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ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 8th phonecast

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  • This is SOOoo Cool guys… So far yet so close! Keep it coming… keep it up! congrats

  • Katherine Blanc

    Base Camp–YEAH!! So proud of you for just getting there. Have a great adventure on that mountain, and be SAFE.

  • Hi Team Jordan!!! Great to hear your voice Karen… No sunburns before climbing Everest. Love hearing the updates. Godspeed…Climb strong…

  • Cat

    ALOHA FRIDAY TO YOU ALL! Great news about being at Base Camp! All is well here, and we’re just missing all of you tons! And please let the Sherpas know how thankful we are for them to be with you guys (and that they’re now also our fiends!) xoxo~C

  • Kareen Faber

    Enjoy the day!! : )

  • aislinn

    ahhhhhhhhhh i absoloutly want to marry you Jordan! I love you so much! your adorable! also i am your age 13!! I want to meet you so so so so bad! You are so athletic just like me that why i like you so much!

  • Gerry

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ve been sharing your information with anyone who will listen. I’ve also mentioned it to several teachers – what an awesome way to teach students about fitness, culture, geology, setting goals, etc. Be safe, be smart – I’m sure you’ve heard that advice over and over but it’s worth repeating. Know that so many around the world are there with you in spirit.

    Oh, I’ve always wanted to go to Everest (not to climb it), so, your trip has inspired us to plan a family trek to the region and hopefully to base camp in 2012. We have to save for it. =)

    Take care, you are all in our prayers!

  • Jeresey Shore Middle School

    My sixth grade students are studying China’s geography. Your climb has really excited them about Mt. Everest. If you don’t mind, we would like to daily email you questions and comments. Thank you!
    Collin – What made you ever interested in climbing mountains? Most of the kids our age, just play sports, ride bike and play video games.
    Kenny – Why Mount Everest?
    Bayli – Are you scared?
    Megan – Has your breathing been affected yet?
    Matt – What is it like to be famous?
    Dustin – What are you going to do afterwards?
    Coleton – Are you smarted than a fifth grader?
    Everyone – Has the recent earthquake affected your climb?

    We wish you the best of luck.
    Mrs. Eberhart’s social studies class

  • Ritenour Family

    What a wonderful way to keep in touch with Big Bear, we all enjoy hearing your updates. God spead! Keep safe!

  • Chris, Blair, Abbie and Britton

    Karen, be strong and safe out there. We are proud of all of all you do and we love you guys. Paul, take care of my sister!!!!!
    Love ,

  • Amazing… wishing all the best. Sounds beautiful. Be safe.

  • Hi Jordan, Karen, Paul!

    We’re all rooting for you here in the States! Glad to hear the weather’s good. Enjoy the sunshine!

    I’ve been tweeting about Jordan on our Twitter page ( and blogging on the Amazing Kids! blog (

    We’ll be watching and listening throughout your trip.

    Hugs to Jordan. We’re proud of him and all of you! :)

    Go Team Jordan!


    Alyse and the rest of the Amazing Kids! Team

  • Anna :-)

    aww. :) that jordan kids so cute! lol, I’m 13 and I think that it’s ahhmazing that 13 year olds are doing this stuff. thats so awesome, good luck! :)

  • congrats succeed to the top of the world man

  • karen

    …good luck,and have a save trip, i am sooo excited about your adventure
    many greetings fromgermany

  • ron

    hello jordan’s team
    i from israel and hope you will get to the top
    good luck

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