Live on Everest

CBS News… in case you haven’t seen this.

CBS News

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6 comments to CBS News… in case you haven’t seen this.

  • Good luck buddy! Can’t wait to hear all about it! And we can’t wait for the victory party!

    Melissa and Malakai-

  • Grant and Lesly Fisher

    Hey Jordan,

    Wow, you are such an amazing 13 yr old. I can’t wait to share your adventure with my class of 31 5th graders. Say HI to Dad and we are thinking of all of you during this exciting time.

    Grant, Lesly, Eryn and Jack Fisher
    (Snow Summit Patrollers)

  • matthew

    goood luck it is a pretty tall moutin

  • Mrs. David

    Hi Jordan,
    We are 2nd graders of Kin Dah Lichii Olta in Arizona. We’re all excited and can’t wait to hear about your adventure on Mt. Everest.

  • Hi Jordan,

    I think climbing Everest is a bad idea because I read this book called Destination Everest. People died because of the altitude , they had broken legs and arms. The conditions at the camps were bad because they said oxygen bottles were all over the place making it look messy. I think you should read Destination Everest.

    But, eventhough you may not agree with me. I wish you good luck climbing Mount Everest. Be safe and take care.

  • Pomeroy middel school

    We’re excited to see your updates, we’re studying Mount Everest in our Science class, good luck.

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