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ipadio: Team Jordan's Phlog - 10th phonecast

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12 comments to ipadio: Team Jordan’s Phlog – 10th phonecast

  • Tracy Tokunaga

    Yet another legend paragraph for ya Jordan! Your friends at BBMS are following your every step and rooting you on!!

    I think Jordan Romero could become a legend because he is climbing the seven summits at a young age. Jordan is going to climb Mt. Everest soon and that takes a lot of guts! Jordan has courage, faith and persistence. He has courage to go climb all seven summits when he knows he could encounter danger on any of them, and he has faith in his trainers to get him where he needs to go. Jordan is also persistent in everything he does because he does not quit a task that he sets before himself. He also encourages others to do their best. These are the qualities that Jordan has to make himself a legend! (Zoe Gustason, 7th grade BBMS)

  • mom

    Hi Jordan, Karen and Paul – It is so exciting everyday to watch and hear from all of you. Can’t wait to turn on my computer in the morning. I’m with you every step of the way. love grandmajudy/mom

  • Katherine Blanc

    So incredibly proud of you all! Every step is MONUMENTAL!! Big hugs.

  • Julie (Deej)

    Ha, i love how the talk to text thing really misunderstands at times ‘Hello Steve, this is Harold calling from ABC’ Thats so funny!! My dads name is Harold :o ). It’s a good job we can understand what you’re saying an anyway. Great to hear your voice again and glad it’s all going so well. (Jordan give Richard a hug for me please?)

    Take care guys

  • Sydney

    Way to go guys! Every step you take is another step to making history. Still wishing you the best of luck from Guilderland, New York! Ad Alta!

  • Grant and Lesly Fisher


    What a way to celebrate Earth Day. I check in every morning after attendance to see what’s up. I only wish my 5th graders could understand the challenge you are attempting.
    Thinking and praying for all of you each day! Loved the interview this morning on the Today show, should share with my class they would enjoy the Kangagroo part. Climb strong, climb safe, climb smart!!
    Thank you for letting us flatlanders piggy back on your ride. TTFN

    Grant, Lesly, Eryn and Jack Fisher

  • Cat

    Glad to hear everyone’s doing well! Just soooo INCREDIBLE what you’re doing so far! **KUDOS to Richard for getting up there so far** BTW:I’m going on Day 18 of “No Mexican Food Till J’s at LAX”! I’m hangin’ in there (thanks for askin’) :-) I’m gonna head to BB Base Camp this next week and get some flowers potted (hoping for NO MORE SNOW up there)Love You All! (and the Sherpas too) xoxo~C

  • D Burks Family

    Way to go Team Jordan!!! We’re seeing coverage of you all over TV ….TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Thinking of you and wishing you GREAT weather. Keep up the good work :)

  • kadon willis

    hey jordan this is kadon willis good luck on your climb hpe you make it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Proudfoot

    Hey man this is mike from spokane wa. hope you dont fall off the edge. maybe your dad should propose on the top!!!!!!! hahaha….

    best of luck dude.



  • Holy man i wish you luck!!!!!!!! Be the first ever

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