Live on Everest

ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 14th phonecast

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21 comments to ipadio: Team Jordan’s Phlog – 14th phonecast

  • Righton P! good to hear you guys, impressed with all the technology envolved this days! thanks for making all of this happen for Team Jordan and us followers as well!
    Keep it up! Positive vibes from Brasil!

  • Jerry

    You’ve got fans from all over the world, Jordan. Not only the USA! Good luck :-)

  • Nathan Davis

    There is only one word for you, Jordan, and that is the overused and pitifully inadequate word: AWESOME!!!! You guys get plenty of rest and be safe. I’ll be thinking of you every day! :)


  • Niclas(Sweden)

    Really nice, although the subtitles arent correct, it’s north col and not north pole.

  • Vicki Hobbs

    Joy 2 all of U !!!!!

  • Trey

    Way to go Jordan. With you every step of the way bro.

  • Carol Glynn

    Hey Karen,
    It’s Auntie Carol.
    Best of luck to you and Team Romero.
    Your dad would be loving this!

  • steph and mark

    Aloha P J and K! We are at one extreme and you are at the polar opposite ! Are thoughts and good mojo are coming your way!

  • Max

    I’m starting to get cold just looking at your photos. *lol*….Tomorrow, in Connecticut, we are expecting it to be around 85 degrees. I’ll be
    looking at your pictures tomorrow to get cooled off! Good Luck Jordon and family

  • Today you all have set records in your highest elevation. Congratulations on that great achievement!!!

    To The Top & Back!!!!

  • cathy

    awesome guys! are you using hilleberg tents???

  • Jon Wagner

    I’m racin’ motocross this weekend in the mud and I thought that was gonna be a challenge. You guys rock! Always glad for the updates on your progress and the pics —- I wish you the best of luck J-P-K! God Bless & Stay SAFE! Have FUN!

  • Julie (Deej)

    My heart skips a beat everytime i see that a new message has been left, it’s all very exciting for us here at home you know! Great as always to hear that you’re well guys and thanks for the updates. Love to Richard too.
    Hugs from the UK

  • Manu

    You guys are the best! Continue to be strong and take your time to summit. It’s awesome, you’re almost there! Wish you all the best of luck. Have fun and be safe!

  • Claude & Renaud

    Hi Jordan, Karen & Paul,
    The best for you. Believe in yourself and keep your eyes on your goals. You’ll achieve all that you think is possible, and more. Thanks for sharing your stories with everyone.
    God bless you all! Have fun and be safe.
    From Canada.

  • Lisa

    Good Luck. Our prayers are with you and your team. We are so proud of you. My 11 year old daughter just had her birthday at a rock climbing gym. She’s so into the sport and supports you all the way!!!

  • Tiffany

    Hey you guys are super amazing im the saem age as you too jordan and
    i would be way toafridd to dosoimething that crazy:)

  • Lauren Wiley

    You are the inspiration behind my decision to expose my 9th graders to an Everest-based novel. We are following you in spirit via the GPS and cannot wait for you to reach your goal. Don’t let anything cloud your judgment; you are already a hero to individuals around the world. Your courage is beyond admirable. AD ALTA!

  • Paige MacDonnell

    Hi Jordan! im in 7th my teahcer has already written you (Lori Mielke) but i just wanted to give you a good luck! your very brave for doing this and this is so mega cool!! =)

    Paige ^_^

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