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CNN Video – First day of real climbing

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20 comments to CNN Video – First day of real climbing

  • josey

    Awesome Seriously

  • victoria

    I have always been very interested in the brave men and women who are brave enough to climb to the top of the world and have read many books by those who have done so including the book written by George Mallory’s son that had many of George’s letters and writings in his journal. How exciting it is to follow Jordan on this adventure of a lifetime. God’s speed Jordan.

  • Nice job with CNN and the Today Show interviews Jordan! Psyched to see you getting good weather and having fun up there.

  • Jon

    Jordan, you are doing and awesome job! I know you are giving it 110% and then some. Stay focused and you will soon stand on top of the world — ad alta!

  • Zack Meyer

    Go bro…I know you will make it…God be with you and your team…

  • Zack Meyer

    Go for it Bro….I know you will make it…God be with you and your team

  • Debbie Leong

    Hi Jordan, Karen, and Paul:
    Sounds like things have been going well for you all. The pictures you have posted are incredible – just strikingly beautiful. My family is cheering for you all. Can’t wait to get all of Jordan’s homework back. :) Take care.
    Mrs. Leong

  • Doug Brumfield

    Hey Jordan, Karen and Paul:
    It’s great to see another update of your progress; you all look great! Just wanted you to know that I was on a 5,000 foot climb in Oregon this weekend with my team from the Mazamas (a climbing organization in Oregon) and we were thinking about you as we climbed. You were actually an inspiration to many of us as we panted our way up some pretty steep ridges. But all we could think of was, “Hey, if Jordan can climb to over 20,000 on Everest right now, and suffer through that altitude, we can certainly muster the strength to do 5,000 feet today!” We had a fantastic view from the top of Mt. Defiance and I couldn’t help but think of the incredibly awesome view that you must have right now.
    Keep climbing. Climb safe and best wishes for a successful climb!

  • JP

    How many times do you go up and down from ABC? Seems like your team has done it a few times so far.


  • An inspiration to all. Be safe, have fun.

  • TEAM- You are Crossing Borders with brave new heights, you are all inspiring more quality time with friends, family… things that matter most on Earth. proud up you guys…. keep it all good in the Everest hood… just holding one end of the rope here in NYC with love and support, Live from Earth, Terry Torok

  • Summit School English 101

    We are so happy to hear that you are doing good and amazed at how far you have come! Have fun on your climb tomorrow and good luck.
    Superman is always with you.
    Brandon, Perry, Dean, Jon, Nikki, and Anne

  • matt

    Great job climing mt everest keep it up jordan and you will do great! :D

  • Emilio

    i am so in love with you and your wicked cool hair

  • Donnie B

    KPJ looking spectacular and sounding strong! Congrats on your recent high point w/ body mind spirit absorbing and releasing the experiences encountered throughout your days while generously sharing some tasty morsels with the rest of us! Sharing another hot spring river run this week n will set up a puja n send ya some prana from one of your favorite places. Stay healthy and strong my friends.

    Love ya guys,
    db ~*~

  • Ed and Hermalene

    Hi to the Jordan team. Ed and I just learned about your Everest climb in the newspaper the other day. We cut it out for you and will send it, so after the climb send us your address. The best wishes for your climb. We are confident that Team Jordan will make it. We are so proud of you. From the pictures we are surprised at your growth since we saw you last. Taller then Karen now, WOW! Again, GOOD LUCK, from Ed Curran and Hermalene.

  • Emilio

    man call me somtime my number is 807-274-4848 :)

  • Miley sorus

    Hey jordan great job after one of my conserts I’l mention you

  • Keep up the good work jordan! we all love you and hope for your safty!

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