Live on Everest

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 6th phonecast

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7 comments to ipadio: Team Jordan’s Phlog – 6th phonecast

  • Alex Romero

    Great to hear your voice. We’ll be waiting to hear your next ipadio broadcast.
    Can we hear Jordan just to make sure he wasn’t left behind at the last stop ?

  • hey you guys! We are with you every step of the way, and we hope that you are loving every moment. Keep yourself hydrated, and of course, your lips, skin muscles protected and healed with Elemental Herbs goodies. We are honored to be a part. It’s the journey up and DOWN!
    love, caroline and team Elemental Herbs

  • Cat

    Such a treat to hear a voice! :-)

  • Josey

    Day 3 praying for God to go ahead of you today and make it an awesome day…

  • Mrs. Judy's 5th period English II class Franklin, OH

    Your climb is perfect timing for our sophomore English class. We just finished reading a selection from “Into Thin Air” and happened to read about your story in the local newspaper. So we are tentatively looking for updates every day. We wish you goodluck and pray for your safe return.

    We were wondering what your next goal in life will be? How will you ever top this magnificent feat? They also would like to know why you do not want to climb the mountain in Antartica?

    Your new friends in Franklin :)

  • Kathy Hughes

    Hey Jorden,
    Off you go and much luck. I will be folloowing you all the way as I am a 64 year old arm chair mountaineer> PEACE, Kathy

  • matt d.

    you are the most mature 13 year old kid I have ever met.


    (ps, tristan loves your hair)

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