Live on Everest

Enroute to Base Camp-Day 2

Road trip-Heading to Base CampWe knock on wood as we state this, but things are going very good. The whole team and gear is together, and that is saying alot in this situation.

The drive from Nepal to Tibet….most interesting.

In between the amazing sights, the laughing and heckling is in abundance We have arrived in Nylam, Tibet. 3800m, or just over 12,000′.

Hugs and love to all that have supported the expedition. It’s for real, and we’re living it.
Jordan- eating and sleeping like a champ. Life is good.


Road trip-Heading to Base Camp Road trip-Heading to Base Camp Road trip-Heading to Base Camp Road trip-Heading to Base Camp Road trip-Heading to Base Camp Road trip-Heading to Base Camp A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal A little culture of ancient Nepal


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24 comments to Day 2 – Enroute to Base Camp

  • Good Luck Dude,
    have a Nice Time.

    from Germany

  • josh and brandy

    Hey Jordan! My husband and I are so impressed with your goals and dreams and the fact that you’re not just dreaming…you’re living them out!!!! We first read about you in the Outside Magazine and now we are huge fans and followers. We are praying for saftey for you and all of your team members and that you have an unforgettable experience. Your so cute too, you look like a little Heath Ledger! Has anyone ever told you that lol? God speed pal.

    supporting you from Topeka KS
    brandy and josh :)

  • Congratulations to you all. Love reading the updates, only wish I was there with you. Embrace each moment, what an experience!!!

  • Katherine Blanc

    You are traveling under a Lucky Star!

  • RachelM

    Good luck! I’ll be following your blog – just found you after reading about you on the BBC website. Hope you can do it and I’m looking forward to reading about it.

  • hello jordan, i am niki from israel, 9 years old. good luck!

  • Mrs. Logan

    I am an 8th grade teacher, and all of my 155 students are cheering for you and keeping updated on your progress! Good luck, Jordan!

    Mrs. Logan (Clear Lake, Texas)

  • Donnie B

    Blessings my friends and may each breath bring bliss to your whole being. ~*~

    *Nuttin like a lil’ BBC Worldly press!

    Smiles across the miles….

    Donnie B

  • Tracy Tokunaga

    Jordan, Karen, Paul….
    Having a blast following your adventures. You are world famous now…all the press coverage is simply amazing!
    We will be following you in 7th grade social studies on the big screen on a daily basis. I plan to start my class with the Jordan update…so keep us posted when you can!
    Love from BBMS and Coach T!

  • Patty Hafen

    Hi Jordan, Paul and Karen – We’re really excited for you beginning your journey together and glad to hear that all the gear made it through. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m amazed every time I see a jetliner fly over way up high, and I think that’s about how high the top of Everest is . . . and you’re going there! You are all amazing for taking this on – we admire your confidence, belief in reaching your goals, and trust in each other. You’re all inspirational and are setting great examples in going for your dreams. Thank you Jordan for making this happen! Sending you all hugs! The Hafen Family

  • I just got caught up on this whole website. Looks like a fun adventure so far. We had 4 inches of snow last night and snow all day! Hope your weather is better. Wish I was there. Looks like a great adventure! Stay safe! Tell us about your favorite crazy food experiences. – G

  • peter

    you are helping to make the world a better place. thank you.

  • Peter

    I always thought climbing Everest would be cool, until I watched Into Thin Air the movie. Be as carefuller as possible.

  • Can’t wait to see the pics and videos of your amazing adventure! Jordan, will you get rid of your anti-oxygen tent/bed once you get home? :-)


  • Namaste and Good Luck Jordan, have fun up there and take care!

  • Uwe Piske

    The more ambitious way to the top – and surely not
    the preferred one of so many easy going tourists –
    is without doubt over the North Side; the route
    Mallory & Irvine tried in 1924.

    Handling the 2nd step without the help of the ‘Chinese
    ladder’ will be quite a performance – at the age of 14.

    Nevertheless: a true alpine talent must look
    for a real challenge:

    So in the following years you should try K2
    and the South Face of Annapurna.

    Gyachung Kang, Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre, too.

    Just to make sure that your name in alpine history
    will be well remembered for decades… ;->

    Greetings from Germany


  • agustin

    good luck jordan greetings from mendoza (aconcagua´s city)

  • Pat from Calgary

    “So many of our DREAMS at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we Summon the Will, they soon become Inevitable.” Christopher Reeve

    I’m OLD and you got ME off the couch! Keep up the great adventure, Jordan!!! And be safe up there!!!

  • Piippy

    Wishing you all the best from the UK…

    Keep living the dream!

  • DonnaE

    I have two young sons. Wishing they could experience life and embrace it the way you do. You are truly an “old soul”. I’m climbing with you in spirit. No hay vuelta atrás.

  • Hello Jordan , Go for your dreams buddy . I am a fellow climber from Everest . I was the medical director and did not make the summit but made it to 7000 Metres . Check your sat readings, watch your 6 , one step at a time to the summit at 8850 Metres North side . Remember that the dangerous part is coming back down from the summit . Watch out for the second step . My partner who made the summit twice is a canadian and myself wish you a safe summit push from camp 83 . You are an inspiration . Take care . Andre Rossin-Arthiat Mountain Rescue Paramedic and high altitude climber . If you need our sat reading table I will be glad to email it to you . WE have the normal sat readings from BC North to the summit that will keep you focused on your well being . Courage-honor-determination

  • hey jordan, good luck climbing everest and we hope you make it back. tyrone

    hi jordan, good luck climbing the 7 summits with your parents we will be watching you with inetrest hope you are allright. mason


  • hi my name is wiremu koria im from waihirere:

  • hey jodan im a year older than you are. we are following your expedition from my english class. i have to say im really proud of you! you are doing what you love which is more than most people can say. even though dont know me and i dont know you, you have inspired me and i hope you can tell me about the expedition through email.

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