Live on Everest

Himalaya update

It’s surreal sometimes to think we are walking in
the footsteps of the legends that first attempted or climbed this
Qomolungma, as it’s known here in China.
The days are spent continuously organizing, planning for the next move…. and for Jordan at least 2 hours of homework, mostly of the Algebra nature.
Additionally, Jordan is managing the full evaluation of the team, using a daily assessment tool called the ‘Lake Louis Consensus”, it’s a survey that everyone rates any and all symptoms that altitude imposes. Every night at dinner, he surveys the team, and logs his research. Thus far, the team all has well above average scores. It’s an awesome learning tool.
 Weather is simply unbelievable. The sun blazes up here, and the afternoon does kick up a breeze. Only 2 days have we had
blustery/snowy weather. Night time temps do dip a bit, but that’s what
our -40 sleeping bags are all about.  At base camp temps are about 48f to single digit at night. It’s all about to get a bit colder as we go higher.
 Stay patient with us friends and family this is a long haul. The ‘normal’ summit attempts happen May 15-22, but not uncommon to be an early June. We’ve got plenty of supplies, and one unbelievable cook named Kumar and his assistant Tenzing. We normally plan to lose weight on these trips, but at the rate these meals are coming out of the kitchen tent, it’s not too likely.
 Jordan, well, seems he might be having another one of his growth spurts. We left US and he was 5′10″, 160lb, and we all agree that
it looks as if he’s grown just in the 10 days. He woke up today and
chatting with his tent mate Richard, and Karen says ‘oh my, his voice is exactly
like yours (dads) now’. Happens overnight. wow.
 The most sincere hugs and thanks to all the friends and family-
From Jordan (in between Algebra assignments)- Last day at base camp, we had a good tough training day yesterday, all the way up to IBC (intermediate base camp) and back, we were all strong.
I don’t quite miss the food, as we have the BEST cook. I can’t even believe it.  I do miss my friends and family, especially my buds at school, and my dog Frankie. Ad Alta
 Hi from Karen Paul and Richard too!
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48 comments to Himalaya update

  • Rick , Leigha, Halle, kirsten

    how are you getting used to the altitude and tempeture over there. and what next are you going to climb or do.

  • Katherine Blanc

    Thanks for the great update!
    Have fun, be safe, stay warm…

  • Good to hear things are going well, and Jordan is staying on top of his homework. ;-) Keep those updates coming!
    - Randy

  • Mom

    Everything sounds like it is going well, we are all very excited here in Wilton. Checking in all the time. Who ever I talk to they have seen or read something about Jordan’s goals. All of you have become celebrities. love mom

  • WOW!!! This is a fabulous update…so glad you are all happy, healthy, strong and in “God’s grace”… I am very inspired by all of you…have been telling everyone I know to follow your progress and send positive messages your way…I am starting to plan your victory party!!! Love and prayers your way, I am with you each step…

  • Vince

    Boy Scouts and leaders from Acworth, Georgia are enjoying your posts and wish you the best. Can you include your elevation in your posts? Ad Alta!

  • Nathan Davis

    I’m currently on my road trip from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge,Louisiana but am checking in on the laptop and thinking of you every day!

  • Tracy Tokunaga

    Jordan (and K and P, too!) I gave an assignment to write about a person who has the qualities and performs the deeds to become a modern day legend. Here are a few of the responses:(Just so you know, you rank up there with Tupac and Ryan Hall)
    Jordan Romero can become a modern day legend by being the youngest person to climb the Seven Summits. It would be extraordinary for a thirteen-year old to do that because the brain at that time isn’t fully matured yet. To become a legend, someone has to do something extraordinary that influences others. (Jason Jacobsen)
    A legendary person could be like Jordan Romero, as the youngest person to climb all seven summits. To be a legend, you have to be brave and prepared. You would never have to give up. Jordan Romero will succeed in becoming a legend.
    (Gwen Craig)
    Enjoy! We are all thinking about you!!!
    Tracy Tokunaga

  • I wonder if you understand how thrilled thousands of people are to get these messages about your progress.

  • Thank you for the updates. My class, in your hometown of Big Bear, is closely following your ascent of Mount Everest. All the kids at Baldwin Lane want to wish you good luck for a safe and rewarding epic journey. We have posted a link to your website on the school website too.

  • tim

    jordan (et al)

    all the best. we are thinking of you. great to read the updates.

    tim and the team at nuun

  • Carroll

    All good. Three cheers for Kumar!!!

  • Mom

    Awesome buddy!

  • Julie (Deej)

    Glad it’s going well guys. Say hi to Richard for me please if you see this :o )

  • Jack & Sue

    Team Jordan
    Sounds like the Gods are still with you.(So are we.) Thank goodness for our modern day communication tools. We can be with you all the time in sprit. Stay safe!

  • Mom

    Haha! I laugh when I read about your voice getting deeper! Every time you’ve called it has sounded deeper and deeper. And you will be taller than me for sure when you get home! Don’t forget to brush your teeth too!
    Love Mom and Makaela

  • Mr. Gnirrep and 9X

    Very cool update! Lots of great details to help my 9X classes follow your progress each day. We studied/read about Everest in September – but having your climb as a realtime window into the process is very exciting. Be safe. Stay well. Reach high. We are sending you positive energy from Guilderland, New York!

  • Alex Romero

    God Bless all that give such positive feedback to Team Jordan. I am Paul’s Dad and Jordan’s Grand Pa so you must know that Grandee Joan and I are just bursting with pride to read all that is said about the team.

    I wish I could take all the credit for whatever it is that God has given Jordan,the kind gentle giant that he has become, but I know that is a gift from God.

    Jordan, you have become a legend already.

  • Julie


    This fall my 7th grade students had to decide whether or not they would climb Everest if ever given the chance before they read the book PEAK by Roland Smith. You have shown so many of the “takers” that it truly can be done.
    We, in Anthem, AZ, are watching your trip and keeping you in our prayers. Have you passed the Khumba Ice Fall?

  • Keep eating. The mountain will burn off any fat on the body. All the way to ABC, great going Team Romero!!!!

  • Akhil

    Best of Luck and lots of good weather! – Akhil

  • Dakota Kerwin

    hey jordan i hope that you will make it to the summit safely best of luck

  • Jack

    Hey , does anybody know when he is due back ?
    Need to do an assignment on an adventurer and wanting to do Jordan , however am not able to until he makes it back ?? -Jack

  • Dottie Saville

    Jordan (& K&P), Seems winter won’t leave Big Bear – expect more snow at home this week. I think the Gods are going to keep winter around so we can all be vicariously living Everest with you all…. only I think climbing up to Castle Rock won’t compare to your great adventure. We’re all pulling for you and keeping you in our thoughts:)

  • Ms. Cole's Science Class

    Team Jordan,
    Ms. Cole’s science class is following your daily adventure through one of the world’s most beautiful and dangerous region. It’s exciting to see your pictures, read your updates, and listen to your narratives during class. We wish you continued health and strength as you conquer the mountain step-by-step. As the days get colder and the mountain gets steeper, remember that “only they can conquer who believe they can” (Virgil). You are an inspiration to us all.

    Ms. Cole’s 6th Grade Science Class
    Horace Mann Middle School, Los Angeles

  • Faiz

    What a great way to spend time with your family. Wish I were there. Keep up the good eating, sleeping and staying warm. You’ll need all that energy for May.

  • Geoff

    I wish you every success on this climb, but don’t claim the 7 Summits until you have been to Antartica. Kosciuszko isn’t even the highest mountain in Australasia as it is far smaller than Mount Cook in New Zealand.

  • Sergio Romero

    Hey Jordan, Best of luck we’re all pulling for you here in Florida!

  • Grade 3 Dublin

    We are third graders, following your progress from Dublin. We hope you get to the top! Good luck! From all the boys and girls in Grade 3!

  • Zack Meyer

    Big Bear is thinking about you and your team, your in our prayers dude…Just saw you on Good Morning America…Go team Jordon! See you when you get home!

  • tracy tokunaga

    Jordan….a few more legend paragraphs from your friends at BBMS!!
    I think Jordan could become a legend because he could be the youngest kid to climb Everest. While doing that, he can’t drink soda or eat fast food. He will also be followed by cameras and become famous. (Ivan Ortega)
    My modern day legend is Jordan Romero. I picked him because he is an inspiration to me because of the huge goal he has set for himself and that he is conquering. He trains just about every day to be able to perform his best while climbing. (Reed Leong)
    There are many traits of legends. One of these traits is bravery; when you do something you are afraid to do. Another trait is selflessness; helping others before yourself. Many people have these traits and one of those people is Jordan Romero. His bravery of attempting to climb the Seven Summits will surely make him be remembered as a legend.(Beau Rezac)

  • kylee mock

    Can we have dinner sometime?

  • We are following your journey as a class, and using it as part of our unit about Mt. Everest. Best of luck :)

  • Sydney

    You guys rock! Seriously you are one of my heros (right up there with Harry Potter…just kidding). Still, I am wishing you the best of luck from me and my classmates (even if you can’t cast magic spells on people…just kidding again). I hope that you reach all of your dreams and more in life. Ad Alta!

  • Christa Romero

    you guys are all awsome! Im so proud of you all! Be safe, cant wait to see you guys when you get back.

    lots of love

  • e-mail me evry once and a wile at ok thanks

  • Tom Sitton

    Great interview on TV 7 this morning. You are missing George Crezees B-day party, haha. We are cheering for all of you to make it to the top.

  • omar romero

    hey jordan we share the same last name and I want to wish and your team all the best. “To stive to seek and not to yeild” via con dios.

  • Joe

    Keep it up you’re awesome Team!!

  • Great to read the latest update, Team Jordan! Amazing Jordan is doing algebra on Mt. Everest? Too much! ;D You should publish his Lake Louise Consensus stats online when you get back State Side…a great way to share the learning with other students too. :) Keep up the great work!

    Love & hugs from all of us at Amazing Kids!

    Alyse Rome

  • Loren Hafen

    Go Team Jordan! I just saw your GMA Ch 2 interview on Patty’s facebook. We are presently getting dumped on back home in Big Bear. It does make us feel closer to you guys on the other side of the world!! I think you are 8,000 miles away and 8,000 feet higher than us about now. It’s awsome to witness a world class achievment with all of this modern technology from my chair at home. Thinking of you often and sending all of our positive energy your direction.

  • Manu

    I’m following every step and praying for you guys. It’s amazing whta you’re doing. I’m really proud of you! Keep it up!

  • Jesus, Lestat and Calvin

    Hope the weather stays good and you stay warm. Hope you stay well. Good luck!! We are following your journey throughout the weeks.

  • Best of Luck Buddy! Glad to hear about you.

  • Jon

    Team Jordan, keep the pics coming, always glad to see what’s happening with you guys! The locator map is awesome! Best of luck on your climb to the top!

  • Tristan Walker

    hey you look buff….do u work out?

  • bob taylor

    Watch your step and rest….
    Breath, baby breath!!Bob Taylor…

  • Angela L. Garner

    BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL TEAM JORDAN! Thank you for your amazing sense of adventure and for inspiring so many young Americans to get out and get going! Every day I read your updates to my five year old little boy. Who knows? Maybe your story will be his inspiration to climb Everest too one day! We are living vicariously through your eyes…keep those updates coming! We are all rooting for you and pray that you all are kept happy, healthy and safe! -Angela Garner, -Kutztown, PA

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