Live on Everest

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 9th phonecast

Jordan’s update at Chinese Basecamp

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31 comments to ipadio: Team Jordan’s Phlog – 9th phonecast

  • Julie (Deej)

    Awesome. Great to hear you checking in!
    Love and luck to the whole team
    Julie x

  • Joe

    Sounds awesome, so glad everything is going smooth and on schedule. Nice Job Team Jordan!!

  • Katherine Blanc

    Jordan, Paul, Karen, Richard-
    Thanks to your phonecasts and the amazing photos, Jordan’s book is progressing right along with you!

    Have fun. Be SAFE!

  • Sharon Gytri

    So much fun to be living this vicariously with you, Jordan! Amazing!

  • Fred

    Keep up the good work.
    The gods will be with you all the way!

  • Jack & Sue

    Team Romero
    Sounds as though things are going as planned. Looks like you’re having the same nice weather as us here in Big Bear. Stay healthy and content and keep having a great experience. We’ll keep praying for you.

  • Hey Team Jordan! The Packit Gourmet team is following your excellent progress and wishing you all the best as you venture forward on this amazing quest!

  • Barbara Razo & RazoRacing Team

    Jordan & Team! Wow – so great to hear your sweet voice, you sound like you have grown in years already. We are all so pleased everything is going so smoothly, that means our daily prayers for Team Jordan are being well answered. Continue to eat well and stay strong. You are truly blessed and we love that you being showered with extra blessings from the local communities. Can’t wait to hear from you again soon. You are the one and only!

  • Gary G

    Good luck Team Jordan! My Ninth Grade classes in upstate New York will be following your progress throughout the climb! We are all pulling for you! Reach high!

  • Mrs. Judy's English II classes Franklin, OH

    Paul Fleischman wrote, “We never know all the consequences of our acts. They reach into places we can’t see. And into the future, where no one can.” (Whirligig 38) Jordan, you have reached into places that you may never see and we thank you for being a role model of setting goals and having a plan to accomplish those goals. Also, thank you for allowing us to hear about your quest while you are climbing. We are watching history live.

    Keep your spirits high and you can succeed in anything. We are still pulling for you!

    Mrs. Judy’s English II classes
    Franklin, OH

  • Manu

    Go Team Jordan!!!
    It´s awesome to hear news from Mt. Everest base camp! It must be really beautiful and amazing.
    Can´t wait to hear all your stories.
    Congratulations for all you´ve accomplished so far. I´m a really big fan!
    Enjoy and stay safe! Always praying for you.

  • RachelM

    Wow, sounds fantastic! Hoping you continue to get the great weather and everything goes nice and smooth for you all. I’m loving reading the updates and wishing you all the best for the climb.

  • Congratulations Jordan on this important challenge. I am the Editor of a publication in Spanish mountain named, and in english. We have published a note about yourself and we are following your expedition day by day. You can see the note here in English: and in Spanish here:
    Good luck in your Everest!!

  • Jesus, Lestst and Calvin

    Great job! Hope the gods are with you. We’ll be following your progress and wishing you the best from San Diego – Park Dale Lane Elementary School 6th grade.

  • Shyra

    You are such a brave kid! I would never do anything that scary. You must be a very mature 13-year-old unlike myself. Please invite me to your party at the end:)

  • Brianna

    I would never be able to climb Mt. Everest. You’re a brave kid and good luck to all of you! I am also a 13 year old and I could never do something like this! Everything that you have done has sounded outstanding! Can’t imagine it! Thanks for all the postings and pictures!

    Best Wishes, Brianna

  • Alyssa

    Hey! You’re really brave! You are mature for your age and I would never be able to do what you’re doing.
    Okay, Bye Now, Alyssa

  • Marilee

    Dude! You Rock! When you get to the top do an awesome dance for me. Have fun on your trip to the top.

    From Marilee and Mr. Plumbo’s 6th period class.

  • Patty Hafen

    It’s great to hear your audio updates. Sounds like you are all having a good time so far, and I’m sure that will continue. We think about you guys every day! Weather here is beautiful, but it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow (Tues.) and possibly Wednesday. Getting all the bad weather out of the way so that when you come back to Big Bear, you can just enjoy! Stay strong!

  • Bas Pot

    How’s the homework going! I’m expecting you to write your name in Tibetan at the very least.
    Good to hear you sounding healthy and positive.
    Go with confidence in yourself and your ability to make the right calls at the right time.
    Look forward to the day I can leave Callum in your capable hands on the side of a hill while I go off on a hot date with Mary.

  • Jennie McCoy

    Hey Jordan, I saw your mom today and let her know that we are following your blogs and phonecasts in our class. Your peers are impressed at what you are doing. Looking forward to your next message.

  • Ray Yoshida

    Man, it sounds like it’s too luxurious up there. Your supposed to be suffering living off of snow melt and lichen off the rocks. Seriously I hope the good times last, especially the good weather.

  • Kareen

    Sounds like all is well : ) It is so great to be able to keep up with your amazing adventure!!! What amazing times we live in! Thinking about you guys daily…as we all are here in Big Bear. xox

  • Cat

    OMG!!! Jordan’s voice is crackling into Paul’s!!! Sounding like such a big guy now! ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Love to you all! :-)

  • triston walker

    hi i love your cool hat, and your sexy glesses. call me!

  • Max

    Jordan and Family,

    Good luck climbing the mountain. Will be following your progress.
    *giving you a high five*

  • Pete

    Hey Jordan sending you good thoughts saw you on Good Morning American this morning. Looked you up on the web and I am impressed, I am going to show this site to my 13yr old newphew and hope it inspires him to reach for his dreams. Thank you and Good luck to you and your party, you are an inspiration to this 46yr old man. Onward, and upward!!

  • Matt merhing

    Hey Shawty Wanna go to dinner.

  • Tristan Walker

    hey ur lookin good 2day!

  • Paulo Mito

    I hope you are also learning about Tibetan history and culture while you are there! And Nepalese too.

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