now praying for you all on this fantastic challenge.
    God bless you, Jordan and your teammates.
    I’ve seen Jesus, so I know he is out there. Keep your faith in him. He will help you.
    I wish I could go with you guys. Please send me an e-mail once you’ve reached the summit!
    I’m one of your biggest fans.
    Best wishes,
    Tim C. Tilney

  • Emma

    He is nice cool sweet and wow.
    I hope he have fun.
    I LOVE him. xD

  • julie lee

    team jordan- i have just written an essay in school based on the article “teen begins ascents of mount everest” studies about you. you’re job to inspire obese students has been completed…now all you have to do is reach the top. you have inspired me and my classmates to get outdoors and follow our dreams. thank you for being a good example and i hope you make it to the top and back down safely. please email me when you read this so that i know you have gotten home safely. ;) good luck up there jordan and team.

  • Laura

    Hey I’m from Germany and I see you in the Bravo and I thing You look very nice and I hope you went to germany some times Good look for you and your Team XD

    Deine Laura

  • brian

    hey dude…way to go! i’m 66, and have been climbing 3 days a week, 1500′ a day with a 30-50# pack, and i salute your determination.

    but that’s not why i emailed you. in checking the links, i found some lowlife on that was dissing you, and saying you were a brat and never going to make it. i just emailed him and wrote “So you predicted Jordan Romero would fail but he succeeded – how about giving him his props and an apology? Man up, dude!” just in case you had heard about his bs, i just wanted to let you know that someone stood up for you.

    good luck in antarctica!

  • brian

    hey moderator, i didn’t plan on a post, it just came out naturally, but i didn’t explain something right, so here’s the revised post:

    hey jordan – way to go!

    people told me i was too old to (indoor)climb when i started at age 63, but instead of just climbing up the wall a few times and going home, i wound up climbing 1500′ a day with a pack that progressed from 30-50# as i climbed farther each day. point is that i was told i was too old to climb,and you were told you were too young, but if you let other people limit your life, you’ll never get anywhere, and so i give you your props for your determination.

    but that’s not why i emailed you. in checking the links, i found some lowlife on that was dissing you, and saying you were a brat and never going to make it. i just emailed him and wrote “So you predicted Jordan Romero would fail but he succeeded – how about giving him his props and an apology? Man up, dude!” just in case you had heard about his bs, i just wanted to let you know that someone stood up for you, and now the whole world owes you your props.

    good luck in antarctica!

  • Good words.It’s what I need. Thank you!

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